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     Home »  MBA Home » MBA Business School Profiles »XIMB »Admission Process


    Admission Process

    General Questions

    How can one procure the application form for the various programs offered by your institute? What are the application submission deadlines?

    Applicants are required to take the Admission Test (XAT) to be conducted by XLRI, Jamshedpur, on 9th January 2005. For this, applicants have to log on to http://www.xlri.edu/xat and apply online for XAT. Last date for applying to XAT is 7th December 2004. Registering for XAT is a prerequisite for applying to XIMB.

    Applicants have to also apply online for the XIMB programme, by logging on to http://www.ximb.ac.in. The last Date of applying is 15th December 2004.

    Please explain the various stages in admission process for each of the programs offered by you. (E.g., test, interview, group discussions, etc.)

    The Institute will decide the section wise cut-off marks as well as weights that will be assigned to different components of the XAT score. The composite score so derived will be used for short-listing candidates to be called for Group Discussion (GD) and Personal Interview (PI). GD & PI will be held at Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Mumbai. The final selection will be based on the candidate's performance in the XAT and Group Discussion & Personal Interview (which factors in the past academic record and relevant work experience). The selected candidates will be informed by mail by April 10, 2005. Two third of the number of seats will be offered to the residents of the state of Orissa who fulfill the minimum qualifying standard in the admission tests and interview which will be set in tune with the standards set by the top-most Management Institutes in India.

    What is the most important stage / aspect of the entire process (with maximum weightage)?

    Each of the stages has its own importance. The XAT test is a process of elimination. Thus out of 12000 applicants approximately less than 4% students are selected for the GD and Interview. This stage is important but the final clinch is the Interview. After the first hurdle, the Interview is the most clinching element in your selection.

    What are the skills/qualities you want to test during exam, interview and GD?

    The written test as mentioned above is an elimination round so the skills and qualities expected of students are their analytical, logical reasoning, command of English and the overall mental makeup of the student is tested. To overcome this, mental alertness and efficiency of thinking is required.

    During Interview and GD your presentation skills, body language, confidence level, articulation skills and conviction is tested.

    Academic Background

    Are engineers more preferred over non-engineer?

    No disparity is made between engineers and non-engineers. Both have a level playing field and are evaluated at the same scale and the same parameters.

    How important are grades in the selection process?

    For applying for the program, grades do not matter. But once you are at the Interview stage, Grades do matter and kind of impresses the interview panel when they see a candidate with good grades. But, there are also numerous cases where the candidates have low grades but with smart thinking and proper articulation have won the interview board over.

    It's your confidence and positive attitude that wins the day for you.

    How do you take an applicant's undergraduate alma mater into consideration?

    Generally, an applicant's undergraduate alma mater doesn't cause much of a difference. The Selection Process looks more at the candidate than having any consideration for his alma mater.

    Work Experience

    How important is work experience for the selection?

    Work experience helps at the Interview stage, as every Business School prefers to have students with certain work experience.

    What kind of work experience is preferred?

    The work experience even if at a lower position should indicate the amount of responsibilities shouldered by the candidate. The post of the work is not a matter. What matters is how much the candidate has learnt from his work environment, what he has learnt and how he has handled issues and situations in his work life.

    How much professional experience is too much? Is a candidate, say, with 12 years of work experience going to fit into the program?

    As mentioned above, term of service or quantity of service is not an issue. The fact lies in whether the candidates have succeeded in carving out a niche for themselves in whatever they have done. Somebody with 12 years work experience might not have been able to do his Business Management course due to various personal and professional factors. The selection committee appreciates those facts and understands them.


    What kinds of questions can an interviewee expect to hear during an interview?

    Questions are generally related to academic background of undergraduate degree, situational interpretations, concept analysis and discussion on emerging trends and contemporary issues. We are looking for candidates who are self-motivated, confident, have the power of articulation and proper presentation, innovative thinking and independent judgment capabilities.

    Group Discussions

    GD sessions are generally seen as platforms where the student's initiative, leadership capabilities, coordinating capabilities, team player attitude and good articulation, conceptualization and presentation skills are noted.

    Other Queries

    Well, what characteristics is the B-school looking for?

    We are looking for students with excellent skills and qualities of analytical, logical reasoning, command of English and the overall mental makeup of the student.

    It is also the presentation skills, body language, confidence level, art of articulation and conceptualization of issues and conviction that are tested.

    The student's initiative, leadership capabilities, coordinating capabilities, team player attitude and good articulation, conceptualization and presentation skills are also noted.

    Which aspect of the application should an applicant be most concerned with to make himself/herself a competitive player?

    The thrust should be on providing accurate and precise information. Ambiguity in data leads to uncomfortable questions in the Interview, which subsequently makes or mars the performance of the candidate




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