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    Online MBA

    Online Degrees have become overwhelmingly popular in recent years. Correspondingly, online universities are increasingly recognized among recruiters nationwide. In 2003 alone, more than 30 million students were enrolled in over 6000 accredited online universities worldwide.

    Cost.   Surprisingly, online university degrees are not cheap. Because online courses are more labor intensive for professors and require daily Web site updates, many schools charge up to twice as much than they do for traditional courses. The advantage of going online is not tuition cost savings, but convenience, better management of your time, and the often shorter timeline needed to graduate.

    Online MBA Application Process

    Are you interested in obtaining an online MBA? If so, there are several steps that should be followed to ensure an easy and successful application procedure. Before blindly filling out applications, you should do extensive research about prospective online schools. A mistake that many people make when considering educational institutions online is choosing the most popular or well-publicized ones. What people fail to realize is that many of these schools are popular, because they have paid for all of the publicity. This has nothing to do with the accreditation or quality of the school.

    A good place to start your research is www.businessweek.com. This website has vast information about online MBA programs in the United States and all around the globe. The website ranks and profiles each institution based on its academic standards. You can also compare programs to see which school and itsí courses best suit you. The site even includes tips for obtaining financial assistance.

    In addition to school ratings, Businessweek.com has sample application essays and interview questions that can be useful in preparing for your online MBA application. It has selected some of the best essays submitted from students all across the United States. This will give you an idea of the kind of answers online institutions are looking for from their prospective students. It will also give you insight into the fierce competition that is out there. Take time to look over the essays and ponder the interview questions. Look for different ways the previous applicants expressed their uniqueness. Notice how they addressed what they can contribute to the university and what they hope to gain from attending the university.

    Once you have compared and contrasted different online universities, it is important to directly contact the institutions you are interested in. One option is to call the universities and try to conduct an informational interview over the phone. Another option entails using the internet. Two helpful websites are www.classesusa.com and www.earnmydegree.com. These websites contain a list of various online universities. You can request information about any of the universities shown. Each school will send information to your doorstep that details the degrees offered, flexibility of programs, and other relevant statistics. If you would like, you can visit the online MBA universitiesí official websites to access other pertinent information while you wait for your brochures to arrive in the mail.

    When you are ready to start applying for online MBA programs, be sure to have all of the information required. All schools require that you correctly fill out the application form. You must also submit your application fee, all college transcripts, and GMAT score. Some schools require additional information like a resume or letter of evaluation. Also, be prepared to answer interview questions. Online schools may grant interviews at their discretion. These interviews may be conducted through online communication, over the phone, or through some other medium.

    Finally, be sure to follow up on the status of your application. Some online MBA programs offer application follow-ups over the internet. Others do not, so you may want to call or email the institution to see the progress of your application. Once receipt of your application is confirmed, sit back and wait for the acceptance letters to come rolling in.

    Online Mba - Links


    Online MBA Info - Get your MBA online from a leading accredited university in as little as a year. onlinembainfo.com


    Online MBA Program at Excelsior College - Excelsior College offers a flexible distance MBA program for busy professionals. No GMAT required. Transfer credit earned from other MBA programs. Accredited leader in distance education. www.excelsior.edu


    Accredited Degrees Online at Top Schools - The nation's leading universities, 100% online. Earn your BA, AA, MBA or Master's certificate online from top-tier accredited universities. No mandatory log-ins. Study anywhere, 24/7. clk.atdmt.com


    Walden University MBA Degree Online - U.S. applicants only. Earn a PhD or MBA from an accredited university. Walden University offers degree programs in management, psychology, education, public policy and more. www.waldenu.edu


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