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Home » Placement Papers » Alumnus Placement Papers » AlumnusPlacement Paper 2

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AlumnusPlacement Paper 2


Each question had 5 options.There were 25 question in all and all  were Objective Type. 

1     When compiled from command line what are linking options?
2     You have written a code in C++, and u have to use a C library ,  what would u do?
       (Ans: write extern  "c" in header files)
3     Fiber optic backbone is in which OSI layer?

4     void main()
            int x=1;
            int y=1;
            int i;
      What are the values of x & y?

 5    If we carry out operation (-3)+(-6),then which of the what will be  the value of carry and sign flag?
 6    void abc(int a[])
           int k=0;int j=50;
        How many times the loop will occur?

 7     Integrate e^(x^-2)dx , with limits -infinity to +infinity?What is  the final value?
 8     Let p be a 16 bit number.The 2's complement of p will be  represented by?
 9     void main()
           int a[]={5,4,3,2,1};
           int x,y;
           int *p=&a[2];
           printf("%d %d",x,y)'
         What will be the value of x and y?

10     Let there be a set of 3 numbers.Then number of groups possible?
11     A question on some technique used in DA-converter?
12     Which data structure to use for fastest search?
13     A binary tree contains 1024 elements.What is maximum number of  comparisons needed to search an    

14     s=1-1/4+1/16-1/32...... What is the value of S?(Ans = 0.8 Hint Its a GP)
15     A C++ class has multiple references to base class.Then some  options were given?

16     for(i=0;i<20;i++)

        What is final value of array a? Options were there.
17    In Java can a variable be initilised inside a loop?
18    Two dices are thrown.What is the probality that the the number on  the first dice is greater or equal to
        number on the second dice?


New Click here to Download 2019 Latest placement papers of this company New



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