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Home » Placement Papers » Hello Soft Placement Papers » Hello Soft Placement Paper

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Hello Soft Placement Paper


Sample Question Paper

  1. What is diners phylosophers algorithm.
  2. What is atomicity.Explain
  3. Give an example of source- level debugger in unix/linx.
  4. What is Pre-emptive multitasking.
  5. Do not remember this one.

DataStructures: (ONly 5 Questions)

  1. Where will the parameters be stored when a function is called in a program.
  2. What is recursion?What are its disadvantages.
  3. Which one is the best and efficient sort?

Networking:(Only 5 Questions)

  1. ASN.1 belongs to which layer.
  2. Give an example of popular Transport Layer Protocol
  3. What is the netmask of Class B IP address?
  4.  Explain CSMA/CD.
  5. Given a size from 0-7 what would be the least window size.

C Language (Total 13 Questions)

  1. main() 
    } Output?
  2. case 1: case 2:
          typedef Struct { typedef Struct {
                     int a; char p;
                     char b; int q;
                     int d; char k;
                     char e; int l;
                      }A; }A;
         Assuming 'packing' is not enabled, which case will give an error of Sizeof(A) less.
  3.  main()
       int i=3;
       printf("%d %d %d",i++,i,++i);
  4. main() 
          int i=10;
          int j,k=5;
          int a[10];
     Optimize the above code.
  5. Write In Order Tree Traversal Pseudo-code.
  6.  main()
       int *p=0x100;
       int *q=0x100;
       int k=p*q;
       } Output ?
  7. Char* foo(Str...) {
         char str[4];
         return str;
          } Output?
  8. int a[10][20][30][40];
           int *p
            How to access an element of a using p?
  9. main()
          int i=10;
         } Output ?
  10. main()
        float f;
        int i;
        //something like this   not remember these 4 questionsexactly
        f=(float *)malloc(sizeof((float *)*4));
             Some Question was asked  not remenber .

New Click here to Download 2019 Latest placement papers of this company New



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