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Home » Placement Papers » » L & T InfotechPlacement Paper 14

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L & T InfotechPlacement Paper


1) What is a smith chart used for

2) How is impedance matching done and why do we need it (basically can talk about ideal power supply needing a low internal resistance and high load to function properly. so one stage of transistor amplifier has to have low o/p resistance and high i/p resistance for next stage- do look up all basic electronics) ( also about sinking high currents without damage)

3) Name all flipflops u know and working esp. master slave.

4) C programming - program to find how many 1's are present in an integer variable using bitwise operators. something about dynamic allocation, static functions, macros

5) c++ virtual functions

6) what types of control r there


Though i did mention that i was most comfortable with digital systems, microprocessors, i was asked only one or 2 questions on this topic like what is program counter, stack operation, etc.

9) A lot about final year project.

10) All electives, and subjects mentioned in CV.

11) CV as in most companies, is inspected very carefully during interview. so be careful what u put there lest they ask u something u are not prepared for.

i am sorry i cant remember any other questions but i hope this gives u atleast a rough idea about what subjects to cover.

also ur written test marks are very important. the order in which they call the people also indicates where u stand so try and

compensate by doing well in interview if ur name is towards the end of the list. u would improve ur chances i believe.

hr interview was only for around 10 minutes, they call if u have cleared tech interview. they asked about what i had been doing for the past 6 months, my plans, how L&T would help me. why L&T etc. the proceedure in mumbai however was totally different I think. they had GD, and HR interview i hear was gruelling. ur GK(number of states in our country, number of lady CMs in India,etc.)

is tested thoroughly. The form that u are given to fill before the interview, is reqiured to be filled in your neatest handwriting I really think this is imp.) and do take a lot of trouble to write things that would put u in good light. lots of luck to all u chennai people trying for L&T Infotech. Though they have a 2 year bond, this company is really worth going for. Do hope this information helps you a bit.


Part 1:-> Psychometric test.

Easiest thing in the world. Eight figures with you having to predict the ninth. Just use some common sense and u r thru this test. A WORD OF CAUTION tho; plz. do not waste time on a question if u r not sure ,just come back later n then do it. (36questions- 40minutes.)

Part 2:-> Engineering syllabus based Technical Test

Some of the questions r a s follows:-

a) What is reverse engineering.

b) Octal of some binary number(comes to 165 in decimal after conversion).

c) A cobol prog with an integer array(I guess coz i did not have Cobol in my syllabus).

d) A problem on Depth first search(very simple).

e) Question on Grammar's frm Theory of computer science.

f) Something like Select the correct option when A Subset of(B Subset of(A Intersection B).if B is completely contained by A.

g) A question on memory(quite simple).

h) A couyple of questions on C(one on pointers).

We were given the topic "Do u think women make better managers?"A debatable topic , but we merely agreed with each other and no big problem with it.


New Click here to Download 2019 Latest placement papers of this company New



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