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L & T PAPER ON 10th APRIL 2007


 L & T PAPER ON 10th APRIL 2007 Print E-mail
The selection process consisted of 3 rounds:
1. Aptitude test
2. G.D
3. HR interviews

Be clear with the criteria, only 4 attempts and not 4 subjects.
The aptitude test consisted of three sections namely quans, verbal and non verbal..
There were three different papers yellow, white and pink. The questions from one paper is entirely different from others. Study quans from R.S.agarwal (just look thro the formulas and the way its done).
my view on quans is,the questions were general, you can answer it easily.. For example,
1.Ramesh is twice old as ram who is 5 yrs elder to sam.The sum of the ages of the three is 47.Then find the age of ramesh?
OPTIONS: 13,39,26,21.
If you look the above problem, we know ramesh=2*ram;ram=5+sam; just take the option 13, then ramesh=13(taken),ram=6.5,sam=11.5.
sum=20(which is incorrect). same way u take 26, you will get the answer.

NOTE: There is no step marks, so don work out steps fully, mind calculation is important. HR wont ask for steps, even if he just explain how you did..
*The quans questions were from ages, ratio, percentage, numbers, missing figs, trains, time & dist, work etc.
*the verbal is of general English like passage, replacing sentence, fill in the correct phrase, etc.
*the non verbal questions were fully from R.S.agarwal.

Second round:
Around 300 got thro aptitude. The Gd consisted of 12 per batch. our topic was: whom to be balmed for indian cricket Disaster?
They gave 2 mins for preparation. I wrote the points on a paper and initiated the discussion. since it was my first GD,i didnt start well but got the pace later on.
Around 15 mins was given for discussion and 5 mins for conclusion. everyone should give individual conclusion.
My points were:
1. over confidence 2.selectors were the main cause 3.no proper communication bet coach and players 4.senior-junior problem 5.the reserved people were bench warmers throughout the series, they were not given any chance 6.no co ordination 7.played for their indi career and for team or for country 8.were busy in adds atc

The other topics were: war on iraq,caste errdication necessary?,ban on cellphones in colleges,etc
My suggestions will be :
Greet the batch members first beclear with you points, express your thought freely. Even if there is any mistake be strong in ur point,listening to and encouraging others points is important, interrupting others also carries marks, voice modulation is also important.
The points were awarded purely based on bravery, boldness, strong points, listening to others (more points), commu skills and fluency.
The Results were announced on the spot. From our batch 5 got selected.

Third Round:
Around 103 cleared Gd, and 8 got rejected in certificate verification bcoz only 4 attempts is allowed and not 4 subjects.
Next day the called us for HR interview to their company in manapakkam near porur.For Hr interview, we were asked to sit in groups like Gd.Each one is given 5 mins for introduction.After which the HR asked for the GD topics.Then he pointed out persons to speak for 1 min on the topic.topic will be gven by the HR himself. Like if a person is asked to speak for the topic, then the next have to oppose him/her and speak.Everyone is given a chance. The Hr consultant for us was so good. it was not like a interview at all, just we were so free and had a good time there.

My suggestions are:
Greet others before you start.The Hr awards points for being attentive,listenig to others,encouraging others,fluency,etc. overall,since sectional cut off is there try to clear all sections,time your answers.Try to attend all ques since there is no negative marking.In GD be confident,listen to and encourage others,don show any fear on ur face or sweat there.Then you will definitely clear this round.
Even in HR interview,follow all points like in GD.Have a smile on your face at all times. Hr will try to oppose your points but be strong with your points even if you feel its wrong. dont give up at all, bcoz this will show your confidence and justice to your work.fill up the application form clearly, because all questions in HR will be from that. just be clear in that.
points to fill the application form:
1.give as open for any location for the location preferred.
2.academic details also plays a vital role.
3.write your achievements clearly.
4.if you are not sure about the project or the paper u presented pls don mention it,bcoz in HR they will ask questions from it.
5.write the strengths clearly; weakness also but try to avoid this, just say you need to improve.

And one important thing, the HR clearly told us that the final selection is not fully based on the HR interview alone. It counts from aps,GD and all. Every round carries equal points.

Be confident, honest in your answers. Its your luck to get a good HR,bcoz all men are not he same. some HRs rejected only one,and some others many. One of the HRs selected all the 15 in a batch.i can say that a "good listener rather than a good communicator" is wat they expect from us.At last your luck, others prayers and your confidence is needed not only for a good job but also to be successful in life. Because this was my third campus, i failed in the previous two (didn't clear aps itself) and lost most of my confidence but my friend's backup, others prayers only got me this.

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