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Interview Success Kit - Get Success in Job Interviews Interview Success Kit - 30,000 Interview Que. & Ans.

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 L & T PAPER ON 27th MARCH AT INDORE Print E-mail
The Selection procedure is as below-
1.Aptitude (90 questions- 90 minutes)
3.Profile Interview

Aptitude :
It consisted of 3 sections. There were 3 different sets of questions.
1]Quantitative(30 questions)

It is from R.S.agarwal, some ques. were same as given in RS Agarwal even they don’t change the values, be prepared wid the following topics thoroughly percentage permutation/combination , Time & work, Time, speed& distance (train etc.), Profit & loss, Ratio & proportion, Mixtures and alligation .Ques on Matrix calculation (very easy)

2]Logical & Analytical:(30 questions)

Questions on venn diagram,….&…..quest. Like ram plays violin, shyam plays guitar, mohan plays tabla……then some conditions….then questions based on that….if u r preparing 4 CAT then questions are Easy enough to achieve sectional cutoff.….On counting the no. of Triangles & squares in a given Fig. if P*Q means P is sister of Q, P+Q means P is Q daughter(i dont remember the correct ques), then how can v express that T is aunt of S ….

3]Verbal(30 questions)
i think this section..most easy and intersting section..
It was easy, so attend it first....Synonyms were there, like:-ABHOR …all .frm. BARRONS 4 GRE .Analogy ques. Sentence correction (Easy)
A small Passage and ans 4rm the passage directly...............first read the questions & then the passage, it will b easier 2 search the ques .(Easy).Arranging sentences in order(3 or 4 questions). Finding errors in a sentence(3 Qs)
Reading passage (5 questions ): easy to score atleast 4 marks out of 5 by reading questions and coming to passage to search answer also less time consuming

Note: there are 3 sets of papers almost same standard. No Negative marking….. There is sectional cutoff so u need to score in all sections properly…attempt atleast 20 ques. Frm. Each sections …then probability 4 ur selection will b more……

Try scoring in all sections by allotting equal time to all sections then if time is left go back to checking
Try out hit and trial (trial & error method as some may call it) it is a simple and time saving technique in competitive exams.

v had a grp of 15....Topic was 'Do we need RESERVATION in higher studies'............v had 3mins 2 think............then we were individually asked our opinion..dont look at the Moderator bcoz the discussion is between d group members .....some of our group members continuously looked at moderator but they were rejected …..talk 2 all ur team-members..........make authentic & valuable pts................then at the end u r allowed 2 discuss openly.......dont get aggressive..........dont fight......stick 2 ur pt......... put points firmly and always try to get others support too. try to keep latest information on the topic.NOTE:-don’t point fingers on any group member . Only 5 out of 15 were selected frm. Our group…but in another batch all of d 15 candidates were selected…..so be confident…..they just check ur communication skills & knowledge & creativity……also clarity of thoughts…. Once u clear the GD..u r on ur way.... almost selected..but don’t b over confident..

The next round was Profile Interview……once you pass the GD round..90 % of the chances you are in.. but dnt' take it lighlty as i have seen many of my frnds being rejected from the interview.. you have to fill up a form..(remember 1 thing….write all d entries in such a manner that shows ur passion abt L&T ) Questions will be asked from your family background..education..hobbies..yourself..
i entered n we started
Me: good morning sir…….
SIR :good morning akash…..

SIR: ok akash introduce ur self…….
Me: I started like this…..sir I’m akash singh rathore…..pursuin’ bachelor of engg……coll name….branch…Then I told him abt. My CAREER OBJECTIVE…..then my academic background (10th & 12th )…..then the deciding factor of my selection..(very important)…..My FAMILY background….i told him that…..SIR I’m associated wid three families 3rd one is my school family (K.V. No. 1 indore)my frndz, respected teachers, 2nd one is my college family i.e IIST family…again frndz, respected faculty members…then 1st one i.e my own family my dad, mom & brother….then I told him abt. My father’s occupation….& all dat…after that…….the interviewer told me that…..be Creative….try to speak effectively…..create the interest of interviewer ……

SIR: ok akash….wat abt. Ur 4th family……I think u will b having one more family i.e. ur 4th family……
Me: then after a pause of 5 sec. I told him……of course sir my L&T family…then he laughed & indirectly told me that ….u r selected… Then

SIR: akash….. ur 1st sem. %age is less than 2nd one…..as I hv. 58.6% in my 1st sem & 64% in my 2nd……then…
Me: sir ….actually I think that after passing 12th class a fresher don’t have that much technical knowledge….so I got only 58.6% but after that I got 64%......

SIR: Is this your 1st attempt for any company??? So why didnt u tried for INFOSYS??
ME: be confident …..i told him that…I’m not eligible 4 dat company…bcoz d criteria was 65% throughout…..

SIR: akash u hv mentioned ur achievements…..(actually I secured 2nd position at all INDIA level scholarship test & got an award of Rs.30000……so he was impressed ……)…..then he asked abt. That scholarship test…..
SIR: ur native place is ignore??? so wat abt. Posting in other city????
Me: sir actually I’m adaptive by nature…..i can adjust in any type of environment….in the organization….u r free to throw me anywhere in the world I can easily work for L&T wid my 100% efficiency….

Then he told me ok akash thanx…..wid a pleasant smile on his face…My interview lasts for only 4 to 5 mins…..

NOTE:- don’t try to bluff the interviewer ….they r very smart people…..they can easily judge ur behavior within 5 mins.

Be cofident and be urself Itz the right time to show ur talent

New Click here to Download 2019 Latest placement papers of this company New



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