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Interview Success Kit - Get Success in Job Interviews Interview Success Kit - 30,000 Interview Que. & Ans.
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New Page 1

Should have consistently scored atleast 60% in 10th, intermediate and BTECH all sems.
Should not have any history of fails in any class or semester.

Process of Selection:
1) Written test on quantitative aptitude, reasoning and English
each section consists of 30 questions => total 90 questions in 90 minutes.
No negative marks 90 marks.
There is sectional cutoff so u need to score in all sections properly
The sectional cutoff was around 14-16
Note: there are 3 sets of papers almost same standard.
2) Technical interview may or may not have group discussion
3) HR interview (as in my case we didn't have a GD)

Questions in Written Test:

1. In a kilometer race between A and B, A beats B by 9 seconds or 36 meter. Then what is the time taken by B to finish the race.
Sol: When A has just completed the race it means B is behind by 36mts or completed 966mts. And when a has taken T seconds to complete the race B needs another 9 secs to complete the race; that means B runs another 36mts in 4sec so his speed is 36/9 = 4mts/sec
So travels 1000mts or 1km in 1000/(36/9)=250secs(time=dist/speed)
So A completes race in 250-9sec=241secs [refer rs aggarwal quant aptitude race and gameof skills eg problem ]

2. If 4apples and 6oranges cost 13/- and 2apples & 4oranges cost 7/- find cost of one apple and one orange.
Sol: subtract 2nd eqn from 1st then we have 2a-2o=6 =>1apple and 1orange cost 3/-

3. If a person travels for P km in t hrs and then increases his speed by x km/hr find his new speed.
a) (p/t)+x b) pt+x c)p/x+t d)pt/x ans:a

4,5,6 questons based on statistics from a bar graph

7. If a kite is at a height of 50mts from ground and the angle of inclination from a point on ground is 60degree then find length of the kite sting.
Sol: based on trigonometry heights and distances: sin60=height of kite/length of string(altitude/hypotenuse) ans:100/(root of 3)

8. If avg. of 6 nos. is 8 and later 2 new nos. are added such that the avg of the present 8 nos is 6 then what is the avg of newly added two nos.
Sol: avg=total sum of values/ no of objects or observation
? 8 =total sum of values of 6 nos /6
? total sum of values of 6 nos=6*8=48
now when 2 new nos are added applying same formula 6= total sum of values of 8 nos/8
? total sum of values of 8 nos=48 so the value has not changed which means the sum of added 2 nos is zero so avg=zero/2=zero (ans)

9. What % of 4/7 is 4/5?
Sol: {(4/5)/(4/7)}*100= ans =140%

10. By what % should a person sell an article so as to gain a profit of 24% even after giving a discount of 10 %
Sol) the easiest way to solve such problems is by assuming the cost price as 100rs
So to get a profit of 24% means to sell at 100+24=124/-
So suppose he sold it at 10% discount initially he sells at 90rs so ther is a difference of 34/-

11. One problem on Arithematic progression

12. One on mean

13. Matrix addition:
If 1 2 3 1 1 1 0 1 2
5 7 9 = 3 4 7 + 2 3 2
2 3 4 1 1 1 1 2 ?
then what is the value of ?
ans: 4-1=3

14. Find the determinant of a 3*3 matrix? very easy

15. A red light glows every 10sec, yellow every 15sec and red every 18sec. find the number of times all three glow together from 8:00AM to 9:00AM (including both times)
Sol : LCM of 10,15,18 = 90
So every 90 seconds all three glow together so in one hour there are 3600 secs
So 3600/90=40 times but answer is 41 because they glow at 0th second that is at 8 Am since both times are included.

16. If a man travels at 30km/hr is behind a car by 40mtrs. In 20sec if he leads the car by 20mts then what is speed of car

17. If age of a person is x and his mothers age is 34. then after how many years will the mothers age be twice of the son? (don't worry ans will be given in terms of x and we can answer it)

18. One more age problem

19. If a person takes 5 days and 8 hrs to dig a trench ; then how many persons will dig 3 trenches in 1 day (with each day of 8 hrs work)
20,21,22 questions based on arthematic calculation to check ur speed in calculating.(they may be time consuming though easy unless u can do some short cuts so better to avoid)

One q based on allegation and mixture go for error and trial method

Not able to recollect other 7 questions

Verbal test:
30 questions
Meanings 3 questions:
Faux Pas : means a blunder (spelled as fau pa)
Don't remember other two

Arranging sentences in order(3 or 4 questions)
Finding errors in a sentence(3 Qs)
Reading passage (5 questions ): easy to score atleast 4 marks out of 5 by reading questions and coming to passage to search answer also less time consuming

Also anologies

Based on venn diagram 3 questions
1) Which diagram best represents musician, violinist and instrumentalist
Ans: three concentric circles the outermost circle being musician the inner circle instrumentalist and the innermost being violinist.
Because every violinist a musician and instrumentalist but not the viceversa
Every instrumentalist is a musician but not the viceversa

2) polygon, quadrilateral and rhombus
Ans : the same as above answer rhombus is the innermost then the quadrilateral and outside is the polygon
Explaination: a polygon is a 3 or more close sided figure so even a triangle and pentagon are polygons so is a quadrialateral which is a 4 sided fig and quad includes rombus, square, rectangle, kite, trapezium etc
Not able to remember other one

Three questions on seating arrangement (easy)
3 questions based on giving 3 figures and then we are required to find the 4th fig which comes next in the logical sequence(easy)

Other qs are also not that tough

Some points :
RS aggrawal quant will do
Try scoring in all sections by allotting equal time to all sections then if time is left go back to checking
Try out hit and trial (trial & error method as some may call it) it is a simple and time saving technique in competitive exams
Try reading "know ur English" column in the hindu paper every Tuesday though it might not be that much benefit but I can assure is has excellent long term benefits

Technical Interview questions:
As I belong to ECE I was asked on define modulation and types of modulation
Types of antenna and where is antenna placed in an aeroplane
What is the antenna used in home for doordarshan chaneel ans is broad side array antenna
Data bus size of 8086 &8085 microprocessors
Ram size of 8085&86
My favourite subjects I was also asked tell me about urself

On C:
How to read a string
Others were asked linked list etc
Also a puzzle was given to me
q) if ur given 6 balls of all equal color and identity and 5 are equalweight find the unequal heavier ball.ur also given a common weighing balance
find the minimum iterations required
Ans first divide the balls into two grops of 3 each and weigh them then we get the heavier side
Next take two from the heavier section and weigh them with one on eacg side if they are equal then the 3rd one is the heaviest
So 2 iterations are enough

Asked on hobbies if ur hobby is collecting stamps then remember it is called as philately
One who is Collecting coins is numismatist

Be well prepared on questions 4m hobbies
What is ur father and why u didn't go to that field

Some points :
If u don't know anything the best answer would be sir I am not able to recollect it now
Be bold and confident
Don't bother about others and how they discuss as the tense environment will only add salt to the wounds.
Be cofident and be urself
Itz the right time to show ur talent

New Click here to Download 2019 Latest placement papers of this company New



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