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Interview Success Kit - Get Success in Job Interviews

Interview Success Kit - Get Success in Job Interviews Interview Success Kit - 30,000 Interview Que. & Ans.

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Home » Placement Papers » L & T Infotech Placement Paper  »L & T Infotech Placement Paper 21 August 2007


L & T PAPER ON 21 August 2007


New Page 1
Hi Friends,.....
            I am Mayank Patel of Geetanjali Institute of tech. Studies, Udaipur.

            I recently attended L&T infotech campus recruitment held at GITS, Udaipur on 21th -22th of August (2007)

           Should have consistently scored atleast 60% in 10th, intermediate and BTECH all sems.
           Should not have any history of fails in any class or semester.

Process of Selection:
          1) Written test on quantitative aptitude, reasoning and English
Each section consists of 30 questions => total 90 questions in 90 minutes.
No negative marks 90 marks.
There is sectional cutoff so u need to score in all sections properly
Note: there are 3 sets of papers almost same standard.(A,B,C)
          2) Group discussion
          3) HR+Technical interview

I have  Set.No.(A)

Please    alow equal time to all three section.

Questions in Written Test:


           1) What is the least no when divide by 5 & 7 gives the remainder 1& 3 respectivly.

                 Ans: 31

           2) A person sell a artical of Rs 450 at 25% loss then at what price it should sell another artical of 450 to gain 25% profit.

           3) A matrix  B  =  x+2    5                     and transpose of  B  =   7    4    find value of x &  y.

                            4        y+2                                                      5    2


           4) The shadow of a (some meter given) is (some meter) .Then find the angle of elevation of sun.

                   Ans: 60'


           5&6 )You must learn formula n\2(2a+(n-1)d) (SUM of AP)


                   i) In one case n=17 & d= -2    ii) In other case n=20.


           7&8&9)    3 question on probability


           10&11&12&13&14)       A set of five question . Total income =50,000 ;expenditue=30,000(Pie chart is given);saving=20,000;

                                    there are 5 question on relation of various expen. with totalincome/expend/saving.


                      Hint: Cal.5% of 30,000.  = 5/360*30,000.


             15) Find the determinant .


                       Ans:  0


             16) 2 question on Mixture and alligation.


             17) If pipe A fill tank in 12 hr and pipe B in 15 hr. After 3hr pipe B stop then pipe A will take the time to fill tank.


             18) The average of a family of 6 members befor 5 Years is 20.Today a baby of 4 year is there. Then todays average of family is.


                        Ans.  x = 20*6 + 5*6.    then x+4/7  = 150+4/7=22.


             19) Two or more question on profit & Loss.



              20) Plsss dont waste your time on a question which  contain both time speed & Trignometry.


              21)  find value of x      (not remember value)

                        Ans.  But sure Option (D)


              22-30)  Not collecting


( My opinion is please dont waste time on question you have never tried . try to switch other section after 30-35 min.)



II) DI & LR.


All question are from Verbal & non Verbal Reasonig- RS Agrawal.


              1) 2 Quest on family Relation.


                         Ans:   i) Grandson


               2)Pg 375  q.36-q.40


               3) pg 550 q.31


               4) pg 243 q.4


               5) pg 246 q.18


               6) Inferences using syllogism(5 question)


               7)Please dont waste time on 4-5 quest.(Scrap the word & quest. on calander)


After attemping 23-24 question switch to next section.


III) English.


               1)5 quest on analogy.


               2) 1 quest. from concept 1 &8 of page 1&2.


               3) Analogy Night-Dusk    ans. Child Infant.


                4) 1 passage containig 5 question.


                5) 5 quetion on jumbled sentence.


                6)3-4 question on conclusion,reason.


                7) Not collecting other.



GD& Extempory


Our topic is "Today is celebrity is reall role Model". We are


                 I have starte GD by defining Celebrity , Role Model & there relation forward by eample of sharukh of Pepsi.

My GD was converted into good contraversy everyone is shouting.I interrupt and said "This is GD Every one must keep point one by one so we all must keep our points politely and i directed one to start." But It again converted into a War. Madam interupys our discussion & call of the GD.


                Madam then conduct our Extempor.The topic was "Why youth is coming to IT because of career gowth or Monetry"

In the group of 10 i was the second last to speak and as all other speak to all theoritical points i speak on practical issue .


Finally out of 10 , six were selected and i was the one.




                Those who selected in Gd are provided with a 4page form. We have to fill it very clearly and honestly.(Strength,area of improvment,career objective,why L&t,Achivements, Personal details.,Sotware Skills.) They Will take Hr from this form.


TIP.: Note down the points on a paper and pratice all Possible HR question of your Enteries.


NEXT DAY(22/08/07)




My interview is to be Hr but.........it was technical 2 me.Technical was from our field.


(If your hobby is cricket then pleaseeee be update with last score of India's match.)



Finally after the L&T's PPT the resul was declared with call letters,And I get selected.





                  i)   Spare equal time to all three section ,there will be sectional cut-off.

                  ii)  Be calm befor exam.

                  iii) If it is possible then start Gd with definig the the topic.

                  iv) Dosen't directly agree or disagree with the topic.

                  v)  Give practical & real life situation facts& example

                  vi) Be calm before Interview.

                Vii)  ALways be honest to them.

                 viii) Not last but Keep your lucky things with u.



Hope u will be benifited.


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