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Home » Placement Papers » Agile PLM Placement Papers » Agile PLM Placement Paper 1

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Agile PLM Placement Paper 1


About compeny: 

It is a small mnc with total no. of employees 600 worldwide and with 60 members
in Bangalore.their clients are 1250 in number.they give solutions for improving product lifecycle.
Agile PLM solution is their trade name.
they are offering a salary of 2.5lack per annum with stock options in addition.
they give good importance to good acadamics.the interview is only personal and most simple for 
high percentage getters.
this compeny name is not in the cmm level 5 list.
the test contains 60qns Duration: 1hr.
30 qns from c++,30 qns from java.
i am giving only some qns i have remembered.
the qns are objective type may have more than one ans

(1)find out three keywords
(2)which are not keywords
(3)two to three questions on legal array declaration
(a)int a[][]=new int[3][3];
(b)int[] a[]=new int[3][3];
(c)int a[3][4]=new int[3][4];wrong
(d)int[3][4] a=new int[3][4];wrong
(e)int a[][]=new int[3][4];
(4)++i+++j is equivalent to
(d)can't be compiled(correct)
(5)the content of the array after execution of following statement:int a[][]=new int[3][3];
(a)all elements contain zeroes
(6)find legal statements
(a)int a=30;
(b)float f=1.4;(error)
(c)double d=34.5;
(d)byte b=128;(error)
(7)find illegal statements
(a)int i='2';
(b)char a=12;
(8)some 5 qns on collection interfaces
(9)to find the length of array
(10)write code for accessing array length without assigning it to another variable
(11)recursion is
(a)any function which refer itself
(12)the sorting method which don't generally use recursion
(a)heap sort
(b)bubble sort(ans)
(c)quick sort
(d)bubble sort
(13)one qn regarding abstract
(14)some 2 qns on hash table


(1)the difference b/w pure virtual fn.& virtual fn.
(a)pure virtual fn. is initialized to zero.
(2)virtual destructors are used for
(3)find legal statement
(4)find the o/p of the program
void main()
int a=10;b;
(a)it don't be compiled
(b)it compiles and o/ps 10 4(ans)
(5)a qn on copying or assigning
(6)early or static binding means
(a)at runtime 
(b)at compiletime(ans)
(7)one qn on global variables,one qn on globally declared static variable
(8)two qns on "vector" type
(9)the branch of a tree which has no childs is called
(10)when a node c is inserting b/w nodes a and b how many pointer will be modified
i have remembered these qns only

New Click here to Download 2019 Latest placement papers of this company New



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