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Interview Success Kit - Get Success in Job Interviews Interview Success Kit - 30,000 Interview Que. & Ans.
Home » Placement Papers » Aztec Placement Papers »Aztec Placement Paper 6

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Aztec Placement Paper 6


APTITUDE PAPER.                                    

  1.   Mrs. Prasad sells Rs. 164.50 worth of greeting cards, for which she receives 40% commission. How much  should she remit to the company for which she sells these cards?

  2. A merchant is paid Rs. 30 for an article. He wishes to place a price tag on it so that he can offer a 10 %discount on the price marked on the tag and still make a profit of 20% on the cost.  What price should he mark on the tag?   

  3. On a rectangular lot 50 feet by 120 feet a man who walks 5 feet per second may cross diagonally from one corner to the opposite corner or walk along the perimeter of the lot. How much time in seconds does he save by walking diagonally?

  4.   A 64 pound mixture of sand and gravel is 25% sand. How many pounds of sand must be added to produce a  mixture that is 40% gravel?

  5.   A piece of paper with an area of 60 square inches is divided into 2 pieces so that the area of one is two-third the area of the other. The area in square inches of one of the pieces is:

  6. In a group of 15, 7 can speak Spanish, 8 can speak French and 3 can speak neither. How much of the group  can speak both French and Spanish?

  7.   A graduating class of 356 votes to choose a president. With 5 candidates seeking office, what is the least number of votes a successful candidate could receive and yet have more votes than any other candidate?

  8. A sports jacket marked Rs. 48 is offered at a discount of 25% during a store wide sale. At this reduced price, the dealer makes a profit of 20% on cost. The cost to the dealer is:

  9. On a diagram of a camp site drawn to a scale of 1:120, the size of the building is 36/5 inches. The actual length in feet of this building is:      

  10.   How many cc of water must be added to 100 cc of 80% solution of boric acid to reduce it to 50% solution?

  11. A shirt marked Rs. 12.50 was sold at Rs. 10. The rate of discount on the marked price was:

  12.    A pipe can fill a swimming pool in h hours. What part of the pool is filled in x hours?

  13.   If a roast that requires 1 hour and 40 minutes of roasting time has been in the oven for 55 minutes, how many more minutes of roasting time are required?

  14. In performing an experiment a boy planted 105 seeds of which 84 sprouted. What percentage of seeds failed to sprout?

In the TECHNICAL PAPER,they have given 3 programs we have to write any one of them.  They asked LINKED LIST program also we can write it in either C or C++ or JAVA. They have given method signatures, we have to use that signatures while writing program. 


New Click here to Download 2019 Latest placement papers of this company New



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