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Home » Placement Papers » BFL Placement Papers » BFL Placement Paper 1

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BFL Placement Paper 1  


BFL-Placement Paper 2


1.In scanf h is used for (short int)
2.process is (program in execution)
3.thread is (detachable unit of executable code)
4.advantage of Win NT over Win 95 (robust &secure)
5.memory managemant in Win95 (paging &segmentation)
6.SQL indicates (all above)
7.polymorphism(function & operator overloading)
8.inheritance is(all properties of existing class are derived)
9.FTP(transfer a file b/w stations with user authentification)
10.TCP in transport layer (connection oriented)
11.gateway is used (to connect incompatible networks)
12.linked list is implemented by (referential structures)
13.multitask win95 (preemptive or non preemptive check)
14.functional dependency ( answer C)
15.semaphore is (synchronization of multiple processes
16.precedence order from high to low ( ( ) ++ / )
17.preorder of A*(B+C)/D-G (*+ABC/-DG)
18.B-tree (failure nodes at same level)
19.dense index (index record appers for every search -key in file)
20.answer for one questions ( (*p).value =5 )
21.merge sort time complexity ( O(n log n) )
22.program on swaping ( 10,5 ) given values are not changed
23.routers used (in network layer )
24.packets are formed ( in network layer )
25.heap ( priority queue )
26.copy constructor ( constant reference )
27.while following sorting algorithem has average sorting behavior (heap
sort )
28.in binary search tree which traversal is used for getting ascending
order values (inorder )
29.device drivers is used ( tool for a i/o devices) i am not sure
30. irrevalent to unix command ( getty)
31.fork in unix (system call used to create process)
32.make (creation of more than one file )
33.in unix .profile contains ( start up program)
34.in unix echo is used for ( answer C)
35.in unix 'ls 'stores contents in( inode block)
Refer gre ( 12 th edition)(quantitative 20 q ,+1,-1/4)

Quantitative :-
Model test 1. section 3,page 435 :- questions(q ) 17 to 20,26 29
Model test 1,section 4,page 441:- q 26,28,29
Model test 2,section 3,page 483:- q 18,19,20,29,30
Model test 2,section 4,page 489 :- q 16,30
Model test 2,section 7,page 501 :- q 16

Analytical ability ( 20 q, +1,-1/4) quantum + analytical 45min
1. Page 397 q 7-11( the office staff of the xyz corporation)
2 page 397 q 14-17 ( after months of talent searching for an administrative assistant
3.page 400 q 29-31(a certain city a served by six subway lines)
4.model test1,secton5,page443,q13-16(in a cettain society there ate two marriage gropes red , brown)
5.modeltest3,section6,page544,q 1-4(all g's are h's ,all g's are j's or k's)