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Interview Success Kit - Get Success in Job Interviews Interview Success Kit - 30,000 Interview Que. & Ans.
Home » Placement Papers » BlueStar Placement Papers » BlueStar : Placement Paper 7

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BlueStar: Placement Paper 7


1) In the multiplication of 2 numbers Gn. in alphabets

then the value of NAME is

ans: 2907

exp: 17 X 71

2)In a coding decoding ques , WATER is coded as XWDPK and something like LITAR is coded as PWDMN, WHERE is coded as

ans: is d) choice. it will contain 2 k’s and one x. (it starts with x)

in both ATR is common and their code is PWD
then for WE --> XK, so for WHERE --> 2 x’s or 2 k’s te be their, 
In the Gn. choices d) will only works correct.
3)A problem related to Counting no of rectangles…….
Ans:- 11
4)Angle b/w hour & minute at 3:35?

Ans:-nearest ans. given is 120 (actual ans is 102.5 deg).

5) One ques. : 100 m race : one covers it 45 sec & 36 sec then for 
how much distance winner will defeat the looser?
Ans: 20 m.

6)3,5 ,5,19,7,41,9,?
Ans:- 71
7) 7 red ball & 4 green ball ,how many min. balls to be drawn to get two similar color ball?

Ans:- 3

8)2,5,10,17- - - - - - - - 10 th term?

9)1360 is divided into A,B,C. A gets 2/3 rd of B, B gets ¼th of C. What
is B share? Ans: 240.

10) 8 pencils costs Rs 5 . Then how many pencils can be bought for rs 50?

Ans: 80

11) A solves 10 pages in 5 minutes; B solves 5 pages in 10 minutes.
How many pages they can solve in 30 minutes?
Ans: 75.

12)A man starts from his house , and walks straight for 4 Km , then turns right,
and walks for 2 Km , then turns right and walks for 2 Km, now

New Click here to Download 2019 Latest placement papers of this company New



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