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Home » Placement Papers » BlueStar Placement Papers » BlueStar Placement Paper 1

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BlueStar Placement Paper 1


Paper Format:-

Paper 1 : Aptitude
Paper 2: Technical Paper.

Paper 2 has following 2 sections:-
Section A: It has four sub sections, out of which two have to be done.
Section B: General Computers Awareness.

The Subsections of Section A are:-
Subsection A: C & Unix.
Subsection B: C++.
Subsection C: VB/ASP/Com.
Subsection D: RDBMS.

Aptitude Test

1.Complete the series.
1 6 3 7 5 8 7 ?
Ans: 9

2. If circle is 1, then octagon is?
2 4 6 8 or 10
Ans: 8

3.Pick the odd one out.
bend shave chop whittle shear
Ans: bend.

4.2 persons start from a pt. and go in opposite directions. After going 3 km they turn left and walk 4 km ,how far r they now?
Ans: 10 km.

5.2 typists type 2 papers in 4 hrs then in how much time will 5 typists take to type 5 papers.
Ans: 4 hours.

6. A person runs 6 ft in 1/4 sec. How much it will run in 10 sec?
Ans 240.

7. Find the odd one out.
cat ,dog,rabbit,hamster,elk.

8. In a party man & his wife ,and there are 2 sons with their wives, and every son has 4 children in his family. How many persons are there in the party?

9. Add a word in starting of SCAPE and at the end of Grass, you will get two different word
Ans:- land

All men of this party are republican .
Mohan is member of this party.

mohan is republican,
is true or false or can't say?

11. There are 1200 elephant.Some have blue and pink strips.Some have pink & green strip. 400 elephants have only pink strip. How many have only blue strip?
a. 400
b. can't be determined.

After clearing aptitude there is technical paper. It has 2 sections.In section A there are 4 subsections out of which 2 are to be attempted. The first subsection is on c and unix, second on c++,third on vb/asp/com and
fourth on rdbms. In section B General Computer Awareness is tested.

Technical Test

void main()
  extern int a;


a. give linker error- a not defined.
b. print 10
c. give compiler error

Ans: a.

will compiler show any error?

Ans: No.

3. Socket() is a
a.system call.
b. library function.
d. none.

Ans: a.

4.Cache is

Ans: b.

5. How can we pass an array to a function?
2.design (*a)

6. Virtual functions are defined as ................

8. Which is not a bus interface
b. ide
d. none

7. Switch statement use only
d.all of the above

8. Multiple Inheritence can not be used in which case?

9. What is difference b/w simple SQDL & Object
oriented SQDL.

10. Virtual Destructor is used to ...........................

11. Link list uses
a.countiguos memory allocation.
b. non countiguos memory allocation.
c. both.
d. none.

Ans: b.

12. Non-linear structures are
a. q & stack 
b.tree & graph
c. tree & stack
d. tree & linklist

Ans: b.

13. Encryption is
a.Change readable code to cipher text.
c.Securing data.
d.Sending data through internet.

Ans: a.

14. sizeof () operator is used for
a.data type
b. data type & veriable 
c. both

Ans: c.

15. Deadlock condition is ............


New Click here to Download 2019 Latest placement papers of this company New



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