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Home » Placement Papers » CTS Placement Papers » CTS Placement Paper-03 Jul 2006

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CTS Placement Paper-03 Jul 2006


CTS-Placement Paper- 03 Jul 2006

I got placed in CTS thru campus... This is the general selection procedure wrt july 2006 ...

The Aptitude test was conducted by Meritrac(Thagency many companies contact for conducting apti tests)...

We had 3 sections -

1. Verbal (20 marks - 20 min)
2. Analytical (30 marks - 30 min)
3. Reasoning (30 marks - 30 min)

there are few imp things u have to remebr to attend each secn...

Before attenmding the ques..u'll be asked to fill the data sheets..make sure u have ur resume nearby to fill it up quickly..dont waste time on it....u'll be askd for semester wise % till the last sem....so make sure u know the details...u'll be asked for soft & technical skills etc...like ur strengths n weakness....
Some general ques like
1. Ur short term n long term goals with CTS
2. Wat are the skills u think a s/w prof shud have n wat skills u have?

1. for verbal DONT WASTE TIME in the Passages n Reading Comprehension...if u do so u wont have time to even read the rest of the questions...one suggestion wud be to ans the simple single sentence questions first then com bac to the passage if u have time...the ques were simple only...like choose the correct sentence n vice versa...

2. Analytical ques were like Agarwal-type....ans the simple ones first...There were 30 ques...The first few i dont remebr...the last secn was like if 0 is * and 1 is $ then how wud the foll comnibation wud be 1. (4^3 + 3^2)^3 etc... Teh ques is not exact jus sample...U may go thru the prev papers fro better egs...The penultimate secn was Data Sufficiency ref Agarwal for egs...

3. the Last secn was pretty simple...It consisted of logical reasoning like given a statmt wat derives from the foll option.
Eg:  1. All Lecturers are not conservative
          Some conservative were lecturers

1.Conservative people are not lecturers
2. Few lecturers were conservative
3. All conservative were lecturers
Pretty easy to ans only

The rest of the secn had Pick the odd man out type of ques from figures..Also easy to ans...
The last secn was the cube dissecn problm....
i.e., A cube is painted in green..It is cut into 64 equal pieces all painted in green...
ans the ques..
1. If top side was left unpainted how many cubes would be paitned green
there were 5 or 6 ques based on this... with choices given...

Aftr apti...we had tech and hr interview...since there was less time they combined both into one....

The ques very simple and direct
In hr go prepared for ans the ques "tell me abt urself in brief"...Ans with points from ur strength etc...
Tech was simple also but the ques was diffnt in various panels..Few panels only tech n few only HR...depends on ur luck,....

They askd ques from dbms...like wat is ER diagram? If there are many primary keys in a single table how to establish reln betwn them...Basic diff betwn java & C# , java & C++...They go thru ur resume n ask from it...Since i was cs dept they askd me all this...for other branches they ask from ur proj...if u have given that in ur resume....and if ur eee they ask u abt m/cs etc...
I hope this info wud be helpful.....

New Click here to Download 2019 Latest placement papers of this company New



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