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Home » Placement Papers » CTS Placement Papers » CTS Placement Paper-08 Apr 2006,Coimbatore

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CTS Placement Paper-08 Apr 2006,Coimbatore


CTS Placement Paper-08 Apr 2006,Coimbatore

I got the the call form CTS for  written test on 8th april in coimbatore. I have cleared my written Tech and awaiting for the results of my HR. that would be put on 12th 8.00PM in CTS web site. Let me brief my experience
the location was kumaraguru colege of Technology.
there were 3 batches 9.00a.m, 12.00 and 2.00pm
Mine was First Batch.
This was the first time CTS went for a very different pattern.
It has given the written test to conduct for a consultancy of bangalore MERIT TRAC
the paper consisted of 3 sections
1. Verbal Ability - 25 questions
2.Analitical Ability- 25 questions
3.Mental Ability-20 questions
there was a  Cut off for each section
i came to know that they increased the cutoff for every batch i.e 12 to 16
All the sections were very easy, actually there is no need for any preparation, only thing is u have to manage time(every body can coz its dam easy).and attend all questions. THERE IS NO NEGATIVE MARKING
first section consist of few english questions like choose the artical, fill the correct word and 2 passages.
The questrions were as easy as
eg: His leprosy leg was infeasible_____ pain.
a) to b) for c) ....
Second section has
General questions like
Venn diagrams
    a family went for a picnic. 20% of them ate apples, 30% for them ate oranges, 40% of the age grapes. 10% of ate all the three. 12 % ate apples and oranges. 14% ate apples and grapes.10% of the ate grapes and oranges.
Q1. how many ate only apples
Q2 how many ate only grapes
Q3 how many ate none
there were 3 questions like this
there was a cube problem
a cube which is painted all side is divided into 125 parts
Q How many single side painted
Q How many 2 sided
Q how many 3 sided
Q how many none
this is very easy if u use the formulae
Total no.of cubes= n3
exactly one face=6*(n-2)whole square
exactly two faces painted=12(n-2)
no face painted =(n-2)whole cube
so on.....
just normal preparation is enough
the 3rd section is very easy mental ability
in some language * means + , + means / ,- means - and so on
then what is
2+4*3/5 is
4 questions like this

there were silly questions like observation
Select the following
A) if A and B are same
B) if A and C are same
C) if B and C are same
D if none is equal
E  data is not adequate
A)1054.122335467 B)1054.122345467 C)1054.122343567
the answer is D
A) 107773.32343 B)107773.32443 C)107773.32343
answer is B     ( as A and C are equal)
all this sort ...
very easy
But the cut off is come there is a need for accurecy
there were altogether 1500 people from all over INDIA.
the Number that cleared is 330.

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