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Home » Placement Papers » CTS Placement Papers » CTS Placement Paper-25 Mar 2006

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CTS Placement Paper-25 Mar 2006


CTS-Placement Paper- 25 Mar 2006

someone had said that "The best way to pass in a companies exam papers
is to get them in advance". I think we all agree with him.

instead of writing pattern we should write questions or both ;-)
I am providing you questions (and pattern) to the best of my knowledge
even if the units are exactly not the same i am sure you will not
worry about them.

paper was by meritrac pattern if u know
omr sheet was provided time constraint, no -ve marking, 70 ques
ans sheet had questions like
a.write ur strengths+weaknesses
b.what r the skills req for a software job
c.software skills
d.what do u want from cts

1. verbal ability (time 20 min 20 questions)

1.simple sentences and fill in the blanks (a,an,the) 5-6ques
2.words with same meanings(fill in the blanks)5-6ques(vocab required)
3.two passages
    b.sales executives "
dont remember more it was too easy

2.mental ability (25 ques 25 min)

   1. simple questions from sets
    a. 200 read a ,300 read b, total person are 500,50 read neither,how many read both
    (sol : 500-50=200+300-x)

   ( + 4 ques more of same type)

   2.  1.654839   2.654839 3.654829
      a.if 1 and 2 are same
      b.if 3 and 1 are same
      c.if 3 and 2 are same
      d.if 1,2and 3 r same
      (+ 6 ques more )

3. analytical ability(slightly difficult ) (25 ques 25min )

  1. a cube initially colored blue from outside is cut into 4 equal parts.two parts
    diagonally opposite are further cut into 27 equal parts each.how many have
    a.exactly 3 colored sides
    b.exactly 2 colored sides
    c.exactly 1 colored sides
    d.more than 1  "     "(+ 2 more ques same type)
   (sol :think of picture in your mind .whatever u get for one side double it)

  2. 0 is represented by * ,1 is represented by $,4 by $**,3  can be written as  $$
    in the same system
     a. 65 wil be
     b.  14^2 - 13^2 will be
     (+ 4 more ques)
     (sol: see carefully it is binary system (4 is 100 , 65 is
$*****$ ,3 IS 11))

  if +is represented by /,-is represented by *,*is represented by
+,/is represented by - then
  20+40/10-100 ( data may be wrong)
  (+ 6 ques more )

i was selected in written but not in interview (u need comm skills only +some os,dbms,c).
other ques easy
the ques that made the diff are written above
extremely sorry cant remember more
i think we all should contribute some questions AFTER GIVING THE PAPER

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