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Home » Placement Papers » CTS Placement Papers »CTS Placement Paper-22 Dec 2005

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CTS Placement Paper-22 Dec 2005


CTS-Placement Paper- 22 Dec 2005

I attended CTS test on 22nd Dec 2005.question paper was orange with
code as cts05q there were 40 questions and time is 60 minutes.some
questions are

1)shop keeper gives sucessive discount at rate of p%,q%,r% to three
persons in order of p,q ,r to first person ,r,q,p to 2nd and r,p,q tp
3rd then
a)p=q=r b)p<q<r c) p>q>r d) p,q,r can be any number

2) a rectangle is inside a circle such that diameter is diagonal of
rect.area of circle and one side of rect. is given you have to find
area of rect.

3) (2^2 + 4^2+6^2+...+20^2)-(1^2+3^2+..+19^2) is ..

4) A small passage with one blank is given.you have pick up correct
answer from 4 choices.
in this question paper passage were abt population explosion,and
mannerism of speaker.

5) A new situation is given you have choose logically correct
answer.upto 3 question were asked like this.

6) find value of 'a' two choices were given a)a^2 =4 b)10<a<20
you will have to choose which choice is sufficient to find value of a

7) there are 6 places where staffs a,b,c,d,e,f has to sit.1 and 6
position has computer.
following conditions are to be met.
i) e should sit at computer
ii) d & f should sit adjacent
iii)b & d shouldnot not sit adjacent
iv) cshould sit at 4 th palce

based on this 4 questions were asked like if a sits at 3rd palce which
of following is feasible ? etc

there were no antonyms and synonyms or any verbal reasoning

New Click here to Download 2019 Latest placement papers of this company New



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