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Home » Placement Papers » CTS Placement Papers » CTS Placement Paper-12 Aug 2005,GCT Campus

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CTS Placement Paper-12 Aug 2005,GCT Campus


CTS-Placement Paper- 12 Aug 2005-GCT Campus

Date : AUGUST 12
Venue : GCT Campus

CONDUCTED BY ANNA UNIVERSITY (Tamil Nadu State Level Placement Program)

Totally there are 40 questions and i had attended 25 in which 23 was correct. Each right answer has 1 mark and wrong answer has 0.25 marks less (-ve marks). Of these 40, 8 questions are comprehension and 16 questions are aptitude (general and quantitative) and 5 questions are conclusions and determinations and 3 from logical reasoning and 2 others are critical reasoning.(i am not sure about the exact numbers)

1. If meena's age was twice of her present age, when subtracted from four times three years from hence, with three times the three years before her present age. What will be her age after one year?

Ans: 22 years

Given: 21+3=24 x 4 =96

21-3=18 x 3 =54

      so now difference is 96-54=42.

Twice of her is 42. so her present age is 21.so, her age after 1 year is 22.

2. What is the maximum no. of 4 digit numbers formed from the digits 0,1,2,3 without the repetitions of numbers in the digits?

Ans: 42,684 (i think so i am not sure) a permutation and combination problem i couldn't arrive at the exact answer. Guys plz try r.s.agarwal book pbms.

3. A perfect Square number whose first 2 digits are also a perfect Squares and the last 2 digits are also a square.

Ans: 1681(41*41)

4. A person was doing a 4 semester course in which his average was 75. He was doing another 5 semester course. What should be his average in this course so that the average of the entire study is 80%?

Ans: 84% (because it is said that the average of entire course is 80 i.e. 80 x 9 =720.

So 75 x 4=300 his previous course average. Now to make an average of 84

720-300 = 420/5 = 84% should be his average in 5 semester course.

5. If X and Y are positive integers and if X-Y is always even , then which of the following is always true?

Ans: X+Y is even.

e.g. X=10 Y=8 since X-Y= even, 10-8=2(even)

so always X+Y is always even 10+8=18 .

other options are wrong and not close to the answer.

6. A man was given certain number of machines, through which he was able to complete a job in 3 days. If three more machines were given to the man, then he could complete the job in 2 days. If all the machines work on the same rate, then 1 machine will take how many days to complete a work?

Ans: 12 days ( i am not sure. Try r.s.agarwal pbms)

7. If 5 tomatoes costs 3 oranges and 5 oranges costs 6 potatoes and 2potatoes costs 4 apples and 7 apples costs Rs.203 then what is the cost of a tomato?(this is not the exact data, but a question is based on this model. Sorry i couldn't remember)

Ans: Rs.35.

Take tomato as X, oranges as Y, Potatoes as Z, apples as A.

Given 7A=203, followed by 5X=3Y, 5Y=6Z, 2Z=4A

So, 1A=29.so, now 1Z=58. 1Y= 69.60. 1X=34.8

Determination and conclusion

In these questions tick A if statement is concluded from I, else tick B if statement is concluded from II or tick C if statements is concluded from I and II or tick D statement can't be concluded form neither I or II. Please refer R.S.agarwal book on "textbook on verbal and non-verbal reasoning" for very good analysis.

8. (a-1)(b-2)(c-3) =0

I. a=b=c

II. a is positive number

Ans: C

9. The height of the tower is to be determined given that.

I. A man is standing on the tower over some 500/600 feets (not sure) with an angle of 30 degrees.

II. Some data given.

Ans: try it. (Trigonometry problems)

10. |x|=2 and |y|=3then

I. XY is positive

II. X is negative

Ans: A

11. A diagram was given in which a straight line was passing through -2 in X axis and -2 in Y-axis and asked what is the equation?

Ans: X+Y=2

Some comprehension questions was given

12. A paragraph was given on heart attack and asked a question

Ans: most of us think that after undergoing bypass surgery the chance of coming heart attack in the next 2 years is very less.

13. A paragraph on wedding invitations and reader's choice was given and 2/3 questions based on that.

17. Some paragraph was given and after that some blank spaces were given and asked us to choose the appropriate answer about the paragraph.some 3 questions are based on this.

21-25 based on the following paragraph

A committee of three members has to be formed. A group of A,B,C three are from primary school. Another group X,Y,Z are three members from secondary schools. The committee should at least have one member from each group. The other conditions include:

   1. If A is included then B should not be included.
   2. If C is not there, then Y should not be there.
   3. If X is there, then Z should be there.

Some 5 questions based on this. It's very easy only.

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