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Home » Placement Papers » CTS Placement Papers » CTS Placement Paper-Jun 2005

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CTS Placement Paper-Jun 2005


CTS-Placement Paper- Jun 2005

1.What is the smallest number which whne decreased by 5 is divisible by 21, 27, 33, and 55?
 A] 1490 b] 10400 c] 15490 d] none
 2. How many distinct car numbers can be formed using two letters and three digits? The two letters must be distinct and first digit should be non zero?
 468000 b] 676000 c] 608400 d] 585000
 3. If k+1 represents a three digit even numberthen which of the following must be necessarily odd number
 A] (k+1)/2 b] k(k+1) c](k+1)(k-1) d]k(k-2)
 4. A cavalcade of cars is traveling such that the average distance between them is 9 ft. and 40 percent of the cars have average length of 5 ft, the rest have an average of 3 ft. if the cavalcade has 80 cars. Find the length of cavalcade.
 A] 1015ft b] 1024ft c] 1040ft d]720ft
 5. Two successive discount of x percent and y percent are given. When is the net discount higest given x+y=k(const)
 A] k>x>y b] x<y<k c] x=y d] x=k,y=0 or y=k, x=0
 6. The sum of mo0ther and sons age is 1.1 times fathers age . 10years later this ratio will worsen to 1.25 . if the father is 5 years older than the mother. What is the age of son
 A] 8 b]12 c]10 d]14
 7. The two digit number is 3 more than seven times sum of its digits also twice the number formed by reversing its digits is 1 more the number . what is the original number?
 A]63 b]83 c]73 d]82 Ans:C
 8. Post cards costing 15 paise each and inland letter costing 75 paise each were purchased for rupees 33. total number of items purchased were 60. find the change in the costr if number of post cards and letter are interchanged?
 A] no change b] Rs 18 more c] Rs 18 less d] Rs 12 less.
 9. In a racs guninder was not first. Joginder came in after harinder, indrajeet was not ahead of mahinder. Gunoinder was not in front of joginder. Indrajeet was not fourth or fifth. Mahinder was not first. Who finished first and second in the race?
 A] harinder followed by maninder b] harinder followed by joginder
 C] harinder followed by guninder d] cant find
 10. A child is solving a jigsaw puzzle with 306 pieces. Each day that he fits pieces together, there are fewer pieces left to sort. So he is able to fit an extra piece as each day goes by. On the first day he fits 30 pieces. How many days does it take him to complete the puzzle.
 A]10 days b]9 dyas c]8 days d]none
 11. In three coloured boxes Red, Green and Blue - 108 balls are placed. There are twice as many in the green and red boxes combined as there are in the blue box and twice as many in the blue box as they are in the red box. How many balls there in the green box.
 A]18 b]36 c]45 d]none
 12. If a man and a half can build a wall and a half in a day and a half, how many walls do 6 men in 6 days ?
 A]3 b]6 c]12 d]none
 13. A octagonal table is marked A to H consecutively and clockwise. A black ball is in corner A , while the white ball is in corner E. the black ball moves one corner at a time clockwise, while the white ball moves anti-wlockwise. First it goes to the next corner. Then it misses one and goes to the next corner. Then it misses two, then three, and so on. In how many moves and in which corner will the two balls be together.
 A]3 moves,corner D b]4 moves,corner Cc]5moves,cornerF d]none
 14. A shop keeper used only 4 weights to weigh any article between 1 kg and 40 kgs.What r the weights?
 A]1,3,9,27 b]2,3,7,28 c]7,8,10,15 d]several r possible
 15. Rashmi leaves office at 6.00Pm and catches a 6.30 pm local train that arrives in her town at 7.00 pm . Her father leaves home to pick up her at 7.00pm from the station as she gets off the train. Yesterday , Rashmi left her office early and took a 6.00 pm train and arrived at 6.30 pm .As her father was not there to pick her up,she started walking towards home. Her father left home at the usual time , saw her daughter walking, picked her up and drove home arriving there 10 mins earlier than usual. For how ling did rashmi walk before her father picked her up?
 A]10min b]15 min c]20 min d]25 min Ans:D
 16. 125 aliens descended on a set of film on extra terrestrial beings. 40 had 2 noses,30 had 3 legs,20 had 4ears,10 had four ears and 3 had all the three unusual features. How many were there without any of these unusual features?

New Click here to Download 2019 Latest placement papers of this company New



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