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Home » Placement Papers » CTS Placement Papers » CTS Placement Paper-26 Apr 2005,Chennai

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CTS Placement Paper-26 Apr 2005,Chennai


CTS-Placement Paper- 26 April 2005-Chennai

CTS Guy: Come in Kiran, I am Mr.X... (Shake Hand) please take your sear. I need your original memos... (verified)

CTS Guy: Why don't you introduce yourself?

CTS Guy: What is your Project?

CTS Guy: Can you brief it out (project) ?

CTS Guy:  What type of Micro Processor is is 8085?

CTS Guy:  How do you classify the Microprocessors?

CTS Guy: What type of Microprocessor is 8086?

CTS Guy:  What is the latest processor available now?

CTS Guy:  How many bits it can process?

CTS Guy:  Do you have control systems in your curriculum?

CTS Guy:  I am used to Tamilnadu University's Syllabus, Can I have your memos again?

CTS Guy:  So, U have studied Neural Network! What is a Neural Network, why are they used?

CTS Guy:  Name different kinds of Neural Networks?

CTS Guy:  U have studied VC++ also...

CTS Guy:  Can you tell me how U can run a C/C++ program in a VC++ editor?

CTS Guy:  U have studied Java also...

CTS Guy:  I think u have studied Data Structures in your course...

CTS Guy:  What are different data structures?

CTS Guy:  What is the difference between a stack and a queue?

CTS Guy:  Can you draw for me a Circular Linked List?

CTS Guy:  What are the values of a, b, c and d after, a=9;b=4;c= --a + b--;d=++a+++b; ?

CTS Guy:  In how many ways you can traverse this tree(he drew a tree)?

CTS Guy:  Can you write the inorder traversal of this tree while explaining me?

CTS Guy:  How can you say from the inorder traversal of the tree that node 'B' is the parent of node 'd'?

CTS Guy:  In the same way can you infer that 'B' is parent of 'e'?

CTS Guy:  What are the advantages of C++ over C?

CTS Guy:  What are the features of Object Oriented Programming?

CTS Guy:  U said u know oracle what programs did you do?

CTS Guy:  Did you connect to the Database using C++?

CTS Guy:  What kind of database is Access?

CTS Guy:  What are different kinds of databases?

CTS Guy:  Can you give me example of Hierarchical database?
CTS Guy:  Why is oracle called a RDBMS? What are the rules to be satisfied by a database for calling it RDBMS

New Click here to Download 2019 Latest placement papers of this company New



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