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Home » Placement Papers » CTS Placement Papers »CTS Placement Paper- 17 April 2005,Chennai

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CTS Placement Paper- 17 April 2005,Chennai


CTS-Placement Paper- 17 April 2005-Chennai

CTS ques green color paper-- 40 ques dur - 60 mins  negative marking -- 0.25

dont try to guess and answer the ques u know confidently.cut off depends on paper to paper and differs frm day to day.
so dont bother about cut off ...while writing the exam ..if u know 10 ques(for examp) only  
confidently write 10 ..dont go for extra ques which u dont know and end up in guessing.but keep trying until the time is over..

    below r few ques which i remembered partially.......values r not exact ..but i am giving the model..the ques wont get
repeated but these may b of some help for u

                                      17th april 2005 colour(Green)
1.    X-Y=1
       X^3-Y^3= 61
       X^2+Y^2= ??

2.    incomes of a and b in the ratio of 4:3,expenses in the ratio of 3:2.two ppl left with 600.what are their incomes?

3.    find the no of selections possible that can be done by selecting 11 players from 16 (in which 5 are bowlers)
with atleast 3 of them r bowlers

4   1,2,3,4  numbered persons are there .person 1 having half the amount of cents as no 4 have ...like that 4
equations 4 unknowns ...so find the number of cents 1 and 4 have...

5  a post man usually goes to the airport for collecting letters ..but on that day the plane coming early and
he met horse cart in the middle and collected the letters and came back to the post office earlier thus
saving 30 min overall..howmuch earlier did the aeroplane came.

6.  A wheel makes 10 rev/min.if it covers 2 km in 10 min what is the radius of the wheel?

7. A person joins in a company for some salary.if he gets 20% hike in the salary after 1 year .and after 2 years
due to the losses in the company he gets a decrement of 25%.find the amount he loose or gain  when
compared to the starting salary

8.1100 people eating for 56 days at 2.5kg/person .find howmany number of ppl shd b dropped to  have the
same ration for 64 days at 1.26 kg/person

9.2 problms on profit and loss(vey easy)

10.1 problem on pipes and cisterns

11.1 prob on probability


                  |_average__|__good____|__Excellent__|_total__ |
females    |                          |
    |                          |
males    |    40                          |
    |_______________________________________ |

four conditions are given on this ..very easy one..3 ques asked on this

15-17 one more analytical Reasoning

17-20 one more analytical reasoning

sentence completion questions & Rc are given...

these are time consuming one. so attempt only if u r confident

New Click here to Download 2019 Latest placement papers of this company New



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