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Home » Placement Papers » CTS Placement Papers » CTS Placement Paper-27 March 2005,Chennai

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CTS Placement Paper-27 March 2005,Chennai


 CTS-Placement Paper- 27 March 2005-Chennai

I have attended the CTS aptitude test on 27-3-2005 held in chennai at St.Micheal's Academy.

The test pattern is as follows:

-- There are around 4 sets(Coloured) of papers( I got the GREEN set).

--There are 40 questions and the time given is 1 hour.

The test mostly consisted of simple mathematics, reasoning, case based questions(like a case is given and some questions on that case) and sentence matching.

Following are a few questions:

-- A's age is twice as that of B and C is two years younger than B. if four years back, the age of A is four times the age of C, what will be the age of A one year hence?

Answer: 21 years( This has to be selected from the multiple choice)

-- From a pack of cards, a few cards were lost. There were 7 were diamonds, no hearts were present and the no. of spades present is equal to 7 times the no. of clubs present.Find the no. of cards missing?

Answer : 37 ( Total is 52 and present are 7 diamonds + 0 Hearts + 7 Spades + 1 club(since for any category only a maximum of 13 cards are available), so missing cards = 52-(7+0+7+1)

-- There are 6 people in a group A,B,C,D,E,F whose test scores are as follows out of 100.(names were given in the test which I don;t remember) and the following constraints:

  - All but one person scores in the group are squares of integers
  -One person's score is equal to the sum of two other persons in the group.
  - None got zero marks.
 - some B,D,E marks are cubes of integers.
 - Some D multiplied by an odd number is an odd number.
 - the differance between the scores of D and F is equal to the score of one person in the group.

question given for the above case are :

i) Who got the highest score?
ii)Who got the least score out of the following three??
iii)Whose score is equal to the sum of scores of two persons in the group.

 -- In the following table, column 1 represent the no. of students passed, in a school and column 2 represents the % of failed students:( I don't remember the correct data)

School A : 600    25
School B : 720    20
School C : 650    50
School D :240     60
School E:520     30


i) which school has the highest no. of students?
ii) which students has the highest no. of failed students?
iii)which school has the highest pass percentage?

-- There were 57 employees in an organization. There 38 who are graduates and 23 men who are graduates. Find the no. of female graduates.

-- X,Y are standing at one end of the diameter of a circle with diameter 140m. C is standing at the other end.All of them start at the same time. X moves along the diameter and Y and C moves to meet each other along the circular path.

    i) If they all meet at a point at the same time, find how much distance is travelled by C if the X and Y travel with the same speed.

   ii) If X and Y travel at speeds in the ratio 2:1, and if they all meet at the same time, find after how many seconds, will they meet?

  iii) similar question to above....

Some questions are given like, they give two sentences and you have to pick up the third sentence from the multiple choice, which relates to the two sentences....

The results can be known from the following url:


That's all I remember.....

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