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CTS Placement Paper


This is only a sample paper. We are not providing you with all the questions - just some questions to give you a general idea of the test pattern.

SECTION I - 8 questions based on series.

1. These questions involve interchange of letters in a word at particular locations and also interchanging letters adjacent to those particular locations.Certain other conditions may also be given
For eg.
Let the word be ABBAABA
If we apply 25 on this, it means we have to interchange the letters at positions 2 and 5, also we have to change the letters adjacent to positions 2 and 5 i.e.from A to B and B to A.
A B B A A B after Step 1 i.e interchange of 2 and 5 becomes AABABB
Now change adjacent elements of 2 and 5...finally answer becomes
Ans: B A A B B A

Questions 1-5 are based on the pattern with changed numbers as described above
Questions 6-8 are of the following type
To get AAABBD from BBBAAA what number should be applied:-
a) 25
b) 34
c) 25 & 34
d) none


1. Given the following functions
(1) f(n a b c ) = ac if n=1
(2) f(n a b c) = f( n-1 a c b) + f( 1 a b c) + f( n-1 b a c ) if n > 1

Then what is the value f( 2 a b c ) = ?

Ans: f( 2 a c b ) = ab + ac + bc.

2. Similar question on functions.

3. [ Based on the function in the first question] For the function f( 4 a b c ) the number of terms is...?
Hint f( 4 a b c ) = f( 3 a c b ) + f( 1 a b c ) + f( 3 b a c ) etc.

4. What is the value of the function f( 5 a b c ) = ?


Permutations and Combinations.
8 Questions.

1. r = number of flags;n = number of poles;
Any number of flags can be accommodated on any single pole.

1)r=5,n=5 The no. of ways the flags can be arranged ?

Questions 2-5 are based on the above pattern

6. r = 5 n = 3 . If first pole has 2 flags, third pole has 1 flag
How many ways can the remaining be arranged?

Questions 7.& 8. are similar to Question 6.

Question consisting of figures - Pattern-matching type.
Refer R.S Agarwal's book on Analytical Reasoning & TMHs Quantitative ability book by Edgar Thorpe.

In this section first part of compound word is given. Select meaning of the second part from the choice given:
1. Swan
2. Swans
3. Fool
4. Fools
5. Stare
6. Lady
For all above 4 choices are given.....

Eg. Swan ---> Swansong (compound word)
a) category b) music c) television d) none
Ans: Swansong is compound word. But song is not given as an option. so (b) music is the answer.

CTS 2004 Anna University. June 2, 2004


Diameter of circle is d, Find length of string.(outer string that covers the circle)

Ans: d (pi + 3)

2) Diamond\s value is proportional to its weight2 .When the diamond broke wts of pieces in ratio 1:2:3;4:5.

Total loss in value is 85,000.What is the value of the diamond twice the wt of the original diamond.

Ans : 450,000

3)Person X join a job at 20 yrs.First 3 years sal =10,000 p.a. Afterwards every year inc of 2,000 per year for 10 year. Then sal become const till retirement. at retirement avg sal is 25,000. ( throout career) what age he retires.?
Ans : 50 yrs

4)In an island there r tribals who speak lang of atmost 4 words.Lang consists of 4 alphabets.How many words can be formed in that language? Ans 340

5) It was found that the cause for the malaria was the swamp marsh and so r swamps were drained .Mosquito the real cause for malaria due to lack of breeding grounds (Swamps) also was wiped out. What does this illustrate?

(Ans : (Possible) when many conditions form a result eradication of one cause also eradicates the result)

6)An officer kept files on his table at various times in the order 1,2,3,4,5,6 .Typist can take file from top whenever she has time and type it.What order she cannt type.?

(Ans : 4,5,6,2,3,1)

7)A and B r fighting .B fires 3 times as many missiles as A. Total hits: total misses = 1/7 .Bs misses 357.Bs hits As hits = 66.As hits?

8)40 shots taken.50p for a hit.10p for a miss.(he have to give).Finally he has Rs.5.How many hits.? Ans 15

9)Find avg of a,b,c,d,e .Given data : avg of any 4 num =avg of any 3 num 2)(a+b) = 36

Which of the abv are sufficient?

10)What is the difference in times btwn clk 1 & clk2.

1) both show same time 6 hrs back 2 ) 1 clk gains 1 min an hr,clk2 gains 2 min an hour.
Like abv.

11)A takes 9 strides to Bs 7 strides. A stride = 1meter.B stride =1.2m B gets the start of 24m.What dist should A travel to overtake B?

12) Tortoise gets 100 m head start. Hare is 10 times faster as tort. What is the dist traveled by hare to catch up tort.?

13)4 weights r weighed in pairs. Weights of pairs are determined as 103,105,106,106,107,109 What is the min wt?
Ans 51

14) Constant cost = 300
and 1.75 / copy. How many copies should he sell at 7.75 /copy to make a profit.


Find the perimeter ? ANs 28

16) 20 members avg =10.5. 3 memb of 11.5,12.5,13.5 left and 3 memb of 10.5,12.5,14.5 joined along with a teacher of 21 yr.Now avg = .Ans 11.


Find the area of shaded. Radius of circle = 1cm..Arcs r drawn with center at circumference.


Find the area of the shaded portion?

19) Solid cube of 6 * 6 * 6. This cube is cut into to 216 small cubes.(1 * 1 * 1).the big cube is painted in all its faces. Then how many of cubes are painted at least 2 sides. (Ans 56)

20) A Bacteria is doubling at every 4 min. After 40 min 1024 bact. Then 256 when>..? Ans : 32 min

21) A bag contains 3 balls of 11 different colors each. Find the min no of chances to find at least 3 balls of same color?

Ans : 23

22) If x < 4 then 100/x is.? Ans : 100/x > 50 & 100/x < -50.

23) If [x] is the int less than x and |x| is the abs val of x.Then max of [x]/|x| is Ans d)none

24) A work in 12 days b in 15 days. Find the no of days if they work on alternate days. Ans 13

25) A,B,C r positive int.Out of them 2 r odd. Then 5a + ( b-5)3 (c-3) = ? Ans : always odd.

26) A squarer side is 5cm.If a square of side 10cm is hinged @ the center of the prev square. when they r rotated common area to both squares (Ans : Does not change)

27) 3p + pq + 5q is even. If

a) If p is odd, q is odd
b) If p is even, q is odd
c) If p is odd ,p is even
d) Atleast one of p and q is odd.

Choices are given. Ans : 4) None of these

2 A lady has to feed a dog for the one week from Monday to Sunday .She has food types M,N,O,P,Q,R,S .

MNOP ? protein enriched RS -? vitamin enriched. Vitamin enriched cannot be fed on consecutive days.

Conditions given : M should be fed before S.
M should be fed before Q.
R Should be fed before S.
Before N and Q there should be four types.
Based on this 3 ?s are asked.All r easy to answer
29) A man bought at the cost of 5 plums a rupee and 2 oranges a rupee.He sells 10 plums and 6 oranges at the selling price of 4 plums a rupee and 3 oranges a rupee.What is his gain or loss? Ans loss of 50p.
30) Out of 32 books the cost of 10 books is Rs. 50 each and he got a profit of 4%. He sells 15 books at a profit of 3.8461% on the selling price of Rs 70. The remaining cost is 576. The remaining books are sold at Rs 74. What is his total profit.
31) Two solutions have milk & water in the ratio 7:5 and 6:11.Find the proportion in which these two solutions should
Be mixed so that the resulting solution has 1 part milk and 2 parts water?
a)35:3 b)21:36 c)not possible Ans :c

Further ?s are from reading comprehension.(verbal reasoning) All are easy to answer if u read carefully.


Depending on ur interest area(Operating systems,networks,DBMS,software engineering)
choose the questions given below and prepare for it.
these are some cts ques. asked in interview

[1] What are the current trends and areas of focus in
[2] What is a Micro-Kernel architecture.
[3] Describe the memory management policies in Unix.
How is paging implemented? How page faults are
[4] What is the CPU-scheduling policy in Unix? - Round
robin scheduling with multilevel queues.
[5] Describe the Sliding window protocol. What is it's
advantage over stop-and-wait?
[6] Diff between compilers and interpreters. Some
fundaes about how to link code in different files.


1. Tell us about yourself, your background.

2. What does your father do currently.

3. Your performance in schooling, B.E.

4. Your points.

5. Aren't you going for higher studies abroad? Why?
6. What qualities do you have that make you a person
suitable for going into the IT industry .

7. What do your friends opine about you.

8. When do you think you will complete and be able to

9. How can you assure that you will join by that time.

10. Anything you want to know about us.

11. Significant achievements in life.

( may be paper publications etc. )

more questions:

->Why paging is used ?

->Which is the best page replacement algo and Why ?

->WHat is software life cycle ?

->How much time is spent usually in each phases and
why ?

->What is testing ?

->Which are the different types of testing ?

->Which are the different phases in Software life
cycle (asked again)

->Why is analysis and testing phases very important ?

->Why networks are layered ? What is the advantage of
that ?

->How many layers are there in OSI ? Why is it called
OSI model ?

->network topologies ?

->Which are the different network toplogies ?

->an example of bus type network.

->What is the Bandwidth of ethernet ?

->Explain the advantage and disadvantage of ethernet ?

->Which is the protocol used in ethernet. (CSMA/CD)
Why is it called so ?

->What is the advantage of Ring network ?

->Compare it with ethernet.

->What is inheritance, encapsulation etc.

->If there are too many page faults what is the

->To ensure one pgm. doesnt corrupt other pgm. in a
Multi-pgm. enviornment

what you should do?

->Which one you will use to implement critical
section? Binary Semaphore

-> Which one is not needed for Multi-pgm. enviornment?

options are: virtual memory,security,time sharing,none
of the above.

->Which one is not done by Data link layer ? bit
stuffing, LRC,CRC,parity check

-> Which one is not related to Data link layer?

-> Which one is not suitable for client-server
application? tcp/ip,message passing,rpc,none of the

->Term stickily bit is related to a)kernel
b)undeletable file c) d)none

->semaphore variable is different from ordinary
variable by ?

-> Where semaphore is used?

-> what is Test and set lock?

-> what is critical section and metods for mutual exclusion?

-> what is internal fragmentation ,external fragmentation,compaction?

-> what is page fault?How the os finds a page fault has really occured?(protction bits: valid bit, invalid bit)

->producer-consumer problem ,reader- writer problem


->if u say ur favourite pass-time is chatting then u'll be asked
how a "CHAT" application works.

->if u say I "search" a lot in the web using google u'll be asked how a search engine works
(need not say in detail just say it briefly)

->how internet works(for eg; when u type
www.yahoo.com what actually happens how the yahoo page is loaded?

-> Operator overloading ,virtual functions(write programs)

1.like what is data model types of data model
2.what is RDBMS.
3.what is normalization,functional
4. what is oops.
5.what is the difference between c++ and c;
6.properties of oops.
7.inhetence,sequence diagram.
9.what is an operating system.
10.what is multitasking.what is timesharing.
11.what is memeory management.
12.what is virtual paging.
13.about your salabus.
13.what is microprocessor,about 8085 etc.
14.intoduce your self.
15.about your hobbies.
16.if not related to computer branch then some very
small puzzel and
some techenical question
related with the branch.

2>data model
a.record base
b.logical base
c.object base
3>what is a parent key
4>time complexcity of different sorting algos
5>what is o.s
7>describe view mechanism
9>functional dependency
12>three tier structure
13>vertical ,horizontal projection
14>explain rdbms,ddbms
15>fixed fomat data model
16>name the technology used to connect a dbms to front end
17>how will u design a dbms

what is data dictionary,dba,about normalization etc.
why it is called relational.


what is o.s?
what is a deadlock?
what is a semaphore?
difference between semaphore & monitor?

what is sdlc(software development life cycle)?

what is a linklist,stack,queue?
write a program to reverse a linklist?

what is dba?
difference between primary,foreign,candidate&super key?
different type of databases?
what is normalsation?explain them?

four division in cobol?
significance of 01,77,88,66 level?

function of compiler?
difference between object file & exe file?

difference between c &c++?
difference between sql&c++?

1. You must do R.S.Aggarwal and Shakuntala Devi before writing the
Test. Mostly questions were on this pattern only.

2. You must try to solve the previous q papers of INFY.

3. Attempt only those questions which u thnk u r sure....i mean dead
sure..coz accuracy matters in this company.

4. Cut off is very low for Pune Centre. i thnk it wll b near round
15. So ur attempt shud b less.(only dead sure)

i remember some of the questions..

1. Shakuntala Devis question of 5(4+1 spare) tyres..20,000 kms..how
much distance wll they cover..
ans: 16,000

2. 1/7 th is subtracted from 1/4 th of number thn 13 is added ...like
this..wht is the number..(easy one)

3. Then some questions from coding decoding. like if A is interpretd
as .. and X is ._ then TAXI wll b interpreted as.... 4 questions like

4. Then simple reasoning questions from GRE's Analitical Portion.

5. You must practice GRE"S Analitical Section questions plus critical
reasoning questions..like A,B,C,D,E are brothers....and P and R are
wifes THN u have to point relations ...these questions are very easy
but u shud practice once...

others are also easy but practice is must ...

must read all the questions ...last page questions are easy..

English portion is not tough

Series Transformation
1) If 102101->210212 then 112112->?

2) if 102101-> 200111 then 112112->?
Again there r 4 choices.

3) If 102101->101201 then 112112->?
Again there r 4 choices.

Tips:The 1st one all change 0->1, 1->2, 2->1
The 2nd on alternate do not change
The 3rd it is just reverse of the original string

Target=127: Brick=24,17,13: Operation available= +,/,*,-
Again there r 4 choices.For ex choice b)20,6,7

Tips:Answer is b one bcos 20*6+7=127.Hence it is the answer
A)25 22 16 5 B)25 22 16 1 C)25 22 5 1 D)25 16 5 1)


Cryptic Sentence. Form word
A sentence is there .a cryptical clue is hidden in the sentence. Find out answer from the opticn.
1)a friend in rome
a)aerodrome b)palindine c)palindrome d)condome

2)Rowed them across
a)crosswiz b)acropolis c)acroword d)crossword

3)cuticle cutting the filly glass
a)cubicle b)uphilly c)cutglass d)cutlass

4)hat jumps upward in a water closet
a)watch b)witch

Tips:The 1st oneJumble out the word SHORE to get the word HORSE and then get the adjective
of the word HORSE as TROJAN
The 2nd one lips->slip->freudian/french

____________________________________________________________ ___

Anagram noun form the correesponding adjectives

There re options.
Q:some nouns are jumbled on ,you have to rearrange, look for a suitable adjective:
Make a phrase then.
a)aegean b)Indian c)trojan d)Spartan

a)dutch b)rome c)herculean d)mercurial

a)english b)rome c)dutch d)Spartan

Again there r 4 choices.

____________________________________________________________ ___

Jigsaw puzzle as given in the book by Edgar Thorpe, of TMH Publications

____________________________________________________________ _________



____________________________________________________________ ________


x , y -> strings of G st there is at least one G in x and y

xoxy valid
xoy->xoxy invalid
Find valid & invalid strings

____________________________________________________________ ________
viii)there were a couple of ( seven to be
precise)figures ( tetris type if u remember that game)
given in the main theme. The 10 questions that
followed showed patterns which were formed due to
combination of the 7basic figs. NOTE: the intersecting
part of the combined fig. always gets subtracted from
the total combination

Hello Shivesh
CTS paper was of diff pattern this time and there were
ateast 5 different sets of question papers given to
students. Of the type i recvd, as i told there wer
10x4 questions for 60 mins.

4) last section( thats bcoz i remeber it well)
had meaningful words whose anagrams are nouns and
we hav to choose the best adjective from the list to
describe this noun:
ex: shore ( word given)
choices: a) roman b) spanish c) trojan d)....

ans: c) trojan
shore is anagram(jumbled form of) 'horse' and
trojan-horse is the best match

3) there were a couple of ( seven to be
precise)figures ( tetris type if u remember that game)
given in the main theme. The 10 questions that
followed showed patterns which were formed due to
combination of the 7basic figs. NOTE: the intersecting
part of the combined fig. always gets subtracted from
the total combination

2) This section had the funda of xOy where x and y
represented strings of Gs . The test was to find the
valid or invalid patterns with ref. to the rules

1) L=list of objects
ex:L={a,b,c,d} where a,b,c,d are objects
P(L) was a function( dont remembr xatly)
M(L) was another function defined etc
in the following questions P(x) etc were given to be
found out.
Note : this may take considerable amnt of time. so
take intelligent guesses

Section 1 : Functions.

Q: 1 - 8

Certain functions were given & based upon the
rules & the choices had to be made based on recursion.
This is time consuming, but u can do it.
Try to do it at the end. start from the last section.

L(x) is a function defined. functions can be defined as
L(x)=(a,b,ab) or (a,b,(a,b),(a,(b,b)),a,(b,b))....
two functions were given A(x) & B(x) like
if l(x)=(a,b,c) then A(x)=(a) & B(x)=(b,c)
i.e., A(x) contains the first element of the function only.
& B(x) contains the remaining, except the first element.
then the other two functions were defined as
C(x) = * if L(x) = ()
A(x) if L(x) = () & B(x) != ()
C(B(x)) otherwise
D(x) = * if L(x) = ()
** if B(x) = ()
A(x) if L(x) != () & B(x) != ()
D(D(x)) otherwise

now the Questions are,

1 : if L(x) = (a,b,(a,b)) then C(x) is ?
(a): a (b): b (c): c (d): none
2 : if L(x) = (a,b,(a,b)) then find D(x)
same options as above
3 : if L(x) = (a,b,(a,b),(b,(b))) find C(x)
4 : -----------~~~~~~~~---------- find D(x)
5 : if L(x) = (a,(a,b),(a,b,(a,(b))),b) then find c(x)
6 : -----------~~~~~~~~---------- find D(x)
7 : if L(x) = (a,b,(a,b)) then find C(D(x))
8 : -----------~~~~~~~~---------- find D(C(x))

Section 2 : Word series
Q's : 9 - 16

This is one of the easiest section. Try to do it at first.
if S is a string then p,q,r form the substrings of S.
for eg, if S=aaababc & p=aa q=ab r=bc
then on applying p->q on S is that ababaabc
only the first occurance of S has to be substituted.
if there is no substring of p,q,r on s then it should not be

If S=aabbcc, R=ab, Q=bc. Now we define an operator R Q when
operated on S, R is replaced by Q, provided Q is a subset of S,
otherwise R will be unchanged. Given a set S= ., when R Q, P&#61=
672; R, Q
 P operated successively on S, what will be new S? There will be 4 =

: if s=aaababc & p= aa q=ab r=bc then applying p->q, q->r & r->p will
(a): aaababc (b): abaabbc (c): abcbaac (d): none of the
10: if s=aaababc & p= aa q=ab r=bc then applying q->r & r->p will
11: if s=abababc & p= aa q=ab r=bc then applying p->q, q->r & r->p will
12: if s=abababc & p= aa q=ab r=bc then applying q->r & r->p will
13: if s=aabc & p=aa q=ab r=ac then applying p->q(2) q->r(2) r->p
(2) means applying the same thing twice.
14: similiar type of prob.
15: if s=abbabc p=ab q=bb r=bc then to get s=abbabc which one should be
(a): p->q,q->r,r->p
16: if s=abbabc p=ab q=bb r=bc then to get s=bbbcbabc which one should
Let us consider a set of strings such as S=aabcab. We
now consider two
more sets P and Q which also contain strings. An operation
P->Q is defined in
such a manner that if P is a subset of S, then P is to be
replaced by Q. In
the following questions, you are given various sets of
strings on which you
have to perform certain operations as defined above. Choose
the correct
alternative as your answer.

(the below are some ques from old ques papers)

21. Let S=abcabc, P=bc, Q=bb and R=ba. Then P->Q, Q->R, R-
>P changes S to
(A) ............ (B) abcabc (C) ............
(D) none of A,B,C
22. Let S=aabbcc, P=ab, Q=bc and R=cc. Then P->Q, Q->R, R-
>P changes S to
(A) ababab (B) ............ (C) ............
(D) none of A,B,C
23. Let S=bcacbc, P=ac, Q=ca and R=ba. Then P->Q, Q->R, P-
>R changes S to
(A) ............ (B) ............ (C) bcbabc
(D) none of A,B,C
24. Let S=caabcb, P=aa, Q=ca and R=bcb. Then P->Q, P->R, R-
>Q changes S to
(A) ............ (B) ............ (C) ............
(D) none of A,B,C

Section 3 : numerical series
Q's : 17 - 24

This is little bit tough. proper guesses should be made.
find these probs in r.s.aggarval's verbal & non verbal reasoning.

17: 2,20,80,100, ??
(a): 121, (b): 116 (c): (d):none
18: 10,16,2146,2218, ??

like these other series were given.

section 3 : series (from other booklet)

17: 1 1 0 2 2 1 1 ---> 0 0 1 0 0 2 2
1 0 1 1 0 0 1 ---> 2 1 2 2 1 1 2
2 2 1 1 0 1 1 ---> ????
ans may be 0 0 2 2 1 2 2

18: 1 1 0 0 2 2 ---> 2 2 0 0 1 1
1 0 1 1 2 1 ---> 1 2 1 1 0 1

Section 4 : figures

^ ^ ^
| -> <- | -> |
^ : ^ :: ^ : ?
| -> <- | <- |

ans is :

| <-
| ->

all probems are very easy.(see cts_old\cts13 file)
some are mirror images, some r rotated clockwise/anti

Section 5 : Verbal
if u have a very good vocab. then this section is managable.
two words together forming a compound words were given.
the q's contained the second part of the compound word.
the first word of the compuond word had to be guessed.
then its meaning had to be matched with the choices.

if the word is "body"
then its meaning of its first part is..
its really tough to guess..
the words were however very simple
some words which i can remember are, head, god,
(see old papers)
block head
main stream
star dust
(1) -(head)- (a) purpose (b) man (c)obstacle
(d)(ans:c for blockhead)
>(2) (dust)- (a) container(b)celestial body
(c)groom(d)(ans: c for star dust)
>(3) (stream )-(a) mountain (b) straight (c) (d)
>(4) (crash)- (a) course (b) stock3 anagram
>first find the anagram of the given word & then
>choose the meaning of the anagram from the options.
>1. latter ->rattle 2..spread 3.risque

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