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CTS Placement Paper



1. A says " the horse is not black".
B says " the horse is either brown or grey."
C says " the hoese is brown"
At least one is telling truth and atleast one is lying. tell the colour of horse?
Answer : grey

A son and father goes for boating in river upstream . After rowing for 1 mile son notices the hat of his fathe falling in the river.After 5 min. he tells his father that his hat has fallen. So they turn round and are able to pick the hat at the point from where they began boating after 5min.
Tell the speed of river?
Ans...6 miles/hr

3. A+B+C+D=D+E+F+G=G+H+I=17 where each letter represent a number from 1 to 9. Find out what does letter D and G represent if letter A=4. (8 marks)
Ans. D=5 G=1

4. Argentina had football team of 22 player of which captain is from Brazilian team and goalki from European team. For remainig palayer they have picked 6 from argentinan and 14 from european. Now for a team of 11 they must have goalki and captain so out of 9 now they plan to select 3 from rgentinian and 6 from European. Find out no. of methods
avilable for it. (2 marks)
Ans : 160600( check out for right no. 6C3 * 14C6)

5. Three thives were caught stealing sheep, mule and camel.
A says " B had stolen sheep "
C says " B had stolen mule"
B says he had stolen nothing.
The one who had stolen horse is speaking truth. the one who had stolen camel is lying . Tell who had stolen what? (5 marks)
Ans. A- camel ;B- mule ;C- horse

6.A group of friends goes for dinner and gets bill of Rs 2400 . Two of them says that they have forgotten their purse so remaining make an extra contribution of Rs 100 to pay up the bill. Tell the no. of person in that group. (3 marks)
Ans - 8 person

7. In acolony there are some families. Each of them have children but different in numbers.Following are conditions:
A) No of adult no of sons no of daughters no of families.
B) Each sister must have atleast one brother and should have at the most 1 sister.
C) No of children in one family exceeds the sum of no of children in the rest families.
Tell the no of families.(5 marks)
Ans : 3 families

8.There are 6 people W,H,M,C,G,F who are murderer , victim , judge , police, witness, hangman. There was no eye witness only circumtancial witness. The murderer was sentenced to death.
Read following statement and determine who is who.
1 . M knew both murderer and victim.
2. Judge asked C to discribe murder incident.
3. W was last to see F alive.
4. Police found G at the murder site.
5 H and W never met.
( 8 marks)

The above mentioned questions are of 37 marks rest I don't rememberas they had no of condition. One which mentions about hundustani music Gazals ect. is tobe solved through venn diagram. Its of 8
marks. and another was grading 5 student which was of 5 marks.
************************************************************ *******
**These are some of the important ques..that are asked
->Why paging is used ?

->Which is the best page replacement algo and Why ?

->WHat is software life cycle ?

->How much time is spent usually in each phases and why ?

->What is testing ?

->Which are the different types of testing ?

->Which are the different phases in Software life cycle (asked again)

->Why is analysis and testing phases very important ?

->Why networks are layered ? What is the advantage of that ?

->How many layers are there in OSI ? Why is it called OSI model ?

->network topologies ?

->Which are the different network toplogies ?

->an example of bus type network.

->What is the Bandwidth of ethernet ?

->Explain the advantage and disadvantage of ethernet ?

->Which is the protocol used in ethernet. (CSMA/CD) Why is it called so ?

->What is the advantage of Ring network ?

->Compare it with ethernet.

->What is inheritance, encapsulation etc.

->If there are too many page faults what is the problem?

->To ensure one pgm. doesnt corrupt other pgm. in a Multi-pgm. enviornment

what you should do?

->Which one you will use to implement critical section? Binary Semaphore

-> Which one is not needed for Multi-pgm. enviornment?

options are: virtual memory,security,time sharing,none of the above.

->Which one is not done by Data link layer ? bit stuffing, LRC,CRC,parity check

-> Which one is not related to Data link layer?

-> Which one is not suitable for client-server application? tcp/ip,message passing,rpc,none of the above.

->Term stickily bit is related to a)kernel b)undeletable file c) d)none

->semaphore variable is different from ordinary variable by ?

->unix system is

a)multi processing

b)multi processing ,multiuser

c)multi processing ,multiuser,multitasking


->x.25 protocol encapsulates the follwing layers




d)all of the above

e)none of the above

->TCP/IP can work on





->a node has the ip address and it is

transmitting data from node1 to node2only. The reason may be

a)a node cannot have more than one address

b)class A should have second octet different

c)classB " " " " "


->the OSI layer from bottom to top

->for an application which exceeds 64k the memory model should be





->the condition required for dead lock in unix sustem is

->set-user-id is related to (in unix)

->bourne shell has

a)history record



->wrong statement about c++

a)code removably

b)encapsulation of data and code

c)program easy maintenance

d)program runs faster
->which is true
a)bridge connects dissimiler LAN and protocol insensitive

b)router " " " " "

c)gateway " " " " "

d)none of the above

->const char *

char * const

What is the differnce between the above tow?.

->In Unix inter process communication take place using?.

->About i-node numbers

->Max relaxable permisssion value with out giving write permission to others?.

->About ln(linking)

->Linking across directories?.

->process id for kernell process

->very first process created by kernell

->function to repaint a window immediately?.

->Function entry for DLL in win3.1

->win 3.1 is a

->win 3.1 supports which type of multi tasking?.

->Message displayed when a window is destroyed

->About fork()?

->About send message and post message

->Message to limit the size of window

->System call executable binary file intoa process

->About GDI object?.

->API used to hide window

->Initialize contents of a dialog?.


->How do you write a program which produces its own source code as its output?
->How can I find the day of the week given the date?
->Why doesn't C have nested functions?
->What is the most efficient way to count the number of bits which are set in a value?
->How can I convert integers to binary or hexadecimal?
->How can I call a function, given its name as a string?
->How do I access command-line arguments?
->How can I return multiple values from a function?
->How can I invoke another program from within a C program?
->How can I access memory located at a certain address?
->How can I allocate arrays or structures bigger than 64K?
->How can I find out how much memory is available?
->How can I read a directory in a C program?
->How can I increase the allowable number of simultaneously open files?
->What's wrong with the call "fopen("c:\newdir\file.dat", "r")"?


19. What does chmod 654 stand for.

Ans : _rw_r_xr__
20. Which of following is used for back-up files?
(a) compress (b) Tar (c) make (d) all the above Ans : b
21 what does find command do ? Ans : search a file

22. what does " calloc" do?

Ans : A memory allocation and initialising to zero.
23 what does exit() do?
Ans : come out of executing programme.
24. what is the value of 'i'?


Ans : 1
25. i=2
printf("%old %old %old %old ",i, i++,i--,i++);
Ans : check the answer.
26. Using pointer, changing A to B and B to A is Swapping the function
using two address and one temperory variable. a,b are address, t is
temporary variable. How function look like?
Ans : swap(int *, int *, int )
27. In 'o' how are the arguments passed?
ans : by value.
28. Find the prototype of sine function.
Ans : extern double sin(double)
29. Scope of a global variable which is declared as static?
ans : File
30. ASCII problem
ans : 6
31 .
32. what is the o/p
printf(" Hello \o is the world ");
Ans : Hello is the world.
33. Clarifying the concept addresses used over array ; ie changing
the address of a base element produces what error?
34. child process -- fork
child shell -- sh
35. Answer are lex 7 yacc & man read these things in UNIX
36. What is
int *p(char (*s)[])
Ans : p is a function which is returning a pointer to integer

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