Hi ....

I appeared 4 d CTS campus selection on 4th March. The procedure was divided in 3 steps. On 4th March d aptitude test was conducted. It had 3 sections :-

1) ENGLISH : Ths section consisted of 2 very long comprehension passages, find out correct sentence, find out incorrect sentence, arrange sentences 2 form a coherent paragraph. There were no synonyms-antonyms. The paper was lengthy but not dat difficult if u hav a good command over English, but don't attempt d passages 1st, they will consume a lot of ur time.

2) QUANT : Ths section was really easy. D qstns were mainly 4m venn diagrams, time & distance, time & work, ratio-proportion, cubes etc. Do prepare ths chapters 4m R.S.Aggarwal; dat is more than enough.

3) REASONING : Ths section was again somewhat easy. It had logical reasoning & figure-oriented qstns 4m R.S.Aggarwal; at d end of ths paper dere was a puzzle
which was really tough 4 me; I applied guess-work dere.

At about 12 at night d result of apti was declared in d website. I was relieved 2 c my name dere. D next day was d tech & hr interview. Mine was at 3 pm; but I had 2 wait till 8 pm 2 giv d  interview. My interview lasted 4 only 4-5 mins. D interviewer was a man. Here is d exerpt :-

ME : Good evening sir !
INTR : Ya ! good evening ! hav ur seat.
ME : Thnk u sir !
INTR : Introduce urself .
ME : Told abt my family back-ground, my hobbies & interests & other thngs dat were not dere in the form dat we filled up at d time of apti.
INTR : Wat is ur favourite subject ?
ME : Microprocessor.
INTR : Askd wat is flag, gave a short sub-routine of exchanging d contents of registers B & D, askd d function of RET command used at d end of d sub-routine.
ME : Answered all d qstns quickly & rightly.
INTR : Now it is finished 4m me. Do u hav ne qstn 4 me ?
ME : Askd abt d training program of Cognizant.
INTR : Gave me a brief description.
ME : Then I wished him & walked out of d room.

D next day d final short-listed names were givn in d website. I was jumping in joy on seeing my name dere. Hav faith in urself, do prepare 4 ur apti & technical, brush up ur english communication skill, & pray 2 God ! Dat is all wat is required. Hope 2 c u at Cognizant frnds