Dear ,

I am GOURAV RATHI FROM YMCA INST. OF ENGG., FARIDABAD. First of all i m very thankful to parents for providing me such valuable guidance in preparing myself for my campus interviews
. CTS came to our campus on 8th March. We had our Aptitude test & interview BOTH on 8th. Here I have given my whole experience. I will try to help you as much as i can. there was a ppt after our written test. plz dont try to remember every thing they say. only listen to the main points. that will help you enough.

me: good EVENING sir(with a firm handshake)
int: good evening have a seat.
int: tell me bout working of tube light
me :told the little bit idea.
int: ok tell bout working of fan
me: didnt know much bout it bcoz i was frm ECE not from electrical said it straight forward
int: ok den tel me bout nyquist rate
me: told
int: tel bout pcm nd band pass filter
me: told
int: dats it any ques u wanna ask
me: i ask about company profile etc. etc
me: thank you sir. went out.