ON APR 11th. I am Ashish Daga EC.

Firstly there was written round 3 sections (merit trac)

1) Verbal: it had find correct sentences/incorrect sentences and two passages
my advice is leave the passages and try to solve the others as 25q/20min are there only

2)Analatical: it had data suficiency-5q, q's like if '1' is '$' (binary)-5q's  and cubes-5q's
cubes q's was: cube is cut into  125 small cubes then from 2nd and fourth horizontal column the 2nd and 4th cubes are removed then cube is painted - 5q's based on these like how many have only 1 side, 2side painted.

3) Logical reasoning: it had logical venn diagrams eg:all boys are men of this type, then figures where given and we had to find nxt figure there was also condition problem like some arrngemnt type of prob

Final round: HR interview
he asked tell me abt urself being my first i was really nervous but slowly i became confident
so why cognizant- i said the growth was really good so i wud luv to join
wat are ur strengths/weaknesses....
short term/long term goals
so do know well abt company and wat it does and do show interest in  the company
he asked do u have any q's i asked my job
profile and also cts based in us does it have plans to enter bse
so this shows i am really interested in the company

Finally I was selected to join CTS.