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HP Placement Paper


Question Consist of  4 parts.                  Duration of exam is 60 min.

  • C---------20Q

  • C++ ----15Q

  • Unix-----15Q

  • Apptitude--15Q

                             C  And C++

  1. i=23, j=4, c=0;

  2. #define CUBE(x)     x*x*x
    #define MUL3(x,y) 3*x*y
    #define ADD(x)       x+y
    some statement maikng use of the preprocessors defined above............find o/p.

  3. virtual destructors r used  for ?

  4. 2 questions on friend functions & classes

  5. char c[]="123456789";
    printf("%c %c", c[i], i[c]);
    one more question on these lines.

  6. int *ptr;
     printf("%u", p);
    a. 0  b. garbage value  c. 4  d. none of the above

  7. double i=0.0;
          case 0.0: 
          case 1.0:

  8. volatile int i;
    in d above statement, is "volatile"
    a. a type declaration b. type qualifier c. storage class d. none of the above


  1. "bash" is a kind of shell in UNIX

  2. primitive flavours of unix
    options : a. BSD &Sys V b. LINUX & BSD c..

  3. which of the folllowing is used 4 redirection in UNIX?      >, |, <, ^

  4. wot is d UNIX terminology 4 multi-tasking?
    a. time slicing b. pre-emptive ....... c. time division d.......

  5. In UNIX if You try accessing a directory  for which u dont have permission, wot message is displayed?
    a. permission denied   b. invalid user    c. access denied   d.........


New Click here to Download 2021 Latest placement papers of this company New



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