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Home » Placement Papers » Hughes Placement Papers » Hughes Placement Paper 5

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Hughes Placement Paper 5


The paper contains the two sections
Section 1 (20 ques) contains all the questions related to quant's, simple mathematics, and
simple logical question. so asfar as theis section is concern u don't need any extra book
only R.S Aggarwal is sufficient. Section 2(30 ques) coice b/t CS paper and Electronics paper.
1.nice('val')? unix command


3.nt a[4]={1,2,3,4};
array to the pointer?
a.int *a[4]
b.int (*a)[4]

4.valid system prievlage in restricted seesion?
a. create user
b. create session
c. restricted session

a. shared memory

a. shared memory

7.which is used to store hard disk sector info
a. eerom
b. rom
c . ram
d. cmos

8.If duplicate segments , file are there in hardisk which is best for management
a. fat
b. san
c. raid(may be)

9.If a lan with 100mbps is there which wan can give same features?
a. atm
b. isdn
c. x.25
d. ....

10.IPv6 has how many bytes for its address?
a. 8
b. 12
c. 16

11.Sliding window in which layer?
a. session layer
b. transport layer
c. application layer
d. presentation layer

12.when interupt occurs to cpu what happen?

DEBUG trigger (oracle)

13.order of insertion sort and Heap sort?
a. O(n**2),O(nlogn)

14.NEXTVAL and CURRENTVAL in sequence (Oracle)?

15.Which one is called family tree?
a. B+
b. Binary
c. AVL

16.Intel 386 support which memory management?
a. paged
b. segmented
c. paged segmented

17.Complexity to access name from the given double link list?
| |<--| |
a. O(n)
b. O(n**2)
c. O(nlogn)

18.question on virtual function and overloading?

19.question to find error in this C++ code.

20.used for parse trees?
a. linked lists

21.The question on RS232?


New Click here to Download 2019 Latest placement papers of this company New



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