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Home » Placement Papers » Hughes Placement Papers » Hughes Placement Paper 12

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Hughes Placement Paper 12


Hughes Sample Paper #1

Sample Test Paper #1

1. Find the probability of getting a number with 7 between 100 and 999 (both inclusive).

2. There are 10 items in a box, out of which 3 are defective.
2 balls are taken one after the other. 
What is the probability that both of them are defective?

3. Context free grammar is accepted by

a) finite automata
b) push down automata
c) two way bounded automata
d) both b and c

4. Which is not a memory management scheme?

a) buddy system
b) swapping
c) monitors
d) paging 

Ans : c

5. Simplify the Karnaugh map given below and derive its expression in SOP form





6. Question on NAND gates implementation.

7. Definition of Context Sensitive Grammar

8. An identifier can start with a letter followed by any number of letter or digits .

9. With the following configuration: 
8MB total memory, 256kb cache , 4kb is block size.
Using direct mapping, how many different physical memory blocks can be mapped on to the cache.

(a) 64 (b) 256 (c) 128

10. CSMA/CD is used in

a) token ring
c) ethernet

11. In TCP/IP header, checksum contains

a) sum of all the words
b) ones complement of the data
c) ones complement of the sum of all the words
d) ones complement of the sum in ones complement

12. What is the maximum number of acknowledgements for a 4 bit sequence number in a sliding window protocol.

13. Which is a good way of representing varaibles in recursion

a) local variables
b) static varaibles
c) global variables

14. Given the following c program

static int i = 10;

What is the value of i if the function is called twice ?

15. Given the following c program

func(int *i, int*j)
{*i=*i * *i;
*j=*j* *j;

{ int i = 5, j = 2;
printf("%d %d", i, j);}

What is the output?

16. Given page table, page size and offset find the corresponding physical address ?

17. In a memory chip 4k size and 16bit words are to be stored.
No of address and data lines required is:

18. Identify in which pass of the 2 pass compiler are the following compiled

1) literals
2) address resolution
3) listing

19. Object code does not require

a) relocation bits
b) external names and place where they are located
c) absolute adress
d) all the object codes

20. ARP is in reference to

a) MAC to IP
b) IP to MAC

21. Question on Balanced tree - 
A balanced tree is given and a node is addded at the leaf.
Find the no of unbalanced nodes?

22. What is the order of Hashing time:

a) 0(1)
b) 0(n2)

23. Given that:
s -> s + s ; s -> s * s ; s -> a
Find the no of parse trees for a+a*a+a

a) 4
b) 5
c) 6
d) 7

24. Order of deleting a node from a linked list.
(pointer is to an arbitrary node)


25. A choclate of size nXn is given and is to be made into pices of size 1x1.
At a time both horizontal and a vertical cut is done.
Find the order of complexity

a) O(n2)
b) O(nlogn)
c) O(logn)

26. A directed graph is represented by adjacency list.
To find the complexity of indegree of the node. e - edge n- vertices

27) No of leaf nodes given. find the no of nodes with degree 2.

28) AX = B.
A is mXn and B is mX1

a) there is a unique solution if rank of A is same as rank of augumented matrix [A b]
b) there are multiple solutions

29. LXI sp,2099h
LXI b, 2012h

30. A and B are sets. 
A's cardinality is m and B's is n where m < n
How many one to one mappings can be obtained.

a) n ^ m
b) npm
c) mpn
d) mcn

31. In scheduling algorithnms which are logically executed but suspended

a) preemptive
b) SJF
c)non preemptive
d) all the above

32. I/O redirection is

a) copying programs files through a pipe
b) input files are created
c) input file taken from existing ones
d) none

33. Symmetric multiprocessing can be done in

a) snoopy protocols
b) cache coherence

34. In the dining philosophers problems to avoid dead lock

a) 1 person will take left one and all other will take right one
b) adjacent persons should not eat concurrently

35. In the process state cycle, which is the correct order

a) timeout: ready -> running
b) blocked: ready -> running

36. For converting infix expression to postfix what do we require

a) operand stack
b) operator stack

37. 0 is reprented as both and negative and positive in

a) ones complement
b) twos complement
c) two's complement has extra negative number

38. What is the difference between c and c++?

a)In c++ we can define variables in the middle
b)dynamic scoping

39. Which of the following is correct

a) Synchronous tranmission needs more badwidth than Asychronous.
b) Inasychronous transmission , the time is associated with data itself.....

Hughes Sample Paper #2

1. There was a circuit given using three nand gates with two inputs and one output.
Find the output.

a) OR
b) AND
c) XOR
d) NOT

Ans. (a)

2. Suggest a sorting algorithm which is efficient (in worst case) to 10 values

a) Binary tree
b) Selection
c) Bubble
d) Any of the above

3. What is the number of comparisons in the worst case to merge two sorted lists containing n elements each.

a) 2n
b) 2n-1
c) 2n+1
d) 2n-2

4.Iintegrated check value(ICV) are used as:

Ans. The client computes the ICV and then compares it with the senders value.

5. Question on client-server system using asychronous request from the client

6. If a binary tree is constructed using nodes with two pointers each,
how many null pointers does a tree with N nodes have

a) n-1
b) n
c) n+1
d) Depends on the number of edges

7. Which of following statements about heap is wrong

a) An n element heap has height log n(base of log is 2)
b) Smallest element of heap is always a leaf
c) A array in reverse sorted order is a heap
d) A heap can't contain any element more than once

8. When applets are downloaded from web sites , a byte verifier performs _________?

Ans. Status check.

9. For the following C program

void insert(key,r)
typekey key,data array r;
{extern int n;
if(n>=max) /*error table if full */
else r[n++].k=key;

This on executing, enables a

a) Basic sequential search
b) Binary search
c) Interpolation search
d) None

10. Find the outpur of the following C program

void f(char *p)
{p=(char *) malloc(6);

void main( )
{char *P="bye";

11. Time taken to access cache is 100ns and to access memory is 1000ns.
Hit ratio given. Find the average access time

12. Path testing is 

a) Black box testing strategy
b) White box testing strategy 
c) An installation .........
d) An enviornment

13. X:verification' asks are we building the right product
Y:validation' asks are we building the product right 

14. Which one of the following can't be used to find an internet address given the domain name

a) /etc/host
b) NIS yellow pages
c) DNS
d) ARP

15. Flow control is necessary for the transport protocol layer due to the following reasons

a) Unreliable link 
b) Congestion at receiver 
c) Packets out of sequence
d) None of these

16. In public key encryption, if A wants to send a message to B so that no one else can read the message
then A encrypts the message using

a) A's public key
b) A's private key
c) B's public key
d) B's private key

17. Which of the following is not condition having a deadlock resource previous granted 
can be forcebly taken away from a process

a) Resources need to be used in mutually exclusion fashion
b) Process can request new resources, as they continue to hold on to old ones
c) Here is a cycle in the resource allocation graph

16. An IP/IPX packet received by a computer using... having IP/IPX both how the packet is handled.

Ans. Read the, field in the packet header with to send IP or IPX protocol.

17. The range of the 32 bit number in two's complement form is _______

18. Cyclomatic complexity

{if((x=0) or (y=0))
i=i+1; }

19. Activation record will contain the 

a) Storage for simple names
b) Information about attributes for local names 
c) Return address
d) All of the above

20. Global static variable within a file is intended to 

a) Localize swap
b) Retain value persistently
c) Define constant
d) Fixed address in memory

21. Why is thread switch faster than a process switch

22. What is the binary equivalent of 41.6875

23. Checkpoint value will be calculated in

24. DHCP is used for 

a) IP address allocation 
b)dynamic host configuration protocol

25. For the following C program

int x(char *a)
{a=(char *) malloc(10*sizeof(char));

{char *a="new";

The output is

a) Hello
b) New
c) Hello new
d) Run time error

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