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Home » Placement Papers » Hughes Placement Papers » Hughes Placement Paper 14

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Hughes Placement Paper 14



24 th Jul 2004, Gurgaon,

Technical Questions: there are total 30 questions but I remember this much

1. Which one is called family tree. 
2. virtual function and overloading 
3. DHCP protocol 
4. order of insertion and Heap sort 
5. left recursion 
6. find output: for(l=1;a<=l;a++) 

cout<<++a; cout <<a; 

7. DEBUG trigger (oracle) 
8. in unrestricted session which system privilege mode is used (oracle) 
9. NEXTVAL and CURRENTVAL in sequence (Oracle) 
10. Unix system call ……like Var( ) 
11. OS 384 support which memory management 

Complexity to access name from the given double link list. 

13. Which WAN network is suitable for the 100Km or m. distance network. 
14. If duplicate segments , file are there in hardisk which is best for management 

a) FAT 
b) SAT 

15. stop n wait protocol is associated with which layer. 
16. find errors from the c and c++ codes. 

Aptitude Questions:

1. Age problem 
2. Time and distance 
3. Coin 
4. direction problem 
5. (2n + 2 n-1/2 n+1 - 2n) what is gives if n = something 
6. ( 10n -1) n>1 when is divisible by 11. 
7. no divisible by 8 
8. find the missing no. when it is divisible by some no. 
9. Boat problem 
10. Average 


try to read the basic theory of probability
1>what is fir
2>what is irr
3>a circuit is given u have to identfy it
ans clipper
4> 6 seater bench 3men 3 women
arrange them according to given condition
5>6red boll,5 yellow boll,5 green boll,4 white boll
ans 1>20c4
2>color blind 4!
6>in a room 50 persons
some with 50+
some with 50-
ans>can't be determind
7>unix program
ans c
8>m ball n box
equally distributed
ans m div n+1
a=a++ + b++ - c---a+b
ans a
10>use of tpmc
11>v.42 bis
ans fax protocol
12>use of tcp/ip header

13>what is 555 chip
find the frequency
15>1 ram =256k


1.an lead compensator zero is at Z=Zc, pole is at P=Pc
then the following is correcta.Pc >Zc,pc<0,zc<0b.c.
2. gain margin of g(s)h(s)=1/s(s+k);a. sqrt(1+k2)b.0c.infinityd.1
3.machestor code does not improvesA. clock recoveryb. bandwidth efficiencyc.
4.possion distribution is used fora. used in FSMb.
c.used for queuing delay system of mutually identical events of arrival
d. both a and c5. no.of filpflops for mod 11 countera.fourb.fivec.
6. no of comparators required for 4 bit parallel A/D comparatora. 4b. 16c. 15
d. none7. if even parity is used for parity generation, what is the
hamming distance(simple fig is given)ans:2
8. the code set is {00000,00111,11100,11011}
what is the error detecting and correcting capability?ans:2,1
9. operational amp characteristics following is correct:1. input impedance is 0
2. output impedance is infinity3. input impedance is infinity
4. gain is infinity which combinations are correct?
10. band pass signal having frequencies 2.5k and 4.5k?give thesampling freqa. 9k
b. 4kc. 4.5kd. 7k11. defination of avalanche diode multiplication
12. more no of ripples are present in the diagram?which is correct
a. lower order filterb. high order filterc.
13. if CPU have one interrupt pin and on to connect with external
devices with some priority?which type of the following is used?
a. parallel priority interruptb. daisy chainc. RS filpflopd.
14. one megabit file transfer, serially on 9600 baud one start bit and
two stop bits, then how much time it takes (approx)a. 4 hoursb. 2 hours
c. 20 minutesd. 2 minutes15. IEEE 802.5 isans: TOKEN RING
16. Code sequence is givenwhat is the error correcting distance?
17. bit stuffing used in HDLC Protocol forans: b is correct(read on text book)
18.19.20.section A AND B:(BOTH MIXED)1. If "AaBbCc" is passed to the char
char x(*a){a[0]?x(a+1):1;printf("%c",a[0]);return 1;}what will be the output?
2. f(*p) { p=(char *)malloc(6); p="hello"; return; } main() {
char *p="bye"; f(p); printf("%s",p); } what is the o/p? ans:bye
3. when the program counter is incremented in the instruction cycle
a. fetch cycleb. int cyclec. execuation cycled.
4. two sorted lists of n elements will take at least
fine the order of complexity?a. 2nb. n/2c. square(n)
5. logic diagram is given? find the expressionans: OR gate
6. question on JAVA stringans: string ends without a null character
7. cache access time is 100ns. main memory access time is 1000ns, hit ratio
is .9, find mean access time?ans :200ns
8. which is not suitable to find out IP addressans:ARP
9. about deadlock condition10. convert 41.6875 into binary
11. read about IP AND IPX12. read about NFS13. DHCP isa. for routing
b. for network address conversionc. for diagnosisd.14. execution phase can be
a. pipelinedb. no parallelism is possiblec. vector processingd.
15. In public key algorithm , A wants to send message to B .....
which key is useda. A public keyb. A private keyc. B public keyd. B private key
16. to prevent replay attacks in transmissiona. symmetric encoding
b. Asymmetric encodingc. for every exchange, key should be changed
17. virtual functionality is used in C++a. dynamic binding
b. if the derived func is present but base class not presentc.
18. if there are n nodes in a binary tree, how many null pointers arethere
ans:n+1;19. if heap sort contains n elements, no of comparsions required are
a. log(n)b. height of heap sortc.d.20. question on ICV(integrity check)
21. which of the following is efficient in terms of spacea. insertion sort
b. quick sortc. selectiond. both a and c
22. in 32 bit representation, the range of numbers in 2's complementform
ans :-2 to the power of 31 to 2 to the power of 31 minus 1
23. about normalization
24. socket is implemented in TCP Layer. which of the following is
related to TCP layerans: port number
25. in reentrant procedure, which should be not used for passingparameters?
a. passed by regb. by directc. by indirectd. by stack
26. which is related to threada. separate switching reg
b. " stackc. " address spaced.
27. flow control is used fora. congestion at receiverb.c.d.
28. 5 questions on DBMS are there
29. in global static variable , declartion in a filea. localization of scope
b. persistance of the value through out the filec.d.
30. in sorted table contains elements , which of the searching isfalse
a. hash tableb. binary searching
31. in demand paging overhead of context switching is more due to
a. copy processes from disk to memoryb. viceversac. to get associative table
d. swapping to the disk
32. when write through is better than write back(related to cachememory)
33. which is false when normalization is used?can't express
34. I :verification: are we doing right product
II: validation:are we doing product right a. I AND II ARE TRUE
35. A table contains less than 10 elements which one is fastesta. bubble sort
b. selection sortc. quick sort
36. about subroutine, precondition is false. what about post condition
a. post condition is not definedb. post condition is always truec.d.
37. When static variables are used, which one of the following isnot possible?
a. dynamic run timeb.c.38. in product of x and y, if(x=0|y=0)
y=1; else y=0; (not cleared)
what is cyclometric complexity? a. 3 b. 2 c. 1 d. 0
The above SQL statement is correct or not? (question is not cleared)
40. path testing isa. white boxb. black boxc. installation test
d. environment test41. program is given?above algorithm represents what type of
search?a. binary searchb. interpolation searchc. sequential searchd.
(may be "b" is correct);
42. if x->y in a relation R, x1 and x2 are in x, y1 and y2 are in y
(question not cleared), about functional dependancya.x1=x2 and y1=y2b.c.
43. in a down loading from website ,which one is correct?
ans: check the byte code and indicate the error, if any.44. about UDP
one Address is given but that is not the state tablewhat will it do the packet
a. packet is discardedb. packet is sent to ethernet server
c. packet is sent to other addressd.45. in associated memory for fast accessing
which one is useda. single linked listb. double "c. hash tabled.

1) what a java interface not have ?
ans - instance variables
2) what is done with java code on a web-page
ans - downloaded and executed on ur pc
3) what is the order of deleting a node from a linked list given a ptr 
to it 
ans O(n) ( since u have to traverse the list to reach the prev.
3) what is RSA
4) how can A send a messageto B so that B knows its from A 
ans A uses his private key so that B can use A's public key
5) what is the best sort in worst case
ans heap sort
6) what is the given sorting
ans selection ( check it )
7) what can access protected memebers of a class
ans other classes of that program
8) what protocol is used by a machine to map an ip to hardware address
ans arp
9) what is the size of ipv6
ans 128 bits
10) what protocol has ping 
ans icmp
11) how many keys are needed in symmetric and asymmetric crptography?
ans - i dont know 
12) one on a right threaded tree
13) very easy k-map 
ans i think its b)
14) very easy ckt 
ans choice which has option : a&c are equivalent
15) what in unix doesnt have a fd
ans process ( this was the first ques ).

Regarding Hughes
paper they conducted two tests. Both were technical(no aptitude test). 
First one was compulsory for everybody. In second one could opt for
electronics or computers. In all i suppose there were 50 questions.
I sent a request to my classmates to send me questions whatevery they
could recall. Till now only one person has responded. I am sending those
questions to you.

And just before interview you were supposed to fill up a performa which
they call Behavioural Test. This was to check you interpersonal skills and
socialising capabilities. Questions like - would you like to be elected
leaders of organising committees, do you like peoply express their agonies
to you, do you wish people be close to you type questions were repeated in
one and the other form.

Interview was technical as well as personal. CGPA did count - it seems.
They selected 8 people from here. BTW what's your current CGPA and what's
the strength of your class. Do they come for B.Tech and M.Tech separatel
as the case here is or it's all at once.

Questions :

1.If a precondition of a sub routine fails then
a. post condition fails as well
b. Post condition may fail
c. post condition is declared but now defined.

2. whatz the o/p of the following program

char * a= "AabbCc";
void x(char *a)

a[0] == 0 ? x(a+1):1;
return 1; 

a. AaBbCc
b. cCbBaA

3. What is DHCP used for?

4. There are 2protocols IP and IPX are running on top of Ethernet. Suppose
a packet addressed to that ethernt card arrives, to which protocol the
ethernet sends the packet?
1. It checks the payload of the frame and finds out the protocol type and
despatches it to the right protocol
2. It fins out the protocol type that is mentioned in the ethernet frame.
3. despatches to both the protocol

5. What is the use of global static variable in C?

6. In which stage of the compilation the Macro in C are converted into
Iline code? (this is not the exact Qn a slight variation of it)

7 In th


******************Hughes paper in DCE************

All ques. had four options.

1- What is max. no. of hops in hypercube n/w with n (=2 ^ p) to go from one node to another ?
a. p
b. log p
c. n ^ 2
2- What is Kerberos ?
ans. Authentication Protocol.
3-In completely connected multiprocessor system with n processors 
, links will be of the order of
a. O(n ^ 2)
b. O(2 ^ n)
c. O(n/2)
4-When quick sort gives worst performance ?
ans. When elements are in order.
5- o/p of each sorting step of 8 elements was given and had to recognise which sorting algo.?
Ans. Bubble sort (Not Sure , Check it out )
6-In worst case ,which sort is best out of following sorts?
c.quick (ans.)
d. insertion
7-Three very simple gate circuits each having inputs A,B,C,D were 
given and had to tell ,which two give same result ? (DeMorgan's Law was used in solving )
Ans was (a) &(c) (o/p of a & c was coming to be AB +CD)
8-K-map given,had to tell simplified function
Ans was perhaps AB+AD +AC+BCD

K-Map was
AB 0 0 0 0
0 0 1 0
1 1 1 1
0 1 1 1

9-What is Function Point ?
Ans. S/W estimation technique
10-p points to an integer. We don't want p to change value. In C, what declarations will we use?
A const int *p
b.int *p
c.int const *p
e. int* const p (perhaps ans.)
11-Diff between 2NF &3NF ?
Ans. D (last option)
12.Which does not use client server model ?
a. Email
b. Web access
c. C. Telephone call
d. N/w file system
13-In a pipeline having 3 stages, each having reliability of 0.9 
,what is overall reliability of pipeline?
a. 0.9
b. 0.729
c. 0.81
14-2level cacheis there first level cache's access time is 100ns,second 
level cache's access time is 33ns & memory access time is 1000 ns 
. Wh at is total memory access time ?
ans. 140 ns
15-In public key cryptography,Awillsend message to B
ans. Using B's public key
16-What does projection of a relation give?
Ans.gives vertical partition of relation corresponding to specified columns.
17-For disk or direct access storage, which is best ?
a. AVL
b. B-tree
c. Red tape ...
18-There is a tree with inorder threading Node B is inserted as 
left child of nade A. Node A already has right child . Where will the null ptr of B point ?
ans. Parent of A (perhaps)
19-There is a diskless workstation. Which will be the first protocol it will use ?
b. ARP
20-Compiler keeps which of following ?

ans. Symbol table
21- 'ping' command uses which protocol ?
ans. ICMP
22-Merge sort uses which technique?
Ans. Divide and Conquer
23-Program counter is incremented in
a. fetch (ans)
b. decode
c. execute
24-what does the following program do ?
f(int n)
int c;
print c;
ans. Program prints the no. of set bits in no.
25-What is this called (char *) (*(*(*A[X]) ( ) )) ( )
ans. Array of X pointers to a function returning pointer to functions that are returning pointer to
char (not sure )
26- For synchronisation in distributed computing, what should not be there ?
a. all machines are synchronised by a global clock
b. all systems should have their own clock (perhaps ans)
27-Java applet of a moving /waving file is running on one machine then it means
a.Java's executable code is downloaded and running on the m/c
b.A virtual X server is running on that m/c while the actual program is running on the web server.
28-What is in RSA algo. ?
a. First the session key is encrypted & then whole message is encrypted using RSA Algo.
b. Message is encrypted using RsA algo.
c. First Rsa algo is used &then encrypted with the session key.
29-What is dirty read?
a. Transaction reexecutes and gives diff. Results from the original execution
b. Read is done when the transaction is not yet committed

30-What is coupling ?
a. It tells the strength of interconnection between two program units.
b. It tells the strength of interconnection between twtrength of 
interconnection between two program units.
b. It tells the strength of interconnection between twwwtrength 
of interconnection between two program units.
b. It tells the strength of interconnection between twwwo program units and one program unit
31-Any n/w on the computer can have only
a. one domain &one IP
b. more than one domain & more than one Ip
c. one domain and more than one IP
d. more than one domain & one IP
32-Which one does not have file descriptor ?
a. process
b. keyboard
c. pipe
d. socket
33-What does CONNECT BY means
a.connect to a different databaser for retreival
b.arrange in tree ordered structure
34-In two phase commit protocol, why log is used during transmission &reception ?
a. To retrieve the status in case of crash
35-In which algo. Waiting time is minimun?
Ans, SJF
36-How many address bits are there in Ipv6
ans. 128 bits
37-During run time heap is managed by
a. a user process in kernel mode
b. A system process manages heap for all the processes
c. A system process for each process
d. A user process in user mode
38-In which of following search is efficient?
a. height balanced tree
b. Weight balanced tree
c. Binary tree
39.A ques. on resource relocation, sharing ( I don't remember more 
than this regarding this ques.)
40-some ques. options were sth like
a. transparency control
b. Migration control
c. Concurrency control
41-X:In DFD, input is converted into output by passing through various functional units
Y:DFD cannot be used in object oriented design
a. both X& y are correct
b. both X & Y are incorrect
c. X correct, Y incorrect
d. Xincorrect, Y correct
42-Where regression testing is used ?
a. Dynamic analysers
b. Loaders
43-For Java interfaces , what is true ?
a. Functions declarations are not given'
b. Variables are not declared
c. Instance variables are not used
44-In a linked list, we can delete a node in order of
a. 1
b. n
c. n ^ 2
45-If there are N people and we have to do symmetric & asymmetric 
cryptography, how many keys would
be used in these cases respectively?
a. N & N ^ 2 (probably ans)
b. N ^ 2 & N
c. N & N
d. N ^ 2 & N ^2
46-The protected element of a class can't be accessed by
a. member functions of the same class
b. member functions of the derived class
c. member functions of any other class in the same program (Ans.)
47-NFS uses same file structure as unix
48-To solve an expression which of following trees will you use 
a. postfix
b. infix

Source : iit k ( this paper is got from rookee and same is given in iitk) 
Dated :25/05/04

section A 30m (Compulsary)
section B or C 20 m(changed )m
Attempt either B or C sec B contains CST
Better to attempt Electronics paper
(Those who are having electronics background)

1. Which of the folowing is not correct
a. (x+y)'=x'.y' b. (x'+y')'=x.y
c. (x'.y')'=x+y d. (x'+y')'=x'.y' [d]

2. Question on logic ckt. U have to find the output
ans. AB'+CD'+EF'

3. Output of MUX 
c-----| |
c'----| |-------Y
c'----| | ans. A xor B xor C
c-----| |
| |
A B (select lines)

4.If X and Y are two sets. |X| and |Y| are corresponding
coordinates and exact no.of functions from X to Y is 97
a. |X|=97 |Y|=1 b. |X|=1 |Y|=97
c. |X|=97 |Y|=97 d. .....

5. If two dies are thrown simultaneously what is the prob.
of one of the dice getting face 6 ?
a. 11/36 b. 1/3 c. 12/35 d. 1/36 [a]

6. The relation ,<,on reals is 
a. a partial order because of symmetric and reflexive
b. ... antisymmetric and ....
c. not ...... .. asymmetric and non reflexive
d. ... .... not anti-symm and non reflexive

7. In C language the parameters are passsed by
a. values b. name c.referrence d....

8. Advantage of SRAM over DRAM 
ans. faster

9. Diasy chaining related question (refer Z80)
a. uniform interrupt priority
b.non .... ....
c.interfacing slower peripherals

10. RAM chips arranged in 4X6 array and of 8kX4bit capacity
each. How many address lines reqd. to access each byte
a. 12 b. 16 c.15 d. 17

11.Question related to AVL trees regarding how many no.of
nodes to be changed to become balanced after addition of
a leaf node to a particular node.
ans . 3

12.When following sequence is insertedin the binary search tree
no.of nodes in left and right subtrees
52 86 64 20 3 25 14 9 85

13.Method used for Disk searching..
a.linked list b.AVL c.B-tree d. binary tree

14. Which of the following is correct statement.
a. 1's complement can have two zero re[resentations
b.2's ... ... represent an extra neg. number
c.2's & 1's have no difference in representing 16-bit no.

15. AX=B where A is mXn ,b&X are column matrices of order m
a. if m<n, X has infinite solutions
b.if m=n, rank of A <n then X has trivial solutions
c.... d....

16. The option avialable in C++, not C:
a.dynamic scoping
b.declaration in the middle of code block
c.seperate compiled and linked units
d. ....

17. int a[4]={1,2,3,4};
int *ptr;
A part of code is shown. The elements in A after
the execution of this code.
a.1 2 3 4 b. 1 2 3 6
c. compilation error d.1 2 2 4 [a]

18. Critical section program segment is
a. enclosed by semaphores with P & V operations
b. deadlock avoidance
c. where shared resources are accessed
d. ...

19. when head is moving back and forth, the disk scheduling 
algorithm is _____
a) scan b) sstf c) fcfs d).....

20. how many times the loop will execute

a)1526H times b) 31 c)21 d)38

21. the addressing mode in which the address of the operand is
expressed explicitly within the instruction 
a)index addressing b)absolute c)indirect d) immediate

22. (A - B) U (B - A) U (A ^ C) = ?
where A,B are two sets A' , B' are compliments of A and B
a) A U B b) A ^ B c).... d).....

23. the network that does not use virtual circuit 
a) IP b) X.25 c).... d).....

24. source routing bridge 
a)source will route the frame 
b)frame will routed with info in header
c).... d).....

26. cache access time 100 msec. main memory access time 800 msec
if the hit ratio is 95% , what is mean access time ...

27. the module that should be always reside in main memory is
a) loader b)link module c)... d)....

.... and some questions related to

1. addressing mode 2.assembler passes 3.linking and loading
4. file directory search 5. turning machine 
6. finite state machine 7. daisy wheel

28. The order of algorithm to merge the two sorted lists of 
lengths m and n is 
a. O(m) b. O(n) c. O(m+n) d. O(log(m)+log(n))
29.A chocolate block is of 4 X 4 size.How many cuts are needed
to make 1 X 1 size blocks. No simultaneous vert. & horz. cuts.

30. Which among the following is not correct
a. O(n) > O(log n) .. likewise

Hughes paper:
total 50 questions (1 hour).
Paper is like GAte CS .

section A : compulsory for CS and Comm students.
section B : for CS only
section C : for comm only.

questions :

1. given a digital ckt with nand gates. what is o/p Ans. nor gate
2. given an logical expr. x,y,z. simplify ans. xz
3. It is recommended to use which type of variables in a recursive module.
Ans. static variables.
4. which one of following is not memory management model?

given buddy system, monitors, paging, swapping Ans. monitors
5. what m/c is used to recognize context free grammar ? Ans. pushdown automata
6. Which type of grammar can be recognized by finite state m/c Ans. right linear

7. proc() {

static i=10;

If this proc() is called second time, what is the o/p Ans. 11

8. int arr[] = {1,2,3,4}
int *ptr=arr;

*(arr+3) = *++ptr + *ptr++;

Final contents of arr[] Ans. {1,2,3,4}

9. TCP/IP hdr checksum : what method is used ?
Ans. one's complement of sum of one's complement.

10. CSMA/Cd is used in which lan Ans. ethernet

11. 8085 pgm : LXI sp, 2021,
LXI b, 1234 (??)

push b

contents of stack after pushing ?

12. One question on synchronous transmission :

ans. Timing info is embedded in data itself
13. What for start bit is used in RS232 transmission.

14. One solution for deadlock prevention for dining philosopher's problem

Ans. Allow one person to take first left stick and then right stick
and remaining persons in reverse order.

15. 4bit seq no in sliding window protocol with selective repeat.
what is the max no. of acks that can be held at transmitter 
ans. 8
16. given a height balanced tree. If we add one more node , how
many nodes gets unbalanced ? Ans. 3

17. Given a arbitrary pointer to an element in a singly linked list?
what is the time complexity for its deletion . Ans. O(n)
18. what is the diff b/n c and c++

a. dynamic scoping
b. nested switching
c. declaration of variables in any code block
d. separation of compilation and linking

Ans. c (??)
19. which one is false ?

a. 0<x<y, n power x = O(n power y)
b. root of log(n) = O(log logn)
c. O(logn/100) = O(100 logn)
d. 2n not = O(n power k);

Ans. b or a. (??)
20. S->S+S; s->s*s; s->a

how many parse trees possible : a+a*a+a Ans. 5
21. 4-1 demultiplexer is to be implemented using a memory chip.
how many address lines and word length required Ans. 4, 1

22. Vector intr mechanism. in 8085.

Ans. fixed locations in memory when an intr comes.
23. ARP is used for : Ans. IP to MAC addr conversion.
24. given 100 to 999 nos. Probability of picking a no. with out
digit 7. Ans. 18/25.
25. Ten film rolls. 3 defective, prob. of picking up 2 defective
rolls with out replacement Ans. 6/90
26. The purpose of hashing is :
Ans. O(1) complexity

27. Given adjacency matrix for a directed graph with n vertices
and e edges. How much time will it take to find out indegree
of a vertex Ans. O(n)
28. No. of nodes of degree 2 in a binary tree with n leaf nodes.
Ans. n-1

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