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Get 30,000 Interview Questions & Answers in an eBook.

Interview Success Kit - Get Success in Job Interviews

Interview Success Kit - Get Success in Job Interviews Interview Success Kit - 30,000 Interview Que. & Ans.
Home » Placement Papers » iFlex Placement Papers » iFlex Placement Paper 9

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iFlex Placement Paper


Sample Questions

  1. Square root(x)/3 = 243/x value of x ???? ans. 81  

  2.   Qn from loss and gain what is the net profit????? ans. 25 percent

  3. If + sign is represented as /, - as *(into,not power do not confuse) , * as - and / as + then what will be the value of (480+20*20)-16 /12 ??? ans. 76

  4. Which of the following will come next in the series IAR, GET , EIV , COX ans. AUZ

  5. B is in DOUBT in the same way H is in choices.... HOPE , HOUSE , HONEST , INHIBIT ans. HOUSE(confirm it i am not sure)

  6. I P+Q represents P is the sister of Q, P-Q represents P is the father of Q and P*Q represents P is the brother  of Q then which will represent K is the aunt of N ans. K+Q-M*N

  7. In a class puspa ranks 8th from top and 28th from bottom.how many students are there in the class????? ans. 35

  8. 23 percent of a no is 230, 4/23rd of the number is ?????? ans.none of these

  9. Sum of a number and its one third = 60, 4/5th of the number is ????? ans. 36

  10.  If A to Z is written in the reverse order which is the 5th letter to the right of the 11th letter from the left????
      ans . K

  11. In a rectangle length = twice that of breadth , cost of grounding is 60 rupees per meter,total cost is 3600/- 
    what is the length in meter???????? ans. 20     

  12. Qn on sequences which will come next?? 11 13 17 23 31 ? 53 67 ans. 41

  13. 18 27 64 125 ? 343 512 ans. 216 14. 2 3 10 15 26 ? 50 63 ans.please find out

  14. 0 2 10 30 68 ? - - (cannot recall) please find out 

  15. If simon is taller than A, A is shorter then gayatri, sharat is taller then............ ans.gayatri

  16. If a 100m train crosses a platform of 75m in 7.5 secs,another train of 120m coming opposite, how much time it takes the first train to cross the second one .. ans. none of these

  17. Telegram system, 1st 15 words in x rupees,next per letter in y rupees, if  z >15 what is the total cost ofc??????? 
    ans. x+(z-15)*y

  18. Another st line cuts this in two angles, one is 4x+36 degs and another is y degs , what is the value of x?????
    ans. (144-y)/4

  19. If 6 is preceded by 8 but not followed by 9 immediately,how many..................... 
    ans. 2

  20.  In the letter PREDILECTION ,1st and 3rd is swapped,so is 2nd and 4th,5th and 7th,6th and 8th what will be 8th letter from left???????  ans. L

  21. If rup ho la represents anand is fat cup wir ho represents mina is tall la dup mil represents boys are fat and wir lar nap represents tall and fat what reprens mina ?????? ans. cup

  22. If SINDHU is written as VIEOJT,SURESH is written as?????? ans.none of these

  23. If hit-----> one rupee gain and miss--------> one rupee loss,one can try 100 times,he got total 30/-, how many hit?????????? ans. 65

  24. In a circle, G is to the left of M , V is to the right of M,R is to the right of V ,A is to the right of R ,G is to the  right of A and M is to the right of G, swap the position of G and R,V and A then who will be to the left of M
    Ans. R 

  25. There was a histogram qn. given the capitals of 5 companies for the academic year 1995-2000,find out
     a. which company will increase its capital consistently???
     b. Average capital in the yr 1998?????
     c. average of company 2nd????? 
     d. which company increases its capital by 10% at 1998 from that of 1995  data were 42.0 in 1995 and  46.20 in 1998 this company is the correct answer.....
     e. what is the max. o/p in a yr,ans.. try to sum all the cols and find the max.  this were easy,i can not remeber u have to do it fast.

  26. There was a qn on flowchart,which was easy, i can not recall exactly.

New Click here to Download 2019 Latest placement papers of this company New



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