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Interview Success Kit - Get Success in Job Interviews

Interview Success Kit - Get Success in Job Interviews Interview Success Kit - 30,000 Interview Que. & Ans.
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iFlex Placement Paper


IFLEX Latest IT Fresher Placement Sample Question Question Paper 4 2005

Iflex conducted a aptitude exam and 2 round ofinterviews (one is techy and other is HR) and No GD...In apti their will be 4 sections with some time limits for each.1st section comprise of
q.a - easy(it mainly comprise of question based ontime,avg,distance......all basics maths)..15 quest and 15 min2nd section comprise of d.i. - tough(it makes the difference...if u do good inthis u r

IFLEX Latest IT Fresher Engineer Placement Sample Question Paper 4 2005

through....tables based question)...10 quest and 10 min
3rd section comprise of logical thinking - normal(ex- seatingarrangement)...15quest and 15 min4th section comprise of verbal - easy....20 quest and 15 minu have to start from the first section and u cant go back also......No idea of
the cut-off marks but they t pretty high...if u didnt perform in one sectionalso...u r out i.e. a very high sectional cut-off marksin interview they ask question whatever have been taught to u...they will sit
with ur mca syllabus and they can ask anything on it.....majorly they ask meabout java,oracle,j2ee,jdbc,vb...in hr again they ask the same sh*t....tell about urself...what u mean bysuccess,team...why u r doing course...why u didnt join urs dad
business.etc....thats it....

IFLEX Latest Fresher Placement Question Paper 3 2004

iflex paper Jun-04

Test-1: (40 mark; 30 minutes)

1: One person says ‘his only daughter is my son’s
mother ’, what is the relationship between 1st &2nd
person. Ans ;(son in law)

2: Alphabet ‘A’ to ‘Z’. If we arrange in reverse order
(Z to A)then which letter will be in the 5th position
towards right ,taken from 11th better from left. Ans

IFLEX Latest Fresher Engineer Placement Sample Question Paper 3 2004

3: 5persons ; Vijay , Gopal, Abdul,Majid, Suresh,
sitting in a round table . Two of them are
interchanging their position . Problem is very easy.

4: ‘+’ is replaced by ‘*’; ‘-‘ is replaced by ‘%’ ;
‘*’is replaced by ‘-‘ ; &’%’ is replaced by ‘+’; One
equation is given. Ans (not sure)

syllogism problem. (logical reasoning)

9: ‘P+Q’ here if ‘P’ is father , then ‘Q’is daughter
------- ‘P-Q’---------- so on

Ans : (can’t determined)

10:Coding decoding problem. Ans : (cup)

11: Birthday problem. Ans : (16th day)

12: Directional problem. Ans : (25)

13: Problem related to height of 5 persons who will be
at the middle? Ans : (G)

(14-1: ‘+’ is replaced by ‘*’; ‘-‘ is replaced by
‘&’ -------- such type problem.

19: One ans is (101/3)

20: ‘P’ is product cost; Q is sale price. Express
profit . Ans : { (Q-P)$P}*100

(21-25): Five persons ; A,B, C, D,E: out of them 2 are
ladies. ‘A’ earns more than the engineers. ‘A’ marries
with C’s sister . Out of five two are unemployed . One
is engineer , one is store keeper , one is sales
representative. Representative earns least

& only child of his/her parents . ‘E’ is brother of
‘C’. & not store keeper nor representative. No lady is
employed in engineering &stores. ‘D’ is unemployed
&unmarried .There is a couple of which ‘B’ is husband.
Ans : (do it yourself)

Who marries with ‘B’ ? Ans : ( C)
Who works in stores ? Ans : (A)
Who is the sales representative ? Ans : (B)
Who is engineer ? Ans: (E)
Who earns highest money ? Ans : (A)

26: ‘N’ is a odd number then the square root of [ n2 +
(n+2)2 + (n+4)2 ]------- how can be expressed ? Ans :
sqrt[{ sq(n)*sq(n*2)*sq(n*4)}$3]


(1) **/243=3/* [ans:-81]

(2) 6 7 12 8 9 how many 6 is preceded by 8 and
immediately follwed by 9. ans:- -2

(3-7) seris :-

(3) 1,8,27,64,125,? Ans :- -216

3,5,7,13,11,21,15,? Ans:- 29
1,2,3,6,5,10,? Ans:- 7

(7)23% of a number is 230 what will be 4/23 th of the
numbers ans :- 4000/23.

(9-13) chart:-there are 5 qp such as – in which year
total enrollment is 20% incrased than the previous
year (very easy problem)

(14)for 15 copies value is x .but copies after is
increased to a new value y per copy.now z is greater
than 15 so what will be cost of z . ans- (x+(z-15)y)


(1-5) sentence correction .

(6-10) sentence completion (barrons’S guide)

(11-20) comprehention test…


New Click here to Download 2019 Latest placement papers of this company New



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