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Home » Placement Papers » iFlex Placement Papers » iFlex Placement Paper 4

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iFlex Placement Paper


I-flex paper has 4 sections.
1.) First is the maths section: The questions are twisted so work out carefully.Work & time and addiditon of allprime numbers between 1 -10000 ??and other number series based questions ..
2.) Data Interpretation : They will give you a graph and 5 or 7 odd questions are there generally 2 out all the 7 quest's are difficult so recognize it n leave it.
3.) Logical Reasoning : They will be asking question slike blue is red ,red is green ...so what is purple...? also amir is his bro,sit is his si...so what is ram of sita.....and also go for puzzles.It's the most time consuming section.
4.) English Section : They will actually give you synonyms (5 generally) and 5 situations .You have to match the appropriate word with the situation/sentence given..(match the following).RC is also there but generally 1 careful reading will get you the answers.


There were altogether 4 sections.
Each section had individual cut off.
The cut off was very high.
Each section has a specified time.
You cant go back to previous sections.
Nor can you turn the pages to the next section.
There were 15 questions in 1st section
10 questions in second
15 in third
and 20 in fourth
The first section was analytical as well as data interpretation from
graph was there.
The second was logical reasoning as u have for CAT or GRE.This was

section where lots of guys were out so prepare well for these.
The third i cant exactly recall
and the 4th was English usage and comprehension. Easy one.But do the

comprehension at last.

The most important thing is keep your cool.
The ist section had questions like
one graph was given, infact histogram, very easy one.
4 or 5 question was given frm that.

Profit and loss one question was there.
Then there was a question about how many different triangles you can

have with perimeter 14 and integer sides.

Then there were two series problem. Easy one.

Then there was a question like the value of xsquare + i/xsqure is

find the value of x+1/x.

average of 10 subjects mark was given.
if the highest and the lowest was removed then the avg is provided.
an the highest score was also provided. find the lowest score.

A:B:C was given in ratio as a is 3 times efficent than b and c is 4

times than b find the c's like that sort

volume problem was there, as what should be the radius of a circular

plate if it were made from a cube of side..

There were some more questions
second section
relationship problem was there, draw diagrams and u can find out the

Some sitting arrangement question was there.

If 3rd letter and 5 th is swapped and 7 an d 6 is swapped and 4 and

is swapped what would be the 6 th letter like this sort of questions.

What is the occupaton type problem. given one plays violin, one

they lioke some colors.

for english,

one word is given . It can be used in 5 different ways, with

you have to match those meanings and the usage given.

5 to 6 questions was like that.

Fill in the blanks for a small passage was given. fill in the

appropriate words.

comprehension was given.

synonyms was also there 1 or two, i cant recollect.

I did 11 from 1st, 9 from second, 14 from 3rd and 19 from 4th. I

the paper after selected. and found those correct.
there was -ve marking. .25
they will check ur rough sheet .

Believe in yourself.
and u will clear the exam.

New Click here to Download 2019 Latest placement papers of this company New



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