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Infosys Placement Paper 100


Infosys Placement Papers

INFOSYS-Placement Paper- 17 May 2006

These were my test questions.10 puzzles for 1 hour n then English section for 30 minutes. English consists of passage and filling the blanks with correct phrase from options. Every question was repeated. At some centers the same question paper was repeated as such. So all infy aspirants plz make sure to go thru previous question papers even if u don't have time for Shakuntala Devi or George Summers. PREVIOUS QUESTION PAPERS WILL DO IT..

1. A man starts walkin at 3pm from his home. He walks at 4km/hr thru plains and climbs a hill at 3km/hr. he climbs down at 6km/hr and walks back at 4km/hr thru the same path. He reaches back home at 9pm. What is the distance he covered in one way?
Approach: x - distance thru plain, y - distance thru hill
x/4 + y/3 + y/6 + x/4 = 9-3 = 6
x+y = 12km

Approach: total dist = x
dist on cycle = (2/3) x dist on foot = (1/3) x
time on cycle = tc time on foot = 2tc
speed on cycle/ speed on foot = (2/3) x/tc/ (1/3)x/2tc = 4 times

Approach: today - Saturday
Day after tomorrow - Monday
Day before day after tomorrow - Sunday.
3 days after Sunday - Wednesday.

4. 4. A and B play a game. Loser of each game has to give a coin to the winner. At the end A gains 3 coins even though B won 3 games. How many games did they play?
Approach: A lost 3 games (given B won 3 games)
To compensate A has to win 3 games.
To gain 3 coins A has to win 3 more games.

So total = 3+3+3 = 9 games. 5. 5.There are two systems A and B. 14 degrees in A is equivalent to 36 in system B. 133 in A is equivalent to 87 in B. What is the temperature at which they both are equal?
Approach: I am not sure of this one. But there is a similar one in Shakuntala Devi - Qno. 31.
0 C ~ 32 Fahrenheit,
100 C ~ 212 F
(212-32)/(100-0)X = X-32 gives X= - 40 C = - 40F. Try in similar way

6. A cube is painted red. It is then cut into 27 equal cubes with 6 lines. Find no. of cubes with
a) 3 sides painted
b) 1 side painted
c) 2 sides painted
d) no sides painted
Draw a cube and cut it breadth wise, lengthwise and height wise using 2 lines on top, 2 in front and 2 on the side faces to form one large cube with 27 small cubes in it.
Each corner cube has 3 sides painted.1*8corners = 8 cubes with 3 sides painted.
On each face there is one cube with only 1 side painted. 1* 6faces = 6 cubes with 1 side painted.
Each edge has 1 cube with 2 sides painted.1* 12edges =12 cubes with 2 sides painted.
1 cube at the center has no side painted. Else 27 - (8+6+12) = 1 cube with no side painted.

7. A woman says if you reverse my age you get my husbands age. He is
of course senior to me and the difference between our age is one-eleventh of their sum. What is the age of the woman and her husband?
Approach: womans age = 10x + y. husbands = 10y + x
1/11(10x + y + 10y + x) = (10y + x - 10x + y)
xy = 45(woman) yx = 54(husband)

8. There are 3 tribes. Sorobean aways speaks truth. Narobean alwaz lies. Midorean speaks truth and false alternatively but whether he speaks truth or lies first cannot be detemined. From the statements find who belongs to which tribe.
A: I am a sorobean
B is a narobean
B: I am a sorobean
C is a midorean
C: I am a sorobean
A is a midorean
Assume one person as sorobean at a time and try match his statements with that of others. If the statements match, the assumption is right else wrong. Eg. Take A as sorobean. Then his statements must be true. So B is narobean and C midorean. Then one of the statements of C should support A. But here C contradicts A. So our option is wrong. Similarly take B and C.
Ans: A-Midorean, B - Narobean, C - Sorobean

9. A person climbs down 7 steps when he sees his professor starting to climb from the bottom of the stairs. They pass each other and moving down he finds that he has 4 more steps to go when his prof reached the top. Considering prof takes 2 steps to one step of the person, calculate no. of steps.
Approach: total steps = x
Steps covered by person after Prof starts climbing from bottom = x - (7+4)
Bcoz already 7 steps over and 4 more steps remaining.
Steps covered by prof in the same time = x
Persons speed = s , Profs speed = 2s
x-(7+4)/s = x/2s.
x= 22 steps
1110. A jeweler makes a window display. He has 7 gems of which he display 6 at a time. 3 on left pane and 3 on right with following conditions. The Gems are armanet, diamond, sapphire, garnet, opal, and ruby.
Armanet should alwaz be displayed on right.
diamond alwaz on right
ruby should not be displayed with diamond or garnet
Emerald and sapphire should be alwaz displayed together.

i. What are the possible combinations for left pane?
a) armanet,garnet,opal
b) armanet,ruby,garnet
c) diamond,emerald,sapphire
d) armanet,emerald,garnetii What are the possible combinations for the right pane?
a) Diamond,garnet,opal
b) Diamond,ruby,opal
c) Armanet,emerald,sapphire
d) Diamond,garnet,ruby iii If diamond, opal.. in right pane what is the possible combntn in left pane. 4 or 5 options

iv If 2 other gems in one pane, possible combi in the other. I dont remember exactly But ans for the whole question was like
1. a)
2. a)
3. b)
4. e)

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