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Infosys Placement Paper 123


Infosys Placement Papers

INFOSYS Latest IT Fresher Placement Sample Question Question Paper 38 2005

Infosys Paper 4th September, 2005, Mumbai
Logical Reasoning and Arithmatics (50 Marks)

Q1) Problem on ages. Slightly confusing text. (3Marks)

Q2) Two trains are approaching each other at 60mph each. The length
of each train is 1/6 miles. When the two locomotives(engines) meet,
how many seconds will it take for them to pass each other completely? (4Marks)

INFOSYS Latest IT Fresher Engineer Placement Sample Question Paper 38 2005

Q3) Complete the series:- (6Marks)
a) 1,9,2,8,3,7,4,6,5,5,6,4,7,3,8,2, , , (two blanks) (Ans: 9,1)
b) 2,4,8,32,512, (one blank) (Ans: 2 raise to n-1, so it will be
2 raise to 17, ie. 131072)

Q4) In a race Andrew beats Jim.Jack is not the last.Dennis loses to
both Jack and Lucia.Jim beats Jack.Who won the race? (This question
came with different names) (4 Marks)

Q5) 8 Marks Question. Some information was given about some cities.
Eg: A is to the north of B and to the west of C.
C is to the south of D and to the east of F. (5/6 facts were
4 questions were asked with multiple choice answers.

Q6) If i multiplied by i is me. me multiplied by multiplied by me is
she. What is the value of she? (4Marks)
Ans: i=4, so m=1 and e=6, Therefore s=2, h=5 and e=6, hence she is

Q7) 5 Marks question, easy one. Some facts were given like:
a) Dravid scores 26 runs more than Robin.
b) Robin and Azhar together score 94 runs.
Like these around 5/6 facts were given. Only equations had to be
formed and total runs scored by all the batsmen had to be found.
Q Profit Loss sum for around 3 Marks.

Q9) There are 5 persons who have won top five places in an event in
Olympics . one of them asks all the five
regarding thier positions, they reply as
a: "i am not the last"
b: "c is in third place"
c: "E is behind A"
d: "B is in first place"
e: "D is not the first"
The persons who have won gold and silver have lied, find the
positions in order.

Q10) 8 Marks sum.
Assume you have a huge cube. All the 6 sides of the cube are painted
red. Then 6 straight cuts are made across the cube to give 125 cubes
of equal size.
a) find the number of cubes with 3 sides painted red.
b) find the number of cubes with 2 sides painted red.
c) find the number of cubes with 1 side painted red.
d) find the number of cubes with no side painted red.
e) If all the cubes are put into a bag, and one cube is removed at
random, what is the probability that its surface pointing towards you
is red in colour?

This test was of 1 hour. After this there was a multiple choice test
of English as a Communicative language. (45 Questions - 30 minutes).
It consists of a passage for comprehension, some meanings, grammar
etc. Can complete easily.

Around 700-800 people attended the test, out of which 120 were
shortlisted for the interview.

Edited by rakesh_vyom - 24Jul2006 at 1:22am

New Click here to Download 2019 Latest placement papers of this company New



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