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Infosys Placement Paper - 2007


The written paper was on 1st March 2007 and HR on the next day..

INFOSYS pattern:
1) Reasoning Ability (30 questions,40 minutes)
English Aptitude (40 questions,35 minutes)
2) HR round

They eliminated most of us in written so I would suggest you to prepare well for it.. Only 66 of us got selected for written out of 250.. The most important thing is TIME MANAGEMENT...

I don't remember the questions well.. but what all I can recollect is here..

A DI ques has to pass through three stages A,B,C.. there are 4 men to check at stage A, 10 men at stage B and 4 men at stage C.. each man works for 10 hrs a day.. A DI ques takes 1 hr at Stage A,2 hrs at Stage B and 1 hr at Stage C and an apti ques takes 45 mins at Stage A,2hrs at stage B and 1 hr at Stage C.
There were 5 ques based on the data provided.. like..
At most how many DI ques could be solved in a day..
If 3 more men get involved in stage A then at most how many ques can be solved in a day..
They were pretty easy..

5 ques were there to find the odd one among the 5 pictures given for each.. they were a little tricky.. You can find these type of ques in VERBAL AND NON VERBAL REASONING, R.S Aggarwal

one of then which I remember is:
find the angle ADC in cyclic quadrilateral ABCD
1. angle BCD + angle ADC = 77
2. angle BAD= 55

Remember you don't have to solve the ques but to find out whether
a) 1 alone is sufficient to answer the question.
b) 2 alone is sufficient to answer the question.
c) either of 1 or 2 is sufficient to answer the question.
d) both are insufficient to answer the question.
e) both are required to answer the question.
Ans to above is e

A table of imports from diff countries to India was given and 5 ques were based on it.. there were very lengthy calculations and I would suggest to apply hit and trial here otherwise you'll end up wasting most of your time.
Practice DI ques from QUANTITATIVE APTITUTE by R.S aggarwal

5) A PUZZLE again
It was like there were six people A,B,C,D,E sitting in 2 rows..
B and C can not sit in corner and other relevant data and then 5 ques based on it..
It was very easy..
Practice the puzzles from VERBAL AND NON VERBAL REASONING, R.S Aggarwal

This is again there in VERBAL AND NON VERBAL REASONING, R.S Aggarwal

I would sugguest you to go through examples of
Blood relations
Puzzle test
Logical Venn Diagrams
Ranking and time sequence Test
Data Sufficiency
Logic (Just learn those 9 rules)
Cubes ( go through the ques like a painted cube was cut and then you have to find the no. of find 1 side painted cubes.. and so on..)
 from VERBAL AND NON VERBAL REASONING, R.S Aggarwal.. n do about 10 examples from each chapter.. n if can arrange for any CAT material then plz do that.. it really helps.. the paper is usually lengthy so go for easier first like puzzles, DS and SYLLOGISM.. DI can be tough so do it at end..

At the end of the day its all luck.. so give your best but be prepared for the worst..

The English paper had

1) 2 Reading Comprehensions.. DO them at the end.. they are quite lengthy..
and if you don't get enough time to read them then try to make out answers by going through glimpse of the comprehensions

2) Argument-Conclusion type.

3) Sentence Correction.

4) Choosing grammatically correct sentences.

English is easy if you are go at spoken English.. you can not learn English in few days but i would suggest you to go through IMS material on English.. it's good..

My HR was really cool..In HR they judge your analytical ability.. They check for how you handle stress.. your confidence, communicational skills, presence of mind, overall personality..

me: GOOD AFTERNOON ma'am..
intr: GOOD AFTERNOON.. Have your seat..  
me: thank you ma'am..
(then she asked me to sign a paper)

intr: tell me abut your background, your achievements, your education..
me: told (be cool.. don't get nervous.. they will make it out.. be natural when you answer even if you have prepared the answer before.. relate your strengths with their requirements.. )

intr: tell me about your family background 
me: told (tell how you have learned from your parents.. they don't want to know whether your dad is a doctor or an IAS.. they want to know more of you, so don't boost about your family but tell them what you learned from their experiences)

intr: what sacrifice your parents have made for you..
me: told..

intr: then she asked me to make 8 equilateral triangles from 12 matchsticks..
me: (they don't want your answer, they want to judge you presence of mind and how you handle stress.. jst keep trying until she/he asks you to stop)

intr: tell me about your close friends..
me: told..

intr: how do you update yourself..
me: I'm not that good newspaper reader but I do keep record of what is happening around me through internet and television.. ( Don't lie, if you don't read newspaper it's perfectly fine.. )

intr: If fire catches your house and you have a 20*20 box, what will you take in it..
me: I'll take my certificates and some money in it..
intr: where do you keep all your certificates..
me: told..

intr: if your two close friends utter all bad about you to your project head and you came to know about it from a very reliable source then how will you react..
me: told (see, they do check how you handle situations.. don't mix up professional life with your personal life.)

intr: okay.. BEST OF LUCK..
me: thank you ma'am.. It was nice meeting you..

Important is to be confident, calm, and to impress the panel...

You should know about the capital of all states in India and major countries.. go through headlines (Budget, elections (newly elected chief ministers..), IT sector.. TATA-chorus) they can ask you to mention 25 news.. You should be well aware of names of all ministers..

All questions are from your CV so be through with it.. always back up your strengths and weaknesses with examples..

Finally 52 got selected after HR and I was one of them


This is Tarun Agrawal from ABES Engineering college, Ghaziabad. I appeared for the Infy exam held at IPEC, Ghaziabad on 1st March 2007.

As you all must be knowing, the recent format for the Infy exam is as follows:-
1. Written test
2. HR interview

Written test is in two parts:
1. Aptitude(30 ques, 40 minute)
2. English(40 ques, 35 minute).

Before the commencement of the exam they will ask you to fill up an application form...which asks for a very detailed description about you.. your eyesight and even the last major illness (with date) is asked for.. be careful while filling the columns of your marks and aggregate percentage (till your last semester results) as they ask for it separately.. this particular column creates great confusion and often leads to cuttings in the application form...

The format for the written exam was as follows:
1.Logical Reasoning/ Analytical Reasoning(5 ques)
2.Spot the odd picture out of the given 5 pictures.(5 ques)
3.Data Sufficiency(5 ques)
4.Data Interpretation(5ques)
5.Logical Puzzle(5 ques)
6.Data Deduction/Deductive Reasoning

I advice you all to refer some CAT material such as TIME and CL.. or else please go for Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning by R.S.Aggarwal..but selective topics only..

1.The first question was a bit tricky and required calculations more with brain work rather than paper work...

It was something like this (not exactly this):

At a CL institute there are 4 consulters, 10 conceptors, 4 readers... Each work 10 hours a day. A consultor can frame his part of ques in 1 hour, conceptor- half hour, reader- 1 hour...

A) max how many ques can be framed in a day..?
B) how many ques can be framed if number of readers are increased by 10..?
C) if number of conceptor work is 5 less than the readers work than how many questions framed in one day..?
D) ....(don't remember)
E) .....(don't remember)

2. Spot the odd picture- do good practice from R.S.Aggarwal

3. Data Sufficincy questions are mainly maths based....(you generally don't find maths based questions in RS.Aggarwal.. go for some CAT material)
i).angle ABC of a triangle is right angled..
(a).if other two angles are equal
(b).if some of other two angles is equal to angle ABC
Ans: only (b) require

ii) we can determine the distance between office and house of Mohan?
(a).if mohan travels at a speeed of 30kmph then he reaches office 10 minutes late
(b).if mohan travels at a speed of 40kmph then he reaches office 10 minutes earliar
Ans: both the statement are required

iii). the length of diagonal BD of a rhombus ABCD, where the major diagonal is AC, can be known if: (a).the length AC=10cm
(b).the length CD=6cm
Ans: both are required

iv). in a cyclic quadrilateral ABCD, angle ABC is obtained:
(a).angle BCD is 70 degrees
(b).sum of angle CDB and BCD is 130

v). I don't remember this one....

4. Data Interpretation: there was a simple table for exports from India to various countries... 5 questions based on percentages and additions ... You require fast calculations....(practice R.S.Aggarwal)

5. puzzle type question... ( I don't remember the exact question) but somewhat like... Names of five or six people are given... Few of their interests are mentioned... You have to tell who's who....(R.S.Aggarwal is more than sufficient)

6. Deductive reasoning: questions like.. all pens are pencils... All cups are pens.. then conclusion is.. I:all pencils are pens II: all pencils are cups
For such questions eye on some CAT material... RS is also more than sufficient for this.

English Test:
Two long RCs...10 questions.. Attempt at last if time permits else go for guess work as there is no negative marking..

10 question based on: choose the correct sentence from the given 4 choices.

10 questions based on: choose the best phrase in place of underlined portion of the sentence fron the given 4 choices...(a real tough one and time taking as well..)

5 questions based on: fill in the blanks from the given 4 choices(most easier portion)

5 questions based on: inferential reasoning.... read a paragraph of about three or four sentences then choose the option that supports the paragraph or comdemns the paragraph or is the theme of the paragraph ..etc..(easy one, you can do it..)

For the English test you may brush up with some good CAT material... Moreover you can even skip preparations for this segment. Even I never prepared it beforehand... But guys English Test will really make you sweat if you are not accustomed to English usage... Go for CAT material if you are weak at English...

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