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Home » Placement Papers » Infosys Placement Papers » Infosys Placement Paper 41

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Infosys Placement Paper 41


Infosys Placement Papers

Infosys Paper 10 August 2006 Pune

Hello Friends,
i attempted infy test on 10th august in pune, i cleared paper & awaiting for final result, these r the questions & answers(sure!)
there were 10 puzzles...each of different weightage.
Total no of Students attended: 740
Shortlisted : 97
selected : ?

Time : 1 hour
Total Marks : 50

1. What is X?
Ans. X=4^9

2. A person participated in a cycle race in a circular ground. After some time of pedaling he saw that 1/5 racer in front of him and 5/6 racer on his back. Add up all of them and find how many racer participated in race.
Ans. 31

3. A 5 digit number on which the second digit is 5 more than the first one and the sum of first and second digits are one less than the third digit. the third one is the product of 4th and 5th digits and the 4 th digit is twice of 5 th digit. find that number
Ans. 16842

4. If Allen than Jones & older than George. Mulle is younger Than Davis & older than Farry. Jones is younger than Harry but older than Edward. Like this some more statements are given about 10 peoples age. Who is younger?
Ans. Edward

5. A red color painted Cube cut into equal cubes by 6 cuts. find
(a) 1 side red painted surfaces
(b) 2 side
(c) 3 side
(d) No side
Ans. (a) 6
(b) 12
(c) 8
(d) 1

6. One man start his journey in a car with constant speed. After driving some time he see a mile stone with a two digit no. on it (km)… after one hour driving he see a mile stone with the same digits but in reversed order… again after one hour drive he sees the same no.(both digits) with a 0 in the middle.. find the speed of the car.
Ans: 45km/hr

7. There are group of 5 members A,B,C,D & E
(I) B and C speaks English but when D join them they start Spanish.
(II) A, B & E speaks French.
(III) C & D speaks Italian.
(IV) 3 of them speaks Portugal
(V) Most of the people speaks Spanish
Fifth person speaks 5 languages, 4th person speaks 4 language, 3rd one speaks 3, 2nd person speaks two & last one speak only 1 language. Give the answers
(a) B speaks
(i) French
(ii) French & Spanish
(iii) French, Spanish & English
(iv) French, Spanish, Italian, Portugal & English
Ans: (iv)

(b) C does not speak
(i) French
(ii) Spanish
(iii) Portugal
(iv) Italian
Ans: (i)

(c) E speaks
(i) French & Spanish
(ii) French & Portugal
(iii) French & Italian
(iv) Spanish & Portugal
Ans: (i)

8. Out of 100 peoples in a society, 85 had married, 70 had telephone, 80 had own house, 75 people had car. How many people had all of these… ?
Ans. 5 or 10

9. In a knockout series 100 nations teams participated. How many matches will be played for find out the winner of the series?
Ans. 99

10. Jones & Marry go to market. Jones buy a hat and suit of Rs. 15. Marry purchase a hat of cost equal to price of jones suit.& rest of the price for a new dress. At the time of return after shopping on the way they discuss- Marry says your hat price is 1 more than dress. If we distribute our hate money that we have purchased separately. Mine hat price is 1 & ˝ then your.
(a) How much cost of Jones hat?
(b) How much amount both spent in market?
Ans.(a) 6 Rs.
(b) 22 Rs.

HR interview is very cool. They ask me simple HR question. Well this is all about my Infosys experience. That’s the key I think…iam waiting for my results..
I hope..u’ll pray 4 me….. All The Best
Lokesh Gupta

New Click here to Download 2019 Latest placement papers of this company New



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