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Home » Placement Papers » Infosys Placement Papers » Infosys Placement Paper 47

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Infosys Placement Paper 47


Infosys Placement Papers

INFOSYS - Placement Paper - 27 Aug 2006 - Chennai

1. A round log weighs 30kgs.find the weigh it it weighs twice as that and is twice as short??
Sol: 30kgs(3 marks)

2. If one digit is added to left side of 15 and one more digit to right of 15..this makes four digit and that four digit should be divisible by 15 so how many such 4 digit div by 15 combinations are possible????(4 marks)
Sol: 18(not sure)

3. There are 26 boys and 24 girls and they are splitted into Group A-and Group B- Group A has 30 and Group B has 20 but it is not known that that they r boys or girls???find the no of boys in grp A and B . (din rem properly)(5marks)
Sol: 16..

4. Four family names are given stacy,mandy,robin,erica, and their frends name are given but not in order.flure,clark,miller,jacob( u hav to find which frend belongs to which family) Each frend prepares salad using 3 different fruits. they are(8 marks).given apple, cherry, grape, banana., no two frens uses the same combination.
Various conditions are given and 4 ques asked.
a Which fruit did mandy didn't use?
b Who family does jacob belong to?http://www.vyoms.com
c name the fruits which is commonly used in this data given???
d which fuits did erica used???

5. L M N L M N (8 marks)
+ RS - R S
------------ -----------
find L M N X
sol:9 4 5 6

6. A frog feels down 30ft well so he climbsp up 3 ft daily and loses 2ft as it was slippery during nights in how many days can the frog come out of the well??? (4marks)
Sol:28 days

7: Molly geoffrey and hallman makes some statements each of them makes two correct stmts n 1 wrong statements(6 marks)
Molly says
a.i am younger than hallman
b.geoffrey is 23
c.geoffrey is 3 yr younger than hallman
Hallman says:
a.iam not the youngest
b.molly is 25
c.geoff is 2 yr older than me
Geoffrey says
a.iam 22 Che tanaS
b.hallman is 2 yrs older than me
c.molly is one yr younger than me
Sol:Molly is 22,Geoffrey is 23,HAllman is 25

8. A girl had 3 empty bottles and there was some scheme in store that if u have 5 empty bottles of soda u will get one full bottle so the girl managed to get 77 empty bottles how many full bottle she got?????(4marks)
Sol::: 19

9. Sheep problem 1st enclosure has 75 sheeps 2nd has 255 sheeps and 3rd has 183 sheeps wat is the no of sheeps in 4th enclosure?????(6marks)
Sol: 87

10: some clock problem::
Solicitor:can we meet today 11 hrs after the clock strikes 10 sec an hr (something like that )
MR.X --(3marks)

New Click here to Download 2019 Latest placement papers of this company New



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