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Infosys Placement Paper 65


Infosys Placement Papers

INFOSYS - Placement Paper -27 July 2006-Patiala

I attended the Infosys joint campus on 27th july in chitkara college, Dist.Patiala. I cleard the written test n d iterview wz on next day at sec-8, chandigarh.
Regardin test, out of 10 questions, 8 were frm d previous papers.
These are:-

Q:1 (Repeated one)A person gets his old book binded. but he finds that the page numbers are cut off.so he starts numbering the pages. During the process he find that 3 is encountered 61 times. Can u tell, how many pages were there in book?
Sol:- 300 pages..(My answer wz a bit incorrect. I wrote 301)

Q:2 (a new one) a,b,c are eating pizza at buffet. A makes 2.4 times as many visits as b, & c makes 6 more visits than b. find total number of visits made by 3 of them?
Sol:- 28 visits(sure)(try to form an eqn by takin d no of trips to b a whole no ..an easy one)

Q:3 a new ques..sorry dnt remmbr..

Q:4 (the same murderer, hangman, police, victim.. problem-problem to find who z who)
There are 6 people- W,H,M,C,G,F. they are Murderer, Victim, Judge, Police, Witness, Hangman.The Murderer Was later Hanged.
1)M knew both Murderer and the Victim.Ch eta naS
2)Judge asked C to Discribe the Murder incident.
3) W was Last to see F alive.
4) police Found G at the Murder site.
5) H and W have never met.
Find who is who? they asked only Who is Murderer
Sol:Sorry again, i dint attemptd dat.bt solution is provided in previous papers

Q:5 If I *I = ME. ME*ME = SHE. Find the value of SHE. All alphebets represent different numbers.
Sol: 256(sure)

Q:6 Jack, Daug and Ann, 3 Chledren hadrunning race while returning from school. Mom asked who won the race. Then Jack replied, "I want tell u. I will give u clue.
* When Ann takes 28 steps. Daug take 24 steps, meantime I take 21 steps. Jack explained that his 6 steps equals Daug's 7 steps & Ann's 8 steps. Who won the Race?

Q:7 Then there was magician problem. We ve to calculate age of magician. Simple. "How old are you,Alchemerion?" asked one of the wizards apperences. the wizards answer with a riddle,"I am still Very young as wizards go.I am only three times my son's age. My father is 40 year more than twice of my age.Together the three of us are a 1240 year old".how old is Alchemerion?
sol: 360(sure)

Q:8 There are 3 tribes - sororreans,who always speak truthfully, Narrorean-always false and Midoreans-truth and false alternatively.
A: 1) I am a sororean.
2) B is Narorean.
B: 1) I am Midorean.
2) C is Narorean.
C: 1) I am Sarorean.
2) A is Narorean.
Find who is who?
Sol: C is sorean.B is Narorean, & A is midororea

Q:9 An 8 mark ques-A jeweller makes a window display. he has 7 gems of which he needs to display 6. three on the left side of the pane on three on the right. with following conditions. let the gems be Armanet, diamond, emerald , sapphire , garnet, opal and ruby. armanet should be always displayed on left side diamond always on the right ruby should not be kept with diamond or garnet. emerald and sapphire should always be on the same side.
1]what are the possible combinations on the possible for left pane.
a] armanet,garnet , opal
b] armanet, ruby, garnet
c] diamond, emerald , sapphire
d] armanet , emerald, garnet

2]what are the possible combinations on the possible for right pane.
a]diamond, garnet , opal
b]diamond, ruby, opal
c]armanet,emerald, sapphire

3]if garnet, diamond, opal are on the right side what is possible option for right side.

4]if armanet, ruby, opal are on the left side what is possible option for left side.
a]diamond, garnet, emerald
b]diamond, sapphire, garnet
c]garnet, sapphire, emerald
d]diamond, emerald, sapphire

Ans 1]a 2]a] 3]c 4]d

Q:10 It wz like d watch defect problem.A clock,a watch ,an alarm cock wid their different speeds relative to each other..Sorry,cant recollect d ques correctly n completly..

Interview wz on next day at 9:20 am.bt my turn came at arnd 10:30 am
It wz a ne-to-one HR interview. d Interviewer wz a sikh of arnd 50-55 age.

I:may I Come in sir
I wishd him n he told me to hv a seat

Hr:so,u r frm chandigarh?

Hr:(He wz readn my form n askd some ques regardn dat)..SO,TELL ME SOMETHNG ABT URSELF IN 2 MIN..
I: told briefly wat i hd prepared b4..he wz satisfied wid dat

Hr:You hv participated in technical quiz, paper presentation n creative writing..what z dis creative writn?
I:i told abt dat..
Hr:u hv participatd in many competitions, bt u dont hv any ceriticates for dat?
I: I said dat i hv participated whereever i get a chance..I hv tried in every competition. but cudnt get any position in dat..bt i hv shown my participation to d best level.

HE:cn u explain Brnoulli's principle?
I:i tried to recollect all related to dat topic.bt i told dat its related to somewhat liquid n fluid..dats wat i told him.

He then askd me is it applicable in our daily life?
i replied in a positive manner..

He then askd me a puzzle.
HR(pointin towards a glass full of water):cn u find the weight of dis glass?
I:told to put dat on weighn pan..

He said if not hvn weign pan, hw wud u calculate dat?
I:i told dat frm dimensions, i wud calculate the volume of cylinder as d glass is a cylindrical shape..
He then interrupted dat isnt it a cube?
I told dat dis izn't a cube bt a cylinder..

He wz somewat impressed.
Den i told d volume of dat wud giv me d capacity of glass.n by adding d weight of empty glass(if i know earlier), i wud add to it d volume.
DIs wud gv me d entire weight

he askd me the name of President of India?
I answered

He asked: Vice-president
I cudnt collect his name at dat spur ..n said i doon know sir
He askd me the capital of karnataka
I told correct..

Then he askd me abt my hobbies.
I told internet surfin, watchn tv n bla blah..
he then raisd a ques frm dat n askd me which news channel i prefrebly watch n suddenly he took d topic to Prince incident n abt d role of media in public in dat
I told dat media hs plyd a gr8 role without dat we wud'nt be able to watch this latest breakin incident
he (askd a ques):Is d prince only child on earth who z starving?many thousands of children r starvn bt nobody cares for them
i:i replied dis ans by giv d whole credit to media..i told dat if media wud publicize the other starvin children, everybody wud bring forward to help..
bt v r nt gettn info abt them, so hw can v help them?

He agreed to my point..
In the end he askd me to question anythng to him..
I askd him dat i hv heard abt d quote line of infosys i.e. driven by C values..
I askd him abt d meaning of dat C
he said i dont knw n askd if there z any other ques?
I said no sir,,
He then askd me to leave
I thanked him n came out..
I m prayn to god krishna ..plz wish me luck dat i wud get thru it
Best Wishes

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