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Infosys Placement Paper 71


Infosys Placement Papers

INFOSYS - Placement Paper -16 July 2006-Delhi

On 16th july I gave Infosys puzzle and English test. Almost 1500 to 2000 candidates were there. I was one amongst 350 who cleared the test. Interview held for two days, 17th and 18th. I was first to give interview on 18th. It started near 9:30 am. Before getting inside the room I took a deep breath and put a big smile on my face.

Me: May I come in sir.
He: Yes please.
Me: Good Morning, Sir.
He: Good Morning. Please be seated.
Me: Thank you sir.
He: So Amit, is this your first interview for Infosys.
Me: yes sir.
He: Amit, Please sign here.
He: So, Amit, you are a post-graduate.
Me: yes sir.
He: You have done M.Tech.
Me: No sir, MCA
He: MCA???
Me: Master of computer applications.
He: ok. And u did B. Tech.
Me: No sir, its B.Sc. comp. sc.
He: O. what is the college name? Govt...
Me: sir, its govt. p.g. college, karnal.
He: and u did m. tech. from doon....
Me: MCA sir, from Doon valley institute, karnal.

He: Amit, this is a water bottle. What 5 information can u find out from it.
Me: ok, this is of kinley company..
He: kinely company..
Me: I mean, this is kinley product of coca-cola company.
He: ok, then
Me: It follows ISI standards.
He: hmm..
Me: It is ozonized.
He: what is an ozonized drinking water.
Me: it must be having more oxygen than usual.
He: ok, go ahead
Me: I can tell ingredients of this mineral water.
He: mineral water?? This is not mineral water. This is packaged drinking water.
Me: o ic.
He: What is a mineral water.
Me: It must contain some minerals good for health.
He: ok.

He: Amit, can u make 100 from 6 nines.. I mean...
Me: you mean there are 6 times nine.
He: yes
Me: can I take some time.
He: yes
99+9/9+9-9=100 (instantly)
Me: sir, I have done it.
He: ok good.

He gave me a 7x7 square puzzle.
He: can u find out what is the problem in this solution.
Me: let me see.
I took time,
He: ok leave it. So, you don't have a passport?
Me: I have applied for one.

He: ok Amit, give me three reasons why infosys should hire you?
Me: My technical knowledge is good, I am hard-working..
He: Amit, what do you think, hard-work is important or intelligence.
Me: mmmm, intelligence is more important. But I think, whatever you do, it should be good for country, humanity and society.
He: good, then
Me: and Infosys needs me.
He: hmm..

He: Amit, do you follow current affairs?
Me: No sir, I generally look for technical news.
He: No current affairs?
Me: Not much. I read newspaper daily but I follow technical news mainly.
He: Ok, tell me the difference between CD and DVD.
Me: can I use the paper.
He: ya sure.
I made a diagram of internal structure of CD.
Me: These pits and falls spacing is compact in DVD. That's why it can store more data.
He: what is the newer version of DVD?
Me: Blu-ray disc.
He: which company made it?
Me: It is a Japanese company.
He: Japanese company??? Ok, there also came a version of dvd after blu-ray.
Me: yes sir, actually I don't remember the name.
He: its HD DVD.Ch eta naS
Me: ya, High Definition DVD.
He: what is its capacity?
Me: Its more than 50 GB.
He: yes, its near 52 GB. Good.

He: Amit, do you watch films?
Me: Not often.
He: Do you watch TV?
Me: yes sir.
He: what do you watch on TV. Me: mainly comedy programs and movies.
He: why do you watch comedy.
Me: I don't like that drama stuff.
He: which was the last comedy film you watched? Film?
Me: Hera-Pheri, two days back.
He: Phir Hera Pheri?
Me: No sir, hera pheri, old one.
He: who made that film?
Me: Priyadarshan.
He: can u tell me another film of Priyadarshan?
Me: Sirf Tum.
He: Sirf Tum? Was it made by Priyadarshan.
Me: yes sir, starring sanjay kapoor and priya gill.
He: ok.

He: ok Amit, best of luck.
Me: Thankyou, sir.
He: Do you want to ask something.
Me: when will the results be out?
He: You wil know within 2 to 3 weeks. We'll send a hard copy to your place and a soft copy on your e-mail id. Have u given your email id?
Me: yes sir.
Me: Nice meeting you.
He smiled..
I went out..
Had a cold-drink..
And went home.

I'm selected and got call letter on 7-Aug-2006.
(Paper Submitted By : Amit)

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