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Home » Placement Papers » Infosys Placement Papers » Infosys Placement Paper 72

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Infosys Placement Paper 72


Infosys Placement Papers

INFOSYS - Placement Paper - 16 July 2006-Chennai

1) A dice is to made in such a way dot 1 & 6, 2&5, 3&4 are always opposite to each other. find the no. of ways to make such a die?
Answer:: 24 ways

2) speed from a to b is 12 kmph and from b to a is 4 kmph. what is average speed ?
Answer:: 2xy/(x+y)...

3) John wanted to send his companies brousher to the people in his address book so he gave this job of sending the broachers to michel who playfully took the list of address and started sending it in the following manner:: he took first, dropped the next, he picked the third then dropped the next two consecutive cards...and so on... then the last cad was exactly the last one in the stack...he sent to exactly to 5% of the total no. of people i the list.... find how many did michel sent?
Answer:: 20 cards.

4) Temperatures of two Systems were given 14 degrees in A is equivalent to 36 in B s, 133 in A s equivalent to 87 in B...At what temp. both the systems would be equal?
Answer:: 52.5

5) A software Engineer returns from America. As he s fat he decided to have evening walk...he started at 3 p.m, he walks along a flat road at 4 km/hr for some time he climbs uphill at 3 km/hr then on return he walked at speed of 6 km/hr ...again at 4 km/hr...he returned at 9 pm. find the distance covered by him one way.
Answer:: let plain road is=xkm
total time of walk =9-3=6hrs
that is
x/4+y/3+y/6+x/4= 6
thus one way distance =12 km

6) a)1, 2, 3, 5, 16,_ Answer:: 231
b)1, 2, 3, 8,_, 224 Answer:: 27

7) A jig-saw puzzle has 100 pieces, in how many steps can the puzzle be solved.

8) A jeweler makes a window. He has 7 gems of which he needs to display 6, three on left side of the pane and 3 on right, Armnet, diamond, emerald, sapphire, garnet opal, ruby... few conditions were given, actually the problem is simple..
Answer:: a, a, b, e

9) In a certain Village the males speak only truth and females alternate between truth and lies (if a women tells truth first she would speak lie the next and so on...) this follows with boys and girls. I went and asked a child n the party "Kibi are u boy or girl"... Kibi replied "I am a boy", one of the parents told "kibi s lying", another told "kibi s a girl"... tell kidi s boy r girl, which parent spoke first.
Answer :: Kibi s a girl, father spoke first.

10)one watch gains 1minute/hr another watch loses 2minute/hr. in how much time the difference of time between them would be one hour.
Answer :: 20 hrs

Then their was 30 min English verbal... it will be very simple but get little prepared with grammer and other general english things but a student with average english knowledge could easily get through ....
few words from my experience s that for infosys test dont get tensed seeing the crowd and kindly prepare from previous years papers thts more than enough...

New Click here to Download 2019 Latest placement papers of this company New



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