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Home » Placement Papers » Infosys Placement Papers » Infosys Placement Paper 80

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Infosys Placement Paper 80


Infosys Placement Papers

INFOSYS-Placement Paper-05 July 2006

The following process took place
I. Aptitude

1. A man walks at 4 km/hr on plain road.. he walks over a cliff for 3 km/hr.. when he returned he walked down the cliff at 6km/hr and walked on the plain at 4 km/hr.. totally the journey took place for 6 hrs.. what is the distance covered by the man while going.. Ans-12km

2. In a company the average age of women is 32 and average age of men is 35.. if the average age of all the workers in the company is 33, find the ratio of ages of women to men in that company? Ans-1:2

3. If there are 100 balls in a box.. 20 white 20 black 20 green 20 blue and 20 red balls.. some probability problem.. I don't remember it exactly..

4. There is a cathedral tower 200 ft high.. there is a radio tower 150ft high.. the distance between the two towers is 250ft.. two pigeons were thr on top of each building..some grains were thr on the road between the towers.. the two pigeons started at the same time and traveled at the same speed.. they both reached the grain at the same time.. find the distance at which the grain is there from the cathedral tower.. Ans-90ft

5. Some logical reasoning problem.. six person were there police, judge, murderer, victim, witness, hangman.. their names were given.. certain conditions were there.. have to find out who is who.

6. Age of the wife is the reverse of age of husband.. age of husband is more than age of wife.. the difference between their ages is one eleventh of sum of their ages.. what is the age of husband and wife.? Ans- 54,45

7. Again some logical reasoning question involving three tribes.. I don remember sorry

8. Another logical reasoning question with some poets.. very easy one..

9. Another easy logical reasoning problem involving two robbers a blackmailer and a forger.. have to find out who is a forger.. its very easy..

10. I forgot this last question sorry..

I got selected in the aptitude round.. the verbal part was very easy.. they kept the interview on the same day itself..

In HR he asked me to tel about myself.. then he asked why I chose this field.. then he gave two puzzles.. I solved one.. he asked a question based on situation.. then checked the creativity.. mainly they don't see whether you solve or not.. they just see your approach towards it.. also they are very particular about the communication level.. try to stay cool and communicate properly and clearly.. don't be nervous.. all the best..

New Click here to Download 2019 Latest placement papers of this company New



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