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Home » Placement Papers » Infosys Placement Papers » Infosys Placement Paper 88

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Infosys Placement Paper 88


Infosys Placement Papers

INFOSYS-Placement Paper-23 June 2006-Vijayawada

1.I multiplied with I gives 81 which is equals to ME, multiplied with ME gives SHE. What is the value of SHE? (ans:256)[FOR 3 MARKS]

2. A cube painted with red on all sides, should be cut into 125 smaller cubes. How many number of --------- are there?
3 side red painted cubes
2 side red painted cubes
1 side red painted cubes
0 side red painted cubes.
What is the probability for having a cube on the top, which is painted with red after the bag, is shaken well. [FOR 8 MARKS]

3. Four girls A,B,C,D from four families P,Q,R,S have prepared fruit salad using four fruits Apple, Grapes, Bananas, Cherries. No two girls used the same combination of fruits. A used apples, C and S's girl used Cherries and Bananss, B used apples and grapes,.... like that some conditions were given and 5 questions were asked.
A belongs to which family?
What is the combination of fruits used by A?
Like that... [FOR 8 MARKS]

4. Problem on ages: easy

5. Robin, jim jack, louise, smith participated in a race. Jim is after jack, john is not last, louise lost to jim and next to jack,... given like that,.who won?

6. 5 players returning from Olympic games said like this
A: B is not last
C: A was after E
D: E was second
E: .............Like that
But the gold and silver medallists told false because of some reasons, the worst players said the truth. What is the correct order? Be careful with this kind of problem.

7. series problem:
3,6,13,26,33,66,----- (ans:73)
364,361,19,16,4,1,---- (ans:-2)

8. in a cricket match sachin scored 78 more than azhar, jadeja and dravid scored 96, sachin scored fewer than dravid, robin and dravid together scored 87,.. Like that what is the total score? EASY. Using venn diagrams may make it critical, just add/substract using all the equations, just simple one.
I don't remember remaining...


hi can u sovle the puzzle
In a match Sachin scores 78 runs more than azhar,dravid's score exceeds azhars score by 76 runs.
total of azhar's and robins runs is 94.robin exceeds jadeja s score by 26 and dravid exceeds
robins score by 26 runs. Calculate the total scor


Azar =A
Robin =R
Accoding to the problem the equations are:
1) S-A=78 2)D-A=76 3) A+R=94 4) R-J=26 5)D-R=26
So. 5 eqation ---- 5 unknows
1. solve eqa 2 and 5 gives 6. R-A=50
2. solve eqa 3 and 6 gives R=72 and A=22
3. substitute value of A in equ 1 S=100
4. substitute value of A in equ 2 D=98
5. substitute value of R in eqa 4 j=46
6. Add everyones score -------- Total=338


New Click here to Download 2019 Latest placement papers of this company New



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