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Infosys Placement Paper 92


Infosys Placement Papers

INFOSYS-Placement Paper-25 June 2006-Hyderabad

The written exam consists of 2 papers a.) Puzzles and b.) English.
If you clear the Puzzle paper cutoff, your chances of making it to Infosys become 90% because they tend to filter out a major chunk in their written exam. Following were the questions which I got in my paper.
1.) The time taken by a Passenger train to overtake a Freight train is twice of what it takes for the Passenger Train to pass the Freight Train when they are in opposite direction. What is the relation between their Velocities?
Solution: Let Vp -> Velocity of Passenger Train
Let Vf -> Velocity of Passenger Train
t1 = 2t2
Therefore d/(Vp-Vf)=2d/(Vp+Vf)

2.) A Numismatist has a collection of coins. Before dying, he distributed half of them to his first son, 1/4th of them to his 2nd son, 1/5th of them to his 3rd son and his 4th son was left with 49 coins. How many coins did the Numismatist have?
Solution: Let X be the number of coins.
x/2 + x/4 + x/5 + 49 = x;

3.) A cube is painted red outside from all its sides and then cut into 27 equal cubes. Find
a.) number of cubes with 3 faces painted red
b.) number of cubes with 2 faces painted red
c.) number of cubes with 1 faces painted red
d.) number of cubes with 0 faces painted red
a.) 8 b.) 12 c.) 6 d.) 1

4.) Mary had some amount of money in her purse and she went out. She first spent half of her money in shopping and then donated a rupee to a beggar. Then from the remaining money she spent half of her money in dining and gave Rs 2 to the waiter. From the remaining money she invested half the money and brought flowers and finally she had 1 Rs left. [The question is something like this..I am not sure about the figures]. You are supposed to find the actual amount of money Mary had with her in the end.
The correct answer was 42 Rs..I am not sure about the exact figures so I don't want to give the solution here.

5.) An overweight man wanted to reduce his weight. So he set out walking at 3 PM in the afternoon and walked on a plain road at the speed of 4 Km/hr and then climbed a hill at the speed of 3 Km/hr. He then walked down the same hill at a speed of 6 Km/hr and walked back on the plain road to his house at the speed of 4 Km/hr and reached his home at 9 PM. Find the distance traveled by him one way.
Solution: Let the distance on plain surface be x
Let the distance on mountain be y
SO x/4+y/3+y/6+x/4=6
So x/2+y/2=6
So x+y=12.
Answer = 12.

6.) Find the 10 digit number in which the 1st digit represents the number of 1's, 2nd digit represents the number of 2's, 3rd digit represents the number of 3's....9th digit represents the number of 9's and the 10t digit represents the number of 0's.
Solution: [By trial and error method]
The remaining 4 questions are logic based

7.) There are some lodges and a finite number of men associated with each lodge. The following three conditions are to be satisfied
a.) A Lodge must have exactly 3 men associated with it
b.) Every man must be associated with exactly 2 lodges
c.) Any 2 lodges must have exactly 1 man common between them.
Find number of men and number of lodges.
Solution: Take 2 lodges to begin with L1 and L2.
Let A, B and C be associated with L1.
Since L1 and L2 need to have one man common, we will assume that A is common.
So A belongs to L2 along with D and E.
So L2 has A, D and E.
Now take another lodge L3 and take B as one of its elements so that B is common to both L1 and L3.
Now let D be its next element so that D is common to both L2 and L3.
Now you have to fill one more person. So let that be F in L3. So finally L3 will have B, D and F.
Now take another lodge L4, and check out for the letters in the previous 3 lodges which occur only once, you will find that C, E and F are d letters. So L4 will have C, E and F. Hence finally
L1 -> A, B, C
L2 -> A, D, E
L3 -> B, D, F
L4 -> C, E, F
The above solution satisfies all the required conditions.

8.) 6 people lettered L, M, N, O, P & Q are given. And their relationships with each other are given. In the end you are asked questions like Who is the father of P etc etc.

9.) 4 friends Jack, Al, Tom and Dick go out for fishing. Jack ends up catching more fishes than Tom. The total number of fishes caught by Dick and Tom is more than the total caught by Tom and Jack. Similarly another statement is given and in the end you need to arrange the people in the decreasing order of the fishes they have caught.

10.) 5 people are given along with their professions in a jumbled order. A series of clues are given regarding them. In the end you need to find out the person and his profession.
This paper was followed by an English paper which wasn't very difficult. 45 questions are to be answered in 30 minutes. 30-35 questions normally revolve around basic grammar which is way too easy. 5-10 questions are GRE type..but then you don't have to worry about it. Make sure you do well with the puzzles.
Above exam was written by 1265 students and only 195 were short-listed for the HR Interview. So you can clearly see that Infosys tends to chuck out close to 80-85% of the people in the written round itself. The HR interview for 80 students was conducted that evening itself and the remaining students were called back again on June 26th (Monday). I was one of those called on Monday, so I had sometime to come back home and prepare for the interview. I did not do any serious preparation; I just visited this website again and went through the types of questions being asked.

M -> Me; HR -> Interviewer.

M: Good Morning Sir.
HR: Good Morning , Can I have your resume and Mark sheets?
M: Sure Sir and I handed them over to him.
[I had mentioned reading books as one of my hobbies so he asked]
HR: What kind of books do you read?
M: Mainly Biographies/Autobiographies of Sportspersons.
HR: Which one inspired you the most?
M: Biography on Rahul Dravid by Vedam Jaishankar.
HR: What did you learn from that? Ch eta naS
[I told hard work, dedication, blah blah blah..Then I had mentioned "Good Leadership Skills and ability to work well in a team" as my Strengths in my resume]
HR: How do you illustrate that you are a good leader?
[I talked about my paper presentation at IIT Roorkee, talked about how we had worked as a team blah blah..then he asked me a few things about my paper which I told. Then he asked me a few questions about my family.

After that he handed me a piece of paper on which he had some topics and I was supposed to choose one and talk on that for a minute. I was delighted to see "FIFA World Cup 2006" as the 1st topic and there was a bright smile on my face. I readily agreed to talk on that and talked decently well.
After that he gave me a puzzle, where in a figure was given and I had to divide it into 4 equal parts. I was trying and he hardly gave me 30 seconds and then he asked me if I wanted to ask him anything regarding the Infosys training. I had nothing to ask about the training so just as a formality I asked "What qualities would he expect me to have if I go on to get selected?" He answered that I should have a clear mind and I should be hard working. He then wished me all the best and asked me to leave.
The results were announced at around 4 PM in the evening. 151 out of 195 short-listed for the HR Interview had made it and I was one of them. You can clearly see that close to 75% short-listed for the Interview were selected. So if you make it to the Interview round you can safely assume that your chances of getting selected are pretty healthy. Another advantage for me was that I got a relatively cool HR who I must say helped building my confidence. He was really friendly..which was not really the case with my friends' Interviews. But then even my friends got selected. So it is all about how confident you are in what you say. Don't get into an argument with the HR guy..but then don't succumb to whatever he says..if you are confident about something then carry on with what you think. Don't talk about things that you are not clear about. Always have a solid reason to whatever you say.

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