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Home » Placement Papers » Infosys Placement Papers » Infosys Placement Paper 93

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Infosys Placement Paper 93


Infosys Placement Papers

INFOSYS-Placement Paper-25 June 2006-Narsapur

1000 written. 190 short listed. 150 were selected.
**** Written Test has got 5 ques repeated from previous papers (must solve previous papers)


First they will give one form and ask u fill it (B careful, because they ask ques from this in HR)

Next they will give question paper with answer booklet (step by step procedure is must) (English paper is given after this paper is completed)
Caution: Attempt all ques (10 questions are given). After 1hr your ques paper is taken and u'll have only answer booklet)

Next English paper is given. Very easy. No -ve marks (30 min)

For English (Don't' start with paragraph, If u do so you will have ur time ended up here) So start from last section and move further. Then 15 or 20 min is enough. Now again go back to ur puzzles paper and try to solve as many ques as possible (Remember now you have no question paper. So write necessary data in the 1st hr while trying for the problem itself)

You have 4 options 4 al the questions..read al the options b4 choosing the answer.

1. 1 passage and 4 questions related 2 that..
[4 such type,read the questions b4 u read the passage.it'l help u 2 save time]
2. some questions based on tenses.
3. some questions based on spelling mistakes..very easy part..
4. some questions 2 choose the correct meaning of the phrase..
5. some fill ups were there with choices

Question paper

1. if a cube of 27 meter *meter*meter painted red from out side, if it cut (rep)
into 27 equal part , then how many cubes were there (8 marks)
(a) no face painted -------------------------ans 1
(b) only one face painted--------------------ans 6
(c) only two faces painted..........................ans 12
(d) three faces painted..............................ans 8

2. A person distributes his amount as 1/2th to his 1st son,1/4th to his second son.1/5th to his 3rd son. The amount left is Rs.49/-.Find amount.

3. A person starts walking at 3pm and walks 3kmph on plane ground ,climbs up with 4kmph and climbs down with 6kmph and walks for 2kmph and finally reaches his destination at 9pm.How distance is traveled by him? (numericals changed)(rep)
x/3+y/4+y/6+x/2 = 9-3=6 where x is distance walked on plane,y is distance walked on hill. Solve it. Find value of x+y over.

4. Blood Relations ( 3 bits- 6 marks)

5. (Repeated) A 10 digit no. has its first digit equal to the no. of 1's , second digit equal to no. of 2's ....till 9th digit equal to no. of 9's and 10th digit equal to no. of 0's. What is the number ?? (6 marks)
Ans. 2100010006

6.. (Not exactly but similar problem )
A lady was out for shopping. She gave half of her money to a beggar and gave 1 cent to the begger. futher she gave half of her remaining money and gave 2 cents to 2nd beggar . futher she gave half of remaining money to third beggar gave 3 cents more to same beggar. now she is left with 1 cent. how much she had in the beginning? Ans 42 cents

7.Time and Distance train problem (3marks) A passenger train takes twice as time to cross fast train in opposite direction....

8.Lodges persons some conditions and we have to find no of Lodges, Persons. (3 marks)

9.Some conditions were given similar to problems as in GeorgeSummers(8 marks) Find who's who

10. 4 friends went to catch fish.Tom has more than john
Tom +Arvind=John+Ravi........... (4 marks)
Arrange them in descending order

HR (Don't forget to sign ur resume)

I was not asked a single question from Technical side. Be cool. I had all unexpected questions. But tried to answer as much as possible. For every point try to get an example academics and non academics.
Only question which I prepared got is "Do you go to Mohali if we want you to go"
1. Do u have any brother?
2. What's he doing?
3. Explain how r u a self starter(from resume)
4. ExtraCurricular Activities
5. About my father
6. Speak 1min on the topics given or any ur topic (depends on HR person).
FIFA-2006, Role of Women in Defence, Alternative Sources of Fuel, BPO, TATA 1lakh car Che tanaS
7. 2 puzzles were given
Place 5 2rupee coins such that each coin touches every other coin ( I think its not possible)
2 plastic pieces were given. Asked to make a pyramid (U can get in Magic Box sold at exhibitions)
For my friends they asked match stick puzzles( Shakuntala Devi and some stuff on net)
8.Any Questions to ask?

Friends they see your approach. Not your answer. Also maintain good eye contact. Clean your nails. Appear neatly with any light coloured dress. Don't change your answers. Try to fill in the form what exactly u have in your resume.

And last but not the least : Good Communication

New Click here to Download 2019 Latest placement papers of this company New



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