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Home » Placement Papers » Infosys Placement Papers » Infosys Placement Paper 78

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Infosys Placement Paper 78


Infosys Placement Papers

INFOSYS-Placement Paper-21 June 2006-Pune

Here are the details :
Pattern :

Aptitude test - 10 questions 55 marks 1 hour
English test - 45 questions 45 marks Half an hour

Aptitude test : 8 out of ten questions were repeated from last questions papers. All repeated ones are available on this site with answers. I have just copied them here all together.

1. Due to some defect in our elevator, I was climbing down the staircase. I had climbed down just 7 steps when I saw professor Zorkoski on the ground floor. Continuing to walk down, I greeted him & I was surprised to see that when I was yet to get down 4 steps to reach the ground floor, professor had already finished the climbing up 2 steps for every 1 of mine. How many steps did the staircase have? (6M) Ans: 7 X 4
From figure, equation becomes : 7 X 4 = 2X => X = 11 => Total number of steps = 7 11 4 = 22

2. Find the values of X, Y, Z & B using following equations. Substitute values from 0 to 9 without repetition. (4M) X Y G X Y G - A B A B -----C D E F B G A Ans: 9 4 5 9 4 5 - 7 8 7 8 ---- 0 2 3 8 6 7

3. Solve Series. (6M) a) 10.7.8,_,12,9 Ans: ?11 b) 46656, 3125, 256,27,_,1 Ans:4

4. A cyclist is cycling in a circular path.he is at some point on the path, at that point 1/5th of the cyclists infront of him and 5/6th back to him gives the total number of clyclists participating in the race. What is the total number of cyclists? Ans:32

5. A man starts walkin at 3pm from his home. He walks at 4km/hr thru plains and climbs a hill at 3km/hr. he climbs down at 6km/hr and walks back at 4km/hr thru the same path. He reaches back home at 9pm. What is the distance he covered in one way? Ans: x - distance thru plain, y - distance thru hill x/4 y/3 y/6 x/4 = 9-3 = 6 xy = 12km

6.There are 5 girls A,B,C,D,E belongs to P,Q,R,S,T families has to make a fruit salad with a mixer of Apples,Oranges,grapes,Cherrys. They have to use min of 3 fruits but no one use same combination. Regarding this 4 Questions (I dont remember actually) (8M)

7. There are two trains. One from New York to Washington and second from Washington to New York. The total journey to a destination takes 5 hours. A train from New York to Washington leaves on hour at every hour The train from Washington to New York leaves an hour and on half an hour. How many trains will be passing if you are traveling from New York to Washington? Answer: 19 trains (sure)

8. A man asks a farmer how many ducks and pigs he has. The farmer replies there 60 eyes and 86 feets out there. So how many ducks and pigs are there?

9. Some 4 names and their nicknames were given. And some 4 contidions were given and we have to find which person has what nickname. (I think this was a new question) Ans. It was easy to solve. The best method to solve such problems is to solve using Truth tables.

10. Sorry I dont remember, but it was a new one.

Some Tips :

1. please take care that you write rough work properly because there are no options and even though your answer might be wrong, infy might shortlist you if your method was correct to solve the problem.
2. Start be solving question which you know you can do it.
3. In the rough work, write the question number accordingly.
4. You have to attach the copies of your all marksheets with the form and answer sheet, so keep it ready with you.

English test :

This was very easy. The passage was like even 5th standard student could have solved. (In passage, first read questions and then start reading passage. Dont just read entire passage)

In the English section there were the following types of questions -
1. Reading comprehension ( A very large passage was given.)
2. Sentence completion.
3. Error detection in sentences.
4. Fill in the gaps with appropriate words ( Prepositions etc.)
5. On Tense and Narration change.
6. Meanings of phrases.

Interview :

This was very casual. No need to worry. Just be confident and have smile on your face. The first question asked to me was "Talk about yourself". Keep prepared this answer. Also, some common questions were "Why Infy?", "How will you manage in team", "Strengths and Weeknesses". Then one or two simple puzzels are asked. Luckily they didnt ask me any puzzle. One good incident happened with me was, when I shook hands with the mam in the end, I did it very lightlly (by just holding her fingers) and she replied "This is not a good handshake" and laughed. So you shake your hands stongly.

New Click here to Download 2019 Latest placement papers of this company New



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