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Kanbay Placement Paper


Kanbay paper

Kanbay 28.3.2004


1)What is implied in the following sentence, 
During war the two countries formed allied. 
I)There was war 
II)the two countries are companions 
a)I only b)II only c)I & II both d)neither I or II 

2)what is the conclusion from the following sentence 
A group of people are rich 
A group of people are educated 
I)Rich are educated 
II)A group of people are neither rich or educated 
a)I only b)II only c)both I & II d)none of these 

3)what is implied from the following 
All fathers are sons 
No father is educated 
I)All sons are educated 
II)All fathers are uneducated 
a)I only b)II only c)I & II both d)neither I or II 

4)All Donkey are Elephant 
All Elephants are Cat 

a)All Cats are elephant 
b)All Elephants are donkey 
c)All cats are Donkey 
d)All Donkeys are cat 

i)only a ii)only b & c iii)all the above iv)a,b&c (i'm not sure of 
the answer & option) 

4 set of words are given out of which one is oddman,find it? 

5) a)sigh b)cough c)talk d)sniff 

Two question in which 4 option of jumble words are given find 
the oddman out 

6) a)llatfoob b)rictek c)llasm d)nisnet 
(Except one all are representing games football,cricket & tennis) 

7)(I don't remember) 

8)ABCD are on the 4 corner of the square each has to pass the sides 
of a square once 
they move in clockwise direction which one is true 
ans... B is south-east of D 

9)On seeing a portray a person says "he is the son of my father,my 
father has only one daughter" 
How many children does the person's father have 
ans)cann't be determined 

10)Average of three numbers A,B,C is 17 when A is replaced by D the 
average increases by 2 
what is the value of D? 
ans) d. 
a)16 b)18 c)12 d) none of these 

Mr.Mukherjee has two sons Ashok,Sham.Mr & Mrs sharma have 2 
children Rekha & Anand 
If Rekha is married to sham & they have 2 children priya & Kamal 

11)how is anand related to priya 
a)uncle b)maternal uncle c)brother d) none of these 

12)Question from the same passage 

Two cubes are kept togeather that it has two faces and 6 sides 
they are brushed with red paint 
then it was cut into 25 pieces 

13)How many side of the cube will have atleast 2 side painted 

14)How many side would not have only one side painted 

15)If two days from tommorow is thursday then what will be 2 days 
before yesterday 
a)Friday b)Saturday c)Sunday d)none of these 

16)What is the day on 1978 jan 12 
a)Monday b)Tuesday c)friday d)wednesday 

17)Find the number in the space 

4 3 8 
9 ? 1 
2 7 6 

a)4 b)5 c)2 d)none of these 

In the below question the Facts are not Exactly the same but it's the 
same type 

a&b play hockey and football .d&c play football & tennis . b&c play 
Cricket & tennis 
c&a play hockey and tennis. 
based on these 2 question like 

18)who play all the four games 

19)Who play hockey,tennis and football 
(i am not sure with the question) 

Here if a is true then answer is c. 
if both a&b are true then answer is b. 
if b is true then answer is d. 
if both are wrong then answer is a. 

20,21 & 22 are like this type 

20)If the flight starts at Hong kong at 1 am local time it reach 
london 7pm 
find the travel time? 
a)it takes 7 hours to reach from Hongkong to London 
b)in Hong kong it is 7am local time 
(i am not sure with timing and the question exactly same) 

21) 22) 

23)If Kamal is coded as IVSVT then what is VIMAL 

24)Series question like 1,5,11,......... 
(not sure) 

25) _11_11_01_01_01 
a)00000 b)01110 
c)10001 d)11111 
like this type of question 

26)like the above type another question 
with alphabets 

27) 28) 29) 30) 


1)An unbiased coin is tossed 8 times what is the probability of 
getting at least 6 heads. 
2)There are 6red ,4 white,3black balls what is the probability of 
drawing 2 red balls. 
3)there are two pipes p,q which can empty a container at 24hr,32hr 
respectively.both the pipes are opened 
simultaneously after what time should the first pipe be closed so 
that the container is emptied in 16minutes. 
4)A lady bought 7pineapples and 5 oranges for 38rupees.what is the 
cost of each pineapple. 
5)x+y=40,(1/x)+(1/y)=60.what is the value of x,y 
6)n+m+p=0,n is positive,m>n.what is the value of p? 
a)p<0 b)p>0 c) d) 

(not exactely the same.a model) 
Total number of students appeared for the test 500 
2 passed in maths 
6 passed in english 
48 passed in social science 
4 failed in english 
120 failed in maths 

7)no of people failed totally 
8)no of people attended the test 

Questions from allegation and mixture,boats and streams,geometry 
(square,rectangle.simple ones),clock,lines and 
angles(q's like.find the missing angle.easy ones) were asked. 

That's it friends.This is all i remember.Overall the paper was 
easy.time is an important factor. 
math section takes more time than logical so adjust your timing 
accordingly.both the papers will be given 
at the same time it's our choice to start with anysection.There seems 
to be atlest three different sets of qpapers. 
Quantitative aptitude by R.S.Aggarwal for aptitide,Barrons GRE or MBA 
preparation material by R.S.Aggarwal for 
Geometry are good to follow. 

I did not clear the test,coz i did not get enough time to attempt 
many q's in the math section. 
My friend balaji cleard the test,he did 21 and 23 q's in each 
section.Out of 4000 people appeared for the written test 
600 were taken for the GD out of which around 60 were taken for the 

Here is the info for GD from Mr.Balaji: 

Group Discussion:

There were 10 members in each group. 
1,2 or 3 were selected from each group.sometimes not even one was 
My GD topic was "should beauty contest be banned in India". 
Initially i spoke in favour of the beauty contest some colleges 
against it.After some time 
we were asked,like those who spoke in favour of beauty contest were 
asked to speak against it and vice versa. 
only one was selected in our group.i did well but i don't know why i 
got missed out. 
They look for good communication skill,how we work in a group and 
also how good points we putforth. 

If two men back to ba~k, walk in opposite directions for 4 meters, turn to the left and walk another 3 meters, what is the distance between them when they stop?
(there was a diagram that could not be scanned).I
(a) 5 mts ts (c) 6 mts (d) 15 mts (e) 10 mts
2. Counting dov..n, first by one place, then by t"..o places, then by three and so on (adding one extra place each time ), as in this example -15, 14, 12, 9, 5, 0 -which of these numbers will finish at zero?
102 103 104 105 106
(a) 102 (b) 103 (c) 104 (d) 105 (e) 106 

3 . If I had one more sister I would have twice as many sisters as brothers. If I had one more brother I would have the same number of each. How many brothers and sisters I have?
a)3 sisters, 2 brothers (b) 2 sisters, 3 brothers
(c) 4 sisters, 1 brother (d) 2 sisters, 4 brothers (9) none
4. A heavy smoker, worried about the high cost of tobacco, decided to economize by saving his cigarette ends and making new cigarettes from them. He found that each cigarette end accounted for one-sixth of the whole cigarette; he smoked 36 cigarettes a day. By using this rnethod, how many extra cigarettes was he able to obtain this week?
(a) 12 (b) 4 (c) 6 (d) 9 (e) 8
directions 5-8: The_owner of Toofarl, a promising three- year- old racehorse, entered him for five races last season. Course: Delhi, Bombay, Poona, Bangalore, Calcutta
date .2nd , 3"', 11th, 16th, 31st. :
Month: May, June, July, August, September t:
Position: fourth, sixth, seventh, twelfth, thirteenth.
0 The nearest Toofail came to being placed in the first three "Ias at Poona.
0 One of the races took place on July 8th.
0 Toofan finished sixth on the 16th of the month befor:,: the Bangalore meeting.
0 The August meeting, at which Toofan did not come \-Nelfth, was at Calcutta; the date of his race there was not the 311t.
0 September was the month when Toofan finished last in a field of thirteen runners.
0 The race at Bombay took place on the 2nd of the molith, but not in June.
5. T oofan ran at the PoonCi course on the date:

(a) 8th' (b) 11th (c) 16th (d) 2nd (e) 31st
6. The horse came in sixth at:
(a) Delhi (b) Bombay (c) Bangalore (d) Calcutta (e) Poona
7. In July Toofan came in:
(a) Fourth (b) sixth (c) twelfth (d) seventh (e) thirteenth
8. The race at Calcutta was on the day of thl3 month.
(a) 16th (b) 11 th (c) 8th (d) 2nd (e) 31 5t
9. Gold is 19 times as heavy as water and copper 9 times. In what ratio these metals be mixed so that the mixture may
be 15 times as heavy as water?
I{a) 2 : 3 (b) 3 : 2 (c) 1 : 3 (d) 2 : 1 (e) none
10. If it takes five minutes to boil one egg ,how long will it take to boil four eggs?
(a) 8 min. (b) 2 min. Jp) 5 min (d) 4 min (e) none
11. A factory was cutting rolls of cloth into 1 metre lengths, from a 200 mf!tre roll. How long would it take for the
machine to cut the roll if each cut took 4 secs?
(a) 13.27 min (b) 18.02 min (c) 12.27 rnin (d) 12.42 min (e) 17.23 min
12. The village team was all o~t for 0, each man was out first ball. It was a 6 ball an over game. Who was the last
batsman left not out?
(a) 8 (b) 9 (c) 3 (0) 7 (2') none -
13. What is X?
,(a) 21 (b) 25 (c) 22 (lJ) 26 (e) 23
Directions 14-16: In each of these questions, two statemellts are followed by two conclusions numbered I and II. Assume
the given statements to be true, even if they are at variance with commonly known facts. Then choose the correct alternative from among (a), (b), (c) and (d) given below:
(a) If only conclusion I follows
(b) If only conclusions II follows
(c) If both follows
(d) If neither I nor II follows
(e) Data inadequate.
14. Statements: Love is God. Faith is God.
I. Love is Faith.
II. Faith is Love.

15. Statemerlts: Nana is brother of Lolo. Tata is brother of Nana.
I. Loloisaboy. ~
II. Lola is a girl.
16. Statements: All athletes are brave. All women are athletes.
I. All women are brave.
II. Some athletes are women.
17. The porter :lad mixed up the room keys. There are 20 rooms. What is the maximum number of trials required to sort out the keys?
\..(a} 190 (b) 130 (c) 120 (u) 110 (e) 200
18 A driving school cl?ims an average test pass rate of 76.8 percent. What is the least no. of pupils required to achieve this result?
(a) 125 (b) 130 (c) 140 (ci) 120 (e) none
19. A school challenge,j a neighboring school to a hockey match. The team to consist of 6 boys + 5 girls. The squad consisted of 8 boys + 6 girls. How many different teams could they field?
(a) 168 (b) 156 (c) 123 (0) 130 (e) 170
20. On a particular day A and B d6cidf; that they wouid either speak the truth or will lie.. C asks A whether he is speaking truth or lying? He answers and B listens to what he said. C then asks B what A has said B says" A says that he is a liar" What is B speaking?
(a) Truth (b) lie .-I-c) Truth when A lie:> (d) None (e) Cannot be determined
21. Which is opposite to South -East?
~ North -West (b) South -West (c) North (d) South (e) none
22. Can you find out what day of the week was January 12, 1979?
(a) Sunday (b) Wednesday (c) Monday (d) Saturday (e) Friday
Direction: In each of the following questions there are nine cells in each square. In accordance with a particljlar rule
eight of the cells have been filled and pick up from the answer choices the number which will fill the blank space (one .with question mark) according to the rule.
20 25 30
a5 X 35
10 5 ?
a)40 b)45 c)50 d) 55

24. A man is walking down a street at 3mph. he notices that for every 40 buses that pass him traveling in the same direction, 60 pass him in the opposite direction. What is the average speed of the buses?
(a) 40 mph (b) 35 mph (c) 50 mph (d) 30 mph (e) none
25. An aircraft flew from A to B at an average speed of 230 m.p.h. It returned from B to A at an average speed of 300 m.p.h. What was its average speed for the two journeys?
(a) 230 m.p.h (b) 260 m.p.h (c) 310 m.p.h
(d) 360 m.p.h (e) none
26. The seventh batsman tc-Ge out in the innings has scored 36 runs, which raises the average for all seven batsmen dismissed from 15 to 18. How many would the seventh batsman have needed to score to raise the team average to
(a) 25 (b) 30 ((~) 50 (d) 45 (e) 55 "
27. If a stone is dropped from a cliff and takes 5 seconds to hit)he water, how high is the cliff?
(a) 400 ft. (b) 420 ft. (,;) 440 ft. (d) 320 ft. (0) 330 ft.
28. At a demonstration, protesters outnumbered the pofice by 8 to 1. 84 arrests were made, averaging 3 for every 2 policemen. How many demonstrations were there?
(a) 442 (b) 448 (c) 325 (d) 338 (e) none
29. An English club had 17 players in their squad. There were 9 English players and 8 foreign players. How many different teams can they select if each team had 5 English players and 6 foreign players?
(a) 3528 (b) 3389 (c) 320 (d) 3300 (e) 310
30. Alex is crossing the desert with his dog, Lucky. He starts off with a full water bottle and drinks 1/3 of the contents during the first day. He then lets Lucky drink half of what is left. The next day, Alex drinks a 1!4 of what has been saved from the previous day. What fraction of the originc.: amount did he saved for lucky?
(a) 1/3rd (b) Y2 (c) 1/4th (d) 1/9th (e) 1/6th 

1. The ratio of the salaries of two employees last year was 5:6. This year the salary of the first one was increased by Rs 500 and that of the other was increased by 25% their revised salaries are also in the same ratio. This year their salaries
(a) Rs 2000 and Rs 2400 (b) Rs 2500 and As 3000 (c) Rs 3000 and Rs 3600
(d) As 1500 and Rs 1800 (e) none of tt'.e above
2. The ann~al salary of a manager is Rs 72,000. He receives a bonus nf 15% of his montl!ly salary every June and December. His average monthly salary for the year is.
(a) Rs 7800 (b) As ,6150 (c) Rs 6900 (d) Rs.7200 (e) Rs. 6250
3. Two pipes A and B can fill a tank in 24 and 30 minules respectively. Both are turnea on together. But at the end of 8 minutes, the first is turned off. The time taken to fill the tank B is
(a) 10 min. (b) 8 min. (c) 12 min. (d) 16 min. (e) None
4. If there are 12 persons in a party, and if each of them shakes hands with each other, how many hand shakes happen in the party?
(a) 860 (b) 186 (c) 143 (d) 66 (e) 88
5. The average age of "a committee of ten members is the same as it was two years ago, after a younger one was substituted for one of them. How much younger was the new member to the old one whom he replaced?
(a) by 20 years (b) by 21 years (c) by 18 years
(d) by 22 years (0) cannot be time determined.
6. A marl rows upstream 13 km and downstream 28 km Laking 5 hours each time. What is the speed of the current?
(a) 1.2 km p.h (b) 3 km p.h (c) 1 km p.h (d) 5 ~m p.h (e) 1.5 km p.h
7. if the ratio's of the speeds are 3 : 2 : 1, then the ratios of the traveling timE!S over these distances are
(a) 1: 1: 1 (b) 2: 3:6 (c) 9: 3: 1 (d) 3: 1: 3 (,~) none
8. If the length of the diagonal of a square and that of the side of another sqlJare are boll! 10cm, the ratios of the area of the first square to that Of :he second is
(a) 1 : 2 (b) 1 : 3 (c) 1 : 4 (~) 2 : 3 (e) cannot say
9. At an examination, in which full marks were 500, A got 10% less than B, B 25% more than C, and C 20% less than D. If A got 360 marks, what percentage of full marks was obtained by D?
(a) 90% (b) 75% (c) 80% (d) 50% (e) 45%
10. The 20th term from the end of the sequence 3,7,11, 407 is:
(a) 251 (b) 241 (c) 332 (d) 221 (e) 331
11. A man had As. 2000, part of which he lent at 5p.c. and the rest at 4p.c. The whole annual interest received was Rs. 92. How much did he lend at 5p.c?
(a) Rs. 120 (b) Rs. 800 (c) Rs. 1000 (d\ 9s. 850 (e) Rs. 1200
12. Find t~e corldition that ore root of p; + qx + r = 0 may b(' double of the other.
(a) 2p =9qr (b) 2q = pr (c) 2q2 = 9pr (d) 2'-?' = 9pq (e) none
13. How long will a man take to go, walking at 4 km per hour, twice round a circular garden of 70 m radius?
(a) 13 min. 12 sec (b) 15 min. 12 sec (c) 10 min. 10 sec

P (d) 18 min. 15 sec I (e) none frorn above -..
14. From a top of a cliff the angle of depression of a point on tile shore 75 meter from the base of tile cliff is observed to be 302. Find the height of the cliff.
(a) 25"3 m (b) 75/"3 m (c) 25/-13 m (oj :,0 m (e) -75"3 m
15. The inventor of a chess board suggested a reward of onE' rupee for the first square, 2 rupees for the second, 4 rupees for the third and so on, doubling the number of rJpees fol subsequent squares. How many rupees have to be given to the inventor?
(a) 232.64 (b) 264 -1 (c) 642 -1 (d) cannot say (e) none of these ~31
16. The diameter of a coin is 1 cm. If four of these coins be placed on a table so that the rim of each touches that of the other two, find the area of the unoccupied space between them (n = 3.1416).
(a) 0.2146 sq.cm (b) 0.7854 sq.cm (c) 0.1471 sq.cm
(d) 0.2106 sq.cm (e) none of these
17. The odds against a husband who is 45 years old, living till he is 70 are 7:5 and the odds against his '",ife who is now 36, living till she is 61 are 5:3. Find the probability that the couple will live for 25 years hence.
(a) 11/32 (b) 7/.32 (c) 15'32 (d) 17/.32 (e) 5'32
18. A shopkeeper buys a tin for As. 50 and sells it for As. 46. Find his loss or gain porcent.
(a) 4% loss (b) 8% loss (c) 4% gain (d) 8% gain (e) none .'
19. If the sum of n terms of an A.P is (pn + qn)2, where p and ~ are constant then the common difference is:
(a) 2q (b) P + q (c) 2p (d) P -q (e) 2p-q
20. Area between the curve y = 4 + 3x =x^2 and x- axis in Square units is:
(a) 125/3 (b) 125/4 (c) 125/6 (d)j none of these e) can't be determined 
21. If the equation x^2 -5xy + py2 + x + 2y -2 = 0 represents a ;Jair of straight lines then p is:
(a)-8 (b) 6 (c)-4 (d) 2 (e) 4
22. The valuo of sin 102 + sin 202 + sin 302 +... + sin 3602 is:
(a) 1 (b) 0 (c) -1 (d) 2 (e) none of these
23. In a class, there are 27 boys who are over 160 cm tall. If these constitute three fourths of the boys and the total number
of boys is two-thirds of the total number of students in the ~Iass, what is the number of girls in the class?
(a) 8 (b) 9 (c) 36 (d) 27 (e) 18
24. If the sum of n terms of two series of A.P are in the ratio 5n+4:9n+6 .find the ratio of their 13th terms
(a) 129/231 (b) Y2 (c) 23/15 (d) 120/231 (e) None of the above
25. A dishonest dealer says that he solis his goods at the cost price but still gains 25% on his outlay. VJhat \veight does he
substitute for half kilogram?
(a) 375 gm (b) 400 gm (c) 425 gm (d) 350 gm (e) none

26. In a group of 70 people,37 Iike coffee, 52 like tea and each person likes at least one of the two drinks. How many people like both coffee ail.'! tea?
(fI) 55 (b) 29 (c) 51 (d) 19 (e) 15
27. A G.P. c')nsists of an E'/en number of terms. If the sum of all the terms is 5 times the sum of the terms occupying the odd places, find the common ratio of the G.P.
(a) 3 (b) 2 (c) 5 (d)4 (e) 6
28. 15 years hence a man viiI! be just 4 times as old as he ,,,,.as 15 years ago. Find his present age.
(a) 25 years '(b) 22 years (c) 21 years (d) 20 years (e) 18 years
29. If a^x = b, b^Y =c, c^z = a, the value of xyz is equal to:
(a) 0 (b) 1 (c) -1 (d) 2 (e) 114
30. For non- coplqnar vectors a, b alld c, the relation I(a X b).CI = lallbllcl holds if and only: (a) a.b =b.c=c.a = 0 (b) a.b = 0 =b.c (c)a.b = 0 = c.a (d) b.c = 0 = c.a (e) cannot be determined

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