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Interview Success Kit - Get Success in Job Interviews Interview Success Kit - 30,000 Interview Que. & Ans.
Home » Placement Papers » Kanbay Placement Papers »Kanbay : Placement Paper 12

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Kanbay Placement Paper


Round 1 Logical Test:

1> Series 1-10-3-9-5-8-7-7-9-6-?-? 
Ans 11,5

2> Series Ans EK

3> Series Ans 8

4> If '+' is replaced by 'x' and .... Ans 24;

5> Rahul 12th from right and 4th from left . How many men should be added in the queue to make a group of 28. Ans 13 
6> A person spent 21 pounds in a drink party. If the vodka costs twice that of beer. And lemonade cost is 1/2 of beer. How much this person is spent for beer. Ans 6 pounds 
7. What is odd in this sequence?
i) T.T. ii) Volleyball iii) Badminton ..... Ans Volleyball(check) 
8> Cat : Mouse Ans Bird : Worm 
9> A dog grows ........ ? Ans 8(check) 
10> A boy is going with a dog Lucky. He has a bottle full of water. He drinks 1/3 and gives 1/2 of rest to the dog and then he drinks 1/4 of the rest then what will the fraction of total water remaining. Ans 1/12 
11> A person goes towards north 10m, then turns to west 5m, then turns south ...... ? Ans North 
12> A person goes forward 10m , turns to his right and walks 5m, then he always turns left 5,15,15 then what will be the displacement from starting point? Ans 10 or 5(check) 
13> A cuboid of dimensions 8x5x4 cm3 How many 2cm side cubes can be placed in this cuboid? Ans 16 
14> Decoding ... Ans SMILE 
15> Age relation between mother and son..... Find the ratio of ages. Ans 25/7 
16> how many 2 digit prime no.s divided by 7 and remainder 2. Ans 4 
17> The position of A is 7th from left and position of b is 9th from right and they exchange their each other's positions. The position of A is 11th from left.How many men? Ans 19 
18> A is brother of P, B is daughter of A, C is brother of B. Who is the uncle of B? Ans P 
19> Day : Night Ans Man : Woman(check) 
20> Ganesh.............. Ans Ganesh 
21> HCTAM = MATCH then ELBAC = ? Ans CABLE. 
22> 3 problems on algorithms ie. eg.
1. A=0, B=1, C=1
2. A is replaced by C
3. B is replaced by 2A+1
4. C is replaced by A+B
5. If C>=100 goto step 7 else goto step 6
6. goto 2
7. stop.
then you have to ans. some 3 questions based on the above algorithm.
i) What is the value of A? Ans 40
ii) What is the value of B? Ans 27
iii) What is the max no. of iterations till C<= 100. Ans 3

23> A father has age thrice that of his son? After how many years will
his age be double that of his son . If son's present age is 20
years...... Ans 20 years ( http://www.go4campus.com/ )
Round 2 after Logical test:
Q1 A & B are 2 men . A speaks truth 75% cases and B speaks 80%. Find the probablity of contradicting each other. Ans 35% 

Q2 Present population of town is 35,000 having males and females. If The population of males is increased by 6% and if the population of females is increased by 4%, then after 1 year the population becomes 36,700.
Find the number males and females. Ans18,000 
Q3 & 4 L.C.M. * H.C.F. = Product of two no.s(a and b) 
Questions based on the above formulae.

Q5 Tickets(from 1 to 15) and the probablity of drawing two tickets
without replacement having even no.s . Ans 1/5

Q6 Room ( 8m * 5m)
Brick Size (20cm * 10cm)
Find the no. of bricks. Ans 2000

Q7 Length of rectangular plot is 3 times its breadth having area 3 hectare . A man walks on its perimeter at 4 km/hr .Find the time required ?
Ans 12 min

Q8 Equation Simultaneous Ans None of these 
Q9 Ratio of wine and water. Ans 40 
Q10 Circumference 6 km .3 men A, B, C respectively speeds Km/hr 3, 
5/2, 5/4. Distance travelled to meet. Ans 24 km. 
Q11 Speed of trains A and B are 29 & 56 km/hr travelling in the same direction. Man in slower train passes in 16 min. Find the length of the train. Ans 120m 
Q12 Passing marks 40%.... Ans Max marks = 625 ( http://www.go4campus.com/ )

Q13 Max. marks 500.
A gets 90% of B. B gets 25% more than C. C gets 80% of D. Marks of A are given then find the percentage marks obtained by D. Ans = 80% 
Q14 Carpet 2m wide. Area to be covered = 30m * 18m.
Cost of the carpet = 50p per m.
Find total cost of carpeting. Ans Rs 135. 
Q15 Square of side 100m. It has a circular fountain at the centre with
radius 21m.... 
Q16 A no. 4 * (sum of digits) = number Ans 24
G.D. Topics:
1) Roses are red.
2) Genetic cloning.
3) Arranged marriage and love marriage.
4 dil chahatta hai or lajja
thums up or coca cola
mercy killing
xerox and photocopy etc
etc were gd topics in our coll

kanbay 8 th aug

There are two section
1)aptitute - 30 q
2) maths - 30 q
If you score 12 &12 (cut off ) in each selection you will be get
selected for the gd and then again shortlisted for the 

many question are same as asked in other institute

1) day:night:: then
a) man:woman
b) spring:summer
c) light : dark

then code of .......
ans) choose every third alphabet

3) 5 * 4 = 12
and 8* 7 =42
then 9* 6 = ?
solution (9-2)*6 =

.if a certain money becomes twice in 5 years(simple 
the 300 rs. will become 2400 at the same rate in how
many years........
ans 35 year

5)after giving 35.66% discount. a saler makes a loss
of 11.11 rs..............

6).there is a number when diveded by 5 gives a
remainder 3 and when divede by 7 gives a
remainder of 5 Ans is 33.

7).a boat is going along the stream and returning in
the opposite direction of stream it travels
10 km along stream.the sppeed of stream is 3
km/hr,then find the speed of boat.
( i donot know the exact question)

9).A and B runing around a circle of perimeter of
1200meter(may be differ).A is runing at 210
meter/minute and B is runing
190 metre/minute in oppsite direction to each other.at
wich time they will meet.
ans) 3 mins

( A question was asked of this type)
.A person goes to the house of Sita who is the
neighbour of Gita. Amar married with Anita who is the
sister of Sita.
Ashu is the father of Amar.(a) What is the relation
between Sita and Amar?
(b) What is the relation
between Amar and Gita?

11) what is the day on 12 january 1979 ?

12).If GEN = 9 , ABOUT = 15 then GENERAL = ?
solu. 3* 3 =9 , 5*3=15,so 7 *3= 21
this type of question was asked not exactly same.

13).A is richer than B. B is richer than C. C is richer
than D. D is richer than E. Then who is
the middle of this relation.

14)A,Band C. B is as younger than A as b is as older than C
if A and C age sum is 80 .then age of B is

15)A mother 1 year back is 4 times her son age .after 6 years
she is 3 times her son age.if the present age of son is 
20.find his mother


1) s1 = { 1,2,3.......,20}
s2 = { a,b,c,d}
s3 = { b,d,e,f }
then the number of element in (s1*s2 )U ( s1* s3)
ans) 120

2)a graph was given and three question was asked on it.

3) | z-2|square + |z-1| = constant . this represent what
a) circle b) ellipse c) parabola d) none

4)(4+6w+4w*w)cube - (2+4w+2w*w)square = ?
where w is the complex root of unity

( prepare some question on complex root of 1 .There are 3
question on complex number)

5) A contractor have to finish a road in 200.He employed 140
worker for 60 days and gets one-fourth of work done .find the 
number of worker is to be employed to complete the work in given 
ans ) 120 worker (check)

6)there are two pipe ,one fill the tank in 12 hours and other 
in 32 hours .After how long the first pipe is to be closed so as 
fill the tank in 16 hours.

7)A sphere is 3cm in radius .It was melted in three sphere out of 
one is 1.5 cm radius and other is 2 cm radius .Find the radius 
of third sphere

8)A refrigator has dimension 6 x 8 x 2 cmcube.how many cube of
2cm square can be put into it.

9)In a equilateral triangle the mid point of its side is 
and the process was repeated one more time .find the ratio of 
triangle to the outermost triangle
ans) 1: 16

10) A,B,C,D,E are in arithmatic progression.what is the value of
4A -6B +4C-.......+E.
ans) zero

A train's to traverse between A &B. If it travels by 50Kmph it got 
late by 10min
If it travels by 36Kmph it got late by 50 min.
Find out the speed of the train.
I boy's to buy a bike whose cost is 75000. His fatherv gave him 
1.5 times what he
can spend and his financial provider gave him 4 time of his father 
contribution. Find out the Rs. given by his father.

The topic given in GD was
1) iraq war
2) Role model ( ideal )
and other are there i don't remember it .
do not sit ideal and donot fight but put your point.

questions out of which 12 have to be solved it's basically the cutoff. there will be two papers first logic and then next maths. if you don't go through the logic test you are out. there is minus marking too. there are five sets. out of which I am sending you only three sets. note one thing that do the simplest questions first ie a single line question. Logic test is complete analytical reasoning test. paragraph will be given and three questions from the paragraph and some questions are for coding and some single line questions. o carefully. don't answer any negative question. But at least go through the barrons so that you can score more than others and will be a plus point in interview. AND comes maths test 
ie aptitude test it's very easy . all from RS AGGARWAL. topics covered are 
time and work,
percentage , 
refer the answers and try to solve most of the questions. it's easy but be careful. try to get good score.
Q1) ans grand son. 
Q2) ans 225. 
Q3) word "courageously" is given . form the word choosing the first, sixth, seventh and eleventh letter. whether ny word can be formed from this word, then how many.? 
Q4) some family members ABCDEF are given? 
Q) how many female members are here: ans:4 
Q) who are the parents of couple : ans: BC. 
Q5) DETERMINE the date: ans:Wednesday. 
Q6) to decode the noise :- H.................M ANS:C
logic : first letter -1 , put at the back of code
Q7) police - ans (west). 
Q8) find the no. of occurrence of T which is immediately preceded y P 
and no immediately followed by S in some series for eg. (TPTSTRUST.......) ans - 3
section E. 
Q1)cube is of size 5*5*5 .every side has been colored. it is divided into125equal parts.
1) what is the no. of parts having only one side colored - 54. 
2) no. of parts having two sided oloured 36. 
3) having no side colored - 27. 
Q2) If series is given for eg; ABCDE then just invert it i.e.. EDCBA. 
Q3) 72 67 66 61 60 ... Answer : 55. 
K is grandfather of L. O is grandmother of J. M is father ofJ.J assister of L. 
1) name the couples: Answer : none of these.
2) how many male members are there : Answer : 3.
3) how is N related to M . ANSWER : wife. 
Q2) FGHIJKLMNO are killed in a square table ... two on each side. 
three are ladies. ladies do not sit next to each other. condition are 
1) who are the three ladies. Answer : : none of these.
2) what is J . Answer : : J is male.
3) how many members are there between F & K Answer : : 3 
Q3) Answer : 0 m to the east. 
Q4) IF x is 15th term from first. then what is y from last: Answer : : 17TH 
Q5) A is 16th position and 29th from down of the people who passed. 
five failed , 6 didn't give . how many boys are there in the class : Answer : 
: 55. 
Q6) Deepak speaks someone about the man talking rather is the father of 
my daughter: Answer : uncle.Q7) Manish is taller than pushpin who is taller 
.....................Answer : : Manish. 
Q8) B is between C is between D&E . who are at the ends. Answer : : CE. 
Aptitude is easy but go through RS aggarwal. see don't get disappointed if other sets come, the thing matter is that you should be mentally prepared ..as far as I am concerned do well in GD but not extraordinary and one thing if you can do s that when they come to your college go to receive if you can that will be a plus point in interview. then I think nobody can 
stop you from getting a job. 

were" whether true relationship should be maintained or not" And " mercy killing" . 
interview is mostly personal and it echnical.WISH YOU ALL THE BEST.
First test is logic : (30mins 30 questions. ) www.go4campus.com
If you clear the cut of 12 you will be allowed to appear forth quants. 
If P+Q earns P is father of Q,P/Q means ( something etc....) 
then how do you are present that aA is the son of B. ( Answer : A/B*Q)2) 
2)Find the missing umber in the series73,72,67,66,61,60,... (Answer : 55) 
3) A says that an event occurred between 12th and 20th of a month ...
B says between 4th to 4th. when did it really occurred Answer : ( cant be 
4)A's 5th birthday is on 12th which is a (say) Monday of a leap year.
What will be the day on their the birthday(**Wednesday**). 
5) Coding Decoding 4-5 question. 
6) A is a father of the (say) the uncle of sister of....( do R.S.agarwal )
( There were 4-5 questions like thie from relations) 
7) A. B........ F are six persons plating six distinct games and owns six different colored cars. (some conditions were set and 4 questions were set from this ........) 
8) ( R.S. Agarwal calendar practice for 2 questions) 
9) There is a five cm cube ,painted fully red .It is divided into 125 equal parts. How many will have 
a)1 face colored (Answer : 54);
b)2 faces colored (Answer : probably36);
c)how many have no colored faces Answer : 27);
d)if the faces were colored using two different colors ,how many small cubes will have 2 different colors on their 2 faces 
10) A husband has an engineer wife ,there is a grand father. The lawyer and the doctor is married ...The Professor has one daughter who isn't an engineer..........
(this s n example;appx 4 questions were asked from these relations ) 
11) A beats B by 20metres ,B beats C by20 meters in a 100 m race .By how much A beats C (Values may not be correct )(there were 3 to 4problems on arrangement ) 
12) If 2+3= 35, 4+5 = 189, what is 10+1=ans-00113) 
another of person is A ..His brother's son is B .What is the relation of A with B? 
14) There exist Himanshu ,Girija,.............,then.A's son is imangshu and Girija isA' s sister is the son of B;B whose daughter is Kiran is also the sister ofGirija(we have tried to keep data intact) what is he-relation of himanghs
hu with C(ans: option a (cousin )) -relation of Girija with himanshu 
(Answer : :optiona(aunt )) the answers are correct respective of the questions. www.go4campus.com
15)Reverse the order of English alphabetsi.e.ZYXV....... Reverse the alphabets and cut off the alternate letter starting from Y. which alphabet will be in the middle of what remains ( Answer : N i.e. option is none of these) 
Please note 30 questions. In 30 mins. Cut of s 12. (There is negative marking of-1/2).We have tried to retain the original 
values as far as possible. There are two sets in quants.
Q1) A&B can fill a tank in 8 and 5 hrs resp. A hole in atank can empty it in 40 hrs. After how much time will he tank be full if three are opened simultaneously.***(3hour and 20min) . 
2) A plane leaves a place A 30 mins late for B which is 1500 km from A. To make up the loss of time it increases the speed by 250 kms . What is its speed originally.(750km) 
3) 25% of alcohol is made 15% by adding water . How much of original solution is there in the final solution .(60%).. 
4) The average marks of 31 students is 40 and if 1 student is removed it gores down to 39 . Find the mark of that student(70) . . 
5) A person bought two horses at Rs 240 each . If one was sold at profit of 15% and the other at a loss of 15% find the profit or loss(no profit no loss **) . 
6) If the radius of a circle is increased by 15% how will the area change (32.25**) . .7) If the length of a rectangle is increased by 1% and breadth is decreased by 36% find the change in the area (reduces by 35.36**). 
8) Find the root 4a2+b2+c2+4ab-2bc-4ac(ans:2a+B-c)9) 16 men can do a work in 16 days . after the 4 days of starting the work, more persons joined them. What will be the total time taken?10) , 
11)Twoproblems on depriciation11) {x+ (...... ) }/3 =y .;y is the quotient, remainder is zero(all values given) 
12) A starts a business with 70000.B joins him after 8months with 1,80,000. How should they divide the profit in that year ?(Answer : 7:6) 
13) Largest divisor of . 
14) Given a sum of Rs 4 .in 5 and 50 paise coins ,which combination is not possible ? 
15) If error in length is 10%,breadth is reduced 5%,find the increase or decrease in area? 
16) Find the remainder of 24 5 :Answer : 117) 
There is a series given (every term has a definite logic) A 6 13 Z M P 4 5 
..... ............................ 

Q 6move in alternate way for woalphabet/number starting from the right and backward not alternate) for one alphabet/number. What is to the right of this of this alphabet/number.


Mean value of 31 student's marks is 290.When one is excluded the mean becomes
270. What is the marks of the excluded student.(890***) 
( Two similar problems) 
2) What is the minimum value of integer P in 44P/121 so that here is no remainder(11**). . 
3) Data interpretation Hindi English Maths Economics Student Passed Student
Passed Student| Passed Student| assed1991 20 45 ......... ....... ....etc1992 1993 
1994 In how many years the overall students passed is more than 50%?
( Two more questions from this) 
4)sum of father and sons age is 48 . 21 years later father will be 
3times of sons age. Find their ages. 
5) A pipe A takes 4 hrs and B 6 hrs to fill a tank. at a leakage empties the tank at the rate of 6litres per hour . It takes 40 hrs to fill up the tank with all the pipes and the leakage working together. Find the volume of the tank(19.4594**) . . 
6) In an election 97210 votes were polled . 116 votes are invalid . One person gets 5 votes for every 4 votes the other person gets. What is the margin of win. 
7) One person bought horses for 100 each . He sells one at a profit of15% andother at a loss of 15%. Find the loss or gain he makes. 
8) There is a cone whose top portion is cut in such a way that the ratio of the volume of the cut portion o the left out portion is 1:8 Find the height of the cut portion(**2.08**) . . 
9)What is the radius of a sphere for which the numerical value of the surface area is qual to the numerical value of the volume it holds.(ans-3). 
10) = 0 .Find ?: (Answer : 3) 
13)There is square ABCD inscribed in a circle of radius Y There is a circle inscribed within this square. Then a square EFGH is inscribed within the circle. Find the side of the innermost square(**y/2**) . . 
14) A sold adio to B at a profit of 25% .B sold it to C at a loss of 5% If C paid ....how much did A pay for it? 
15) Out of 90 persons x like tea ,y like coffee, some like both ...and there isno one who doesn't like none. Find the number of [reasons liking both tea and coffee. Use VENN diagram .(this s not the exact values) 
16_.The difference between a two digit number and the number formed by interchanching the position of the digits is 3.Find the difference between the two digits .(Answer : 7) 
17)The population of a town decreases from ....... To......(values given) in three years. find he rate %of decrease. 

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